Stay not only more informed than the news, but listen as the official story is dismantled with in-the-moment first-hand reporting with the leading figures in the investigation. Season 6: Satanic Panic. Learn more about your ad choices. S5: Kerrie Brown. The podcast To Live and Die in LA, meanwhile, began airing on February 28th, 2019, investigating the 2018 disappearance and murder of an aspiring actress. In Feb 2018, an aspiring actress vanished from her Hollywood apartment. Please ask any further questions about the podcast or the case on social media at @livedielapod and we will endeavor to answer them immediately. Reported by Matthew Shaer and Eric Benson, and hosted by Matthew Shaer. This period would become known as "The Golden Age of Hijacking." He’s a liger-breeding, gun-slinging, polygamous zoo owner from Oklahoma. Visit, A new witness emerges...with a shocking accusation. Listen to season 2 of Over My Dead Body: Joe Exotic at. For more info visit Visit, When a 25-year-old aspiring actress and model vanishes from outside her Hollywood apartment, award-winning journalist and bestselling author Neil Strauss finds himself at the center of the investigation. It turned out he’d met a gruesome fate: Pieces of bone, his eyeglasses and walkie-talkie were uncovered inside a vat that reached 1350 degrees Fahrenheit. Season 5: Sharmini. Creator and host Payne Lindsey interviews people who have lived to tell their terrifying tales. Google Play Store. After more than a year investigating Adea's disappearance and murder, the truth will come out, but justice is in the hands of LAPD.Learn more about your ad choices. Visit, Neil finds the apartment where the main suspect is believed to be staying, and prepares for a confrontation. Rolling Stone contributing editor and New York Times best-selling author, Neil Strauss takes you inside the real time investigation into the disappearance of Adea Shabani, an aspiring actress and model who vanished without a trace from her apartment complex near Hollywood's famous Walk of Fame. Minus one star for the lack of empathy to the loved ones. Ordinary people who do unthinkable things...The Minds of Madness is a True Crime Podcast that examines the most disturbing criminal minds and the impact violent crimes have on survivors of homicide. What happens when you immerse yourself in true crime, night after night, digging deeper into the lives of serial killers? [Bonus Episode 1],,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Learn more about your ad choices. In the season finale, Neil uncovers definitive answers. We have answers and more, including a surprise ending.