Large Hoop Earrings Australia, Fetty Luciano Twitter, YouGov’s latest poll for the Times has topline voting intention figures of CON 40%, LAB 40%, LDEM 6%, GRN 5% – the first time that the Conservatives have lost their lead in a YouGov poll since Boris Johnson became leader. In YouGov’s tracker the proportion of people thinking the government are handling corona well is down to 30% (lower than any of the other countries tracked). Byblos Pronunciation, Immigration has started to sneak up the political agenda again, presumably on the back of coverage of migrant boats in the English Channel. sc_invisible=0; Neverwinter Nights 2: Mysteries Of Westgate, The week there was also a new YouGov poll of Scotland. This feature is limited to our corporate solutions. YouGov’s weekly tracker on the most important issue facing the country has immigration spiking up 9 points to 29%, though health, the economy and Brexit remain the dominant issues. I don’t think they’ve asked it yet of Starmer, but all other other polling suggests we may find ourselves in the unusual position of having a Labour leader who is more popular than their party. Looking across the various polls it is clear that the two main parties were heading towards roughly equal levels of support and, therefore, normal margin of error was going to spit out a Labour lead soon enough. Polls conducted by telephone are indicated with a (T). It helps Keir Starmer to be seen as a winner, who has put the Labour party back into the lead. Seminar Presentation Tips, Survation are an equal opportunities employer. Raiders Levi's Stadium, His satisfaction rating from MORI is plus 22, by 38% to 24% people think he has what it takes to be a good PM. Alternatively fill out your details Our poll features: – General Election Voting Intention – Party Leader Approval – Government Performance Approval – Best Prime Minister . Hurricane Hazel Political Impacts, Following a tough week dominated by the actions of the Prime Minister's chief adviser, the Conservatives have seen their 15pt lead over Labour slip to just 6pts in the latest YouGov/Times voting intention figures. Fieldwork was on 9th-10th June 2020. Food Valorant Twitch, Starmer apparently polling more positively than Labour is an interesting dynamic. Tabs for the Scottish polling are here. When a poll is 12 days old it has a weighting of 0, which means it will drop out of the poll of polls altogether. Survation (11th Aug) – CON 28%, LAB 24%, LDEM 21%, BREX 15%, GRN 3% (tabs) (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); sc_project=1333345; What becomes of him if Labour pull ahead and the Tory party realise that he isn’t popular anymore? Theresa May Approval Ratings. On this page are the latest UK election polls for the 2024 general election together with a uniform swing calculation of the polling average. I expect rather more attention will be given to the poll from Opinium as the Labour lead is the first we’ve seen since July 2019. Corporate solution including all features. But the latest Panelbase poll conducted earlier this month suggests that the SNP continues to dominate. Deltapoll in the Mail on Sunday had CON 42%, LAB 38%, LDEM 6% (report here). Only 28% of people think that the Labour party looks ready for government, and they have negative trust ratings on issues like the economy, Brexit or defence & security. This is a rolling poll of polls, which is weighted so that a poll loses 1/12 (0.083) of weighting every day after the end date of the survey (which isn't always the date it is published). The party currently holds 44% of voting intention share - from 48% last week - while Labour hold 38%, from 33%. But the latest Panelbase poll conducted earlier this month suggests that the SNP continues to dominate. We’re now at a point where the most recent polls from all the regular polling companies show the Conservatives back ahead, though the size of their lead differs given the variation in figures between pollsters. To some degree this isn’t really a surprise. Cake Soap Ingredients, 2021 Welsh Assembly Election. So far we have had three voting intention polls since the general election. Voting intentions for the Scottish Parliament election next year were SNP 57%, CON 20%, LAB 14%, LDEM 8% for the constituency vote, SNP 47%, CON 21%, LAB 14%, LD 7%, GRN 6%. Because voting intention polls are fairly scarce in Scotland, it's difficult to identify trends. Aria Restaurants, Brexit. Ipsos MORI/Standard (4th Aug) – CON 45, LAB 37, LD 6 Communicate Research: If there were a general election tomorrow, would you vote Conservative, Labour, Liberal Democrat or some other party? Preferred Prime Minister. Flu Nasal Spray 2019-2020, Opinium also put out a poll showing the parties neck-and-neck at the end of August, though there most recent poll has the Conservatives ahead again. Voting intention polls published so far this month are: YouGov/Times (5th Aug) – CON 42, LAB 36, LD 8 The latest polls British public opinion on matters ranging from voting intentions to leadership preferences can be found here, as collated by the Britain Elects team. These polls continue to show the boost in Conservative party support following Boris Johnson’s accession filtering though.