It has a nice cinematic look for a film that could possibly work as a one-set stage play. Nach Boyz N the Hood, nun die zweite Rolle für ihn, und wieder konnte er mich überzeugen. While the story does err towards the predicable side; it remains interesting for the duration and Trespass is an entertaining thriller all the way through.

He's a workaholic and pays no attention to his family. For an enhanced browsing experience, get the IMDb app on your smartphone or tablet. Not bad, as far as contemporary Sierra Madre knockoffs go (Bill Paxton is always entertaining to watch), but S. Craig Zahler would recently polish and point both the pulp elements and the racial/social dynamics of the whole setup to a statement that amounts to more than "We Live in a Society"... Walter Hill directs with veteran competence and intensity, even if he's a little too keen on the close-ups this time around. More details at The subreddit /r/TrueFilm voted for a canon of 1000 films in April 2018. I have no idea how this an actual movie and how they can make this an HOUR AND THIRTY MINUTES!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was an ok watch, but I can see why it has been largely forgotten. It's almost impossible to…. And lastly we have Nic Cage as Nic Cage which is great because there is no one better suited to play Nic Cage than Nic Cage so props to Nic Cage for being Nic Cage. If you want to understand quality screenwriting, notice that the Chekov's gun here is upgraded to a Chekov's nailgun. Do you love all types of movies? The whole time I was watching this I was going "WHAT? Regrettably, the script tries to make…. View production, box office, & company info, Good-bye, Adam West / Uninhibited Revenge: Walter Hill’S The Assignment. Not the kind of thing that happens too often these days. And really that's how it should be. It is a gangsta rap sampler featuring Ice-T and Ice Cube, who star in the film, along with Public Enemy and others. The characters are stereotypes at best, offensive cardboard cutouts at worst. With that said, God Almighty this is a train wreck. but Hill (and the script credited to Zemeckis and Bob Gale) seems to actively resist that in favor of a lean, nasty SIERRA MADRE knockoff, a story of plain old avarice, with everyone equally opportunistically vicious and stupid. Der Film erzählt die Geschichte von zwei Feuerwehrmännern, die durch Zufall an eine alte Schatzkarte kommen.

Walter Hill is low-key becoming one of my favorite directors at this point. Trespass Against Us review: even Fassbender and Gleeson can't make every criminal charming 2 / 5 stars 2 out of 5 stars.

The story is a typical dramatic thriller where the family and the gang are found to be more connected…. You can tell that there wasn't much of a budget because most of this took place in the same room for large portions of it. I did enjoy Ben Mendelsohn though, and I think his performance adds a natural amount of empathy to his character while still maintaining an overall threatening presence. At the end of the day, you have to commend a story that somehow has more backstories than actual characters, weirdly mean & sexually aggressive & there is so so much screaming & yelling in this movie & at one point nic cage calls himself a cuck - cam gigdanet is a total babe though & its really the only redeeming thing here. Just watch it.

Walter Hill does what he knows best, forever trying to make Westerns even when people don't want them anymore. Hell yeah, a ballistic, twisty, shouty, Cagetastic, neon suburban, extremely 2011 and overly emotional thriller directed by the late great Joel Schumacher. IMDb Did she get confused and walked onto the wrong set? Mobile site. Is there room here for heroism? Trespass (1992), 26 February 2017 © Letterboxd Limited.
Glad to see it still holds up, although that may be the nostalgia talking. Sure, it throws in a number of twists but they are either predictable or stupid.   |  This…, Often when going to the movies, you recognize some familiar names. |

Suggestion: Use to draw which ones to…, This is an ongoing list detailing all films available on the OFFICIAL YouTube Movies channel under 'Free-to-watch'. This movie is straight up gangsta. Dies trifft natürlich auch auf Ice T. zu. Their teenage daughter is at that awkward age where all she wants to do is party. Adam Smith’s debut film … I don't know, I sort of liked the look of this. Young Glenn Plummer Stoney Jackson T.E. ok, to describe this movie and how bad this is, imma explain it using three types of languages. Two firemen in a burning building get a treasure map - stolen gold church items are hidden in a closed down factory in St. Louis. Nun heißt es Überleben... Walter Hill ist ein Meister seines Fachs und ein Genie was die Actionszenen angeht. ETA: This list is getting long so I moved sections…, Fight Professor 1,052 films 2,440 12 Edit, The film noir genre generally refers to mystery and crime dramas produced from the early 1940s to the late 1950s.…, Watchlist of movies that only you and your best friends might appreciate. An overwrought but trashily inviting thriller, Joel Schumacher's "Trespass" rides a terrifically hammy performance by Nicolas Cage to surprising near effectiveness. Die US Rap Musik kam so langsam auf ihren qualitativen Höhepunkt.

Young as Raymond who I noticed most this time. This is a classic nineties thriller that isn't great but it is thrilling in all the right places and a thoroughly enjoyable watch all the way through. Nicolas Cage Nicole Kidman Ben Mendelsohn Liana Liberato Cam Gigandet Jordana Spiro Dash Mihok Emily Meade Nico Tortorella Brandon Belknap Terry Milam Tina Parker David Maldonado Nilo Otero Simona Williams, Judianna Makovsky Rachel A. Walker Rodney Williamson, Violación a la Intimidad, Otages, Trespass - Auf Leben und Tod, Trespass - Flieh vor dem Terror oder bekämpfe ihn, Bajo Amenaza, Túszjátszma, 91 mins   Bill Paxton is great, along with the rest of the cast and theres a real sense of black humour running throughout the film.

Nice treasure hunting premise.

They want what's in the safe: cash and diamonds. The plot follows a couple of firefighters who come a cropper of a local drug gang while on the hunt of gold in an old tenement building.

Friends know that I'm a big fan of Nicole Kidman. Usually when two Oscar-winning actors team up for a movie, it is accompanied by a certain level of hype and expectation.

While it is a cleaver idea to use them as walkie talkies, the fact their signals would have be transmitted outside of the factory and then back in to be received as well the extant metal inside the building would have rendered them nearly useless.

He's just back from a business trip and their teen daughter Avery is sneaking out to a party, when four thugs in security uniforms and ski masks stage a home invasion. William Sadler looking all crazy eyed. It never tarnishes. This still holds up so well. Respectable cast with Sadler, Paxton, Ices T and Cube.
Well it's a triple combo tie between Art Evans' acting, Bill Paxton's well groomed mullet, and…, Some guy was like, "What if Ice-T and Ice Cube were in the same film? ALLE Darsteller haben ihren Sinn und eigenen…. Gerade Ice Cube auf dem Höhepunkt seines musikalischen Schaffens angelangt, probierte sich langsam auch im Schauspiel aus. was the entire budget spent on casting nicole?

Once there, they're trapped in by a black gang considering it their territory. If you have a favorite actor or actress don't let popular opinion interfere with that... unless you're a fan of Katherine Heigl, then you can just go fuck yourself. Vince sees the shooting, the gang spots Vince, and extended mayhem ensues. This rules. Two Arkansas firemen, Vince and Don, get hold of a map that leads to a cache of stolen gold in an abandoned factory in East St. Louis.

Russell Tom Lister Jr. John Toles-Bey Byron Minns Tico Wells Hal Landon Jr. James Pickens Jr. L. Warren Young, Scott Hecker Rodger Pardee Lucy Coldsnow-Smith Jay Wilkinson Dave Kulczycki John A. Larsen David A. Arnold Teri E. Dorman, Мръсна игра, Os Saqueadores, Lotri, Die Rap-Gang, El Tiempo de los intrusos, The Looters, 101 mins  

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The characters are all set up early doors and the audience knows the stakes right from the start. They really don’t make ‘em like this anymore. Made by fans in Auckland, New Zealand. Trailers from Hell Perfect fucking ending. HOW? Dazu trugen natürlich auch die beiden Herren T. und Cube einen riesengroßen Anteil bei.

I prefer my action movies with Ice. They want what's in the safe: cash and diamonds.

or looking at my phone.