Bracket – This is the structure used to line teams up in tournaments. ScreeningScreening is the illegal placement of players in order to prevent the opposition from seeing the ball or server. If the non-serving team hits the ball in the opponents' court or their opponents make an error, they earn the right to serve only. Screens take place during the serve. DE – Dig Error – A dig error is assigned to a player that should have gotten a dig, but didn’t OR a player who made a dig that was unplayable because it was out of control.

Usually a team is warned if there is a possible infraction, but a warning isn't required. This line is 3 meters (or 10 feet) from the centerline and demarks the boundary of the front zone. There are many different types of dives. Playing FaultA fault is a violation of the rules. You can’t play the ball by lifting it up with an open palm. Collapse – The act of collapsing your body by bending your knees and folding your elbows to get under the ball and pop it up. For example, “The coach told me when they double block me, to try to hit line.”. Fish – A player who gets caught in the net. Learn more from these volleyball rules pages! Guide of Basic Volleyball Terms. Back Set – This is a set that is made to a player behind the setter in the right, front position. This is the governing body over American High School Sports. They should be heavily involved in the blocking defense, combining with the other hitters when possible. The hitter tries to contact the ball as high as possible, jumping into the air when possible. Front Zone – This is the area of the court between the attack line and the centerline. Games are played to 25 unless it’s a tie-breaking set, which goes to 15. Here's how..." to add a link to your site, blog or personal page. You roll on your side to be able to get back to your feet quickly and to get out of the way for your team to be able to play the ball. This is when the ball is sent to a specific target, usually the setter. This is an advanced move because the hitter and the setter have very little room for error because the ball will only be above the net for a split second. End Line – This is the boundary line at the short ends of the court.

As an Amazon Associate we may earn a commission from qualifying purchases. AVCA – American Volleyball Coaches Association. In volleyball, this happens quickly and frequently. BALL HANDLING ERROR: The referee may call this error, if he notices that there has been a double hit, or a ball is thrown or lifted. SubstitutionDepending on the rules of play, players may be substituted in and out of the game. Larger tournaments may have more brackets as needed. DECOY: A move in which the actual spiker of the ball is disguised. In addition to multiple scoring opportunities, there are multiple types of ways to keep score in competitive volleyball. Performing a pancake is an advanced technique, you can read more about here. VolleyA volley is keeping the ball in play and returning it to your opponent without committing any playing faults. Many of the expressions used have multiple meanings and some may be regional meanings or variations in a particular geographic area. It may hit the floor or the opposition may attempt to play it, but it is only touched once and the result of that contact is unplayable. Back to Volleyball. Can a player contact the ball more than once? A set is usually called a game of 25 points. RE – Reception Error – This is charged to a player when a serve should have been able to be played, but results in an ace. Improve Your Volleyball Performance with Vegas VB Coach April Chapple, Important Rules of Volleyball All Varsity Players Should Know, Basic Rules For Scoring, Rotation, Serving and the Court, y open letter to Las Vegas Jr high/high school volleyball parents about my predictions on individual and small group volleyball training trends for 2019/2020, these rules focus on the six person vs. six person style, Three (3) players are allowed in the front row and three (3) are backcourt players, A volleyball match is played with the best 2 sets out of 3 or the best 3 sets out of 5, Volleyball Court Lines Create The Boundaries That Outline The Court, Volleyball Basic Rules Learn To Play Volleyball First Learn The Rules, Legal Volleyball Hits Volleyball Hitting Rules For Outside Hitters, Basic Rules of Volleyball For Youth Players, Coaches, Parents and Fans, Blocker in Volleyball: 4 Things You Can't Do When Blocking On The Net, The Weekly Award-winning Las Vegas Volleyball Boot Camp Class Schedule, Private and Semi Private Lessons with Coach April, Coach April Coaches Elite Volleyball Skills Group.

Single Elimination – A tournament format where after each match, whichever team loses is eliminated from the competition. is compensated for referring traffic and business to these companies. A joust. Lift – This is a violation that is called when a player misplays the ball. This is an American organization that works to create uniformity and standards in all sports at the amateur level. This knowledge is very important, no matter how good the player is or at what level he plays.
Boom – A ball spiked straight down into the sand.

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The setter actually sets the ball behind herself. A player can score a point by contacting the ball with any part of their body. Line – Besides describing the lines on the court, the word line is used in expressing the area of the court along the line, especially in reference to the target when hitting. BHE – Ball Handling Error – There are many errors and this is the category that catches the errors that don’t fit into the other categories. There are two scoring methods used for volleyball. The knowledge of these terms and rules will aid the person in understanding the game better and enjoying it at a higher level. For example, if a game is being played to 25 points, if a 24-24 tie occurs, the game isn’t over until a team leads by 2 points. Kills are executed by hitting the ball off a block or down onto the opponents floor. You are allowed to toss with either hand or both hands. This is for placing the ball over the block somewhere deeper on the court.

Rally – Every time the ball is put into play it begins a rally. Photo by Manoosh.

Double Double – When a player has earned double-digit stats in two of the positive stats categories. A point is the result of a rally.

Tight – When the ball is close (usually to the net). SE – Service Errors – This is an attempt to serve that results in a lost point. If you would like to learn to set, begin here. People are constantly asking how the scoring in volleyball works, and what on earth does rally scoring mean? Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies.