It’s been a few years since actress, Zoe McLellan, left NCIS: New Orleans. Harmon aside, McLellan’s connections to The Big Easy run deep, making this role somewhat kismet. He’s the bravest boy I know! © 2020 EHM PRODUCTIONS,INC. McLellan’s exit came a year after the show introduced Shalita Grant as Sonja Percy. McLellan auditioned for co-executive producer, Gary Glasberg, and director of one of the two pilot episodes, James Whitmore Jr. McLellan spoke to WDSU about it, saying, "There's no script I've ever read that's been as awful as this. Since its cancellation, she’s starred in two other projects with no more currently lined up. Scott Bakula inserted himself in his "NCIS: New Orleans" co-star Zoe McLellan's bitter custody battle, telling the judge Zoe's focus is not her work or herself ... it's her son. @ 2018 HNGN, All rights reserved. Her character’s ties to a Homeland Security agent with a terrorist background made Brody’s ongoing participation in NCIS operations inadvisable, thus McLellan’s exit. Agent Brody quickly became a vital part of Dwayne Pride’s (Scott Bakula) team. – Anne Raines, Belleville, Ill. A: Those ads were for American Express Traveler’s Checks, and the person who said the sentence was quite famous for it, though he had considerable fame already. “My great-grandfather’s brother’s company. But Bakula fiercely jumped to Zoe's defense, saying in a declaration, "Her life is and has been, about one thing and one thing only: being Sebastian's Mommy." This is my part.'”. The victim is their son. “[Our publicist] said to me the other day, ‘You are a female version of Mark Harmon.’ I took it as the biggest compliment ever. What did Mark Harmon warn her about before she took the role? It looks like the custody arrangement is pretty much status quo, but she has to pay him $4k a month in child support. The "Quantum Leap" star went on, "I have witnessed that every fiber of her being goes into providing a safe, nurturing, creative world for her son to grow up in.". It is being speculated that McLellan's dating life is keeping her busy and this is why she has not returned to the show, reports Morning Ledger. However, I always tell my son that we are warriors, not worriers, and we are fighting for him and that I will be able to keep him safe. Please donate today (link in bio). Get HNGN's Top Stories Newsletter Everyweek. NCIS: New Orleans returns to CBS on Sunday, February 16. 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My son’s abuser told my son that no one would ever believe him. Zoe McLellan played Special Agent Meredith Brody on 'NCIS: New Orleans'. The actor ended by telling the judge, "Zoe has a huge heart and in my opinion, she is handling this tumultuous time of her life with great care, consideration and class.". Zoe McLellan had no intention of growing out her hair for Meredith Brody until season three. Among the complications: Star Clive Owen claimed that he only intended to do two seasons of the early-1900s medical drama … which was why a question mark was left over his character, Dr. John Thackery, in the Season 2 finale. He revealed that he had a six-year plan for the show, adding that if it continued, he still might like to return to it as a director. Try different words that mean the same thing. She handed in her badge so as not to self-destruct, putting the team at risk. 2020 Showbiz Cheat Sheet, All Rights Reserved. It’s unclear if McLellan voiced a desire to leave NCIS: New Orleans ahead of season 2. At least, fans can hope. It was reported that McLellan needed to be in New Orleans to shoot the show but the divorce case was keeping her busy and therefore, she decided to quit the show. © Copyright 2020 HNGN. Despite being a smart officer, she fell for a traitor, who put Dwayne Pride in trouble. Please share this post. Q: Can you tell me what happened to the actress who played Brody on “NCIS: New Orleans”? This is a question that most fans of NCIS New Orleans are asking. Her exit also came just before Vanessa Ferlito’s character, Tammy Gregorio arrived. According to Ferlito, Gregorio is out of control and others do not really know this at first. Zoe has joint custody of 2-year-old Sebastian. So, why exactly did Black leave … — Willo Kollinger, DeLand, Fla. A: It may be back, but if so, it won’t be on CNN. – Jim Shaw, Warren, Ohio. Fans witnessed this was when she began associating with traitor Homeland Security Agent, John Russo (Ivan Sergei). The entire NCIS franchise is saturated in work-ethic, led by Harmon’s example on and off-set. Will Zoe McLellan return and help bring the show to its former glory? Thank you for hearing me cry, making me laugh, standing strong and keeping the faith! However, some sources are also saying that it is her son Sebastian who she is spending time with, after her nasty divorce with ex-husband J.P Gillain in 2015. One glance at McLellan’s Instagram page reveals how dedicated she is to protecting her son and devoting all of her free time to helping him heal. I work hard. #BelieveTheChild #ZoesChild, A post shared by Zoe McLellan (@zoe_mclellan_official) on Nov 28, 2019 at 10:11am PST. Arrest records show that 51-year-old Jean-Pierre Gillain was extradited from California and taken into custody in Jefferson Parish, Louisiana.McLellan spoke to WDSU about it, saying, "There's no script I've ever read … What commercial did the line “Don’t leave home without them” come from? 26/out/2016 - Why did Zoe McLellan leave NCIS? She added that the opportunity to play Special Agent Brody came at the exact right time. Previous accusations against McLellan include child abduction charges. Current stories and features on the best TV shows, movies and sports. Why Is Queen Elizabeth II Not Wearing a Mask. Though the team managed to solve the case and defeated the villain, Brody left the show. You are a super hero! Has she left the series, or is she coming back? #BelieveTheChild #ZoesChild #ThankfulThursday, A post shared by Zoe McLellan (@zoe_mclellan_official) on Nov 14, 2019 at 9:05am PST. The first major player on NCIS: New Orleans to call it quits is none other than Zoe McLellan. Rumors about her troubled personal life have been there for a long time. Q: Please settle a debate. McLellan, who has been in a years-long custody battle with her ex, fears her son isn't the only victim. She stated, "There are other victims. “Mark did warn us, ‘You may have some long hours.’ We have some high standards to live up to,” she said, alluding to the massive success of NCIS before the NOLA pilot came along. Your wisdom, diligence and dedication keeps me going on the hardest days. How to get help: In the U.S., call the RAINN National Sexual Assault Telephone Hotline at 1-800-656-4673 to connect with a trained staff member from a sexual assault service provider in your area. Thank you so much for your support! Do not reproduce without permission. Why did she leave? – Trevor Kelly, Victoria, B.C. McLellan is said to be devoting time to her personal life and might be looking for love as well. Maybe that’s part of it,” she said. Early life and education. 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