Get the freshest reviews, news, and more delivered right to your inbox! This I don’t think of my writing as therapy in that way. I know exactly what she’s gonna say, always. Also, the pain of your parents dropping you off and driving away and leaving you there, it’s just horrendous. That first line turns out to be the coming-of-age lesson that Alex stands to learn from his encounter with Maggie, his sophomore RA. I haven’t really seen a lot of college movies, honestly, but I’ve seen many movies that do little scenes from college. accent vagina-like head wounds, and straight razor blades protruding out Crawford sometimes comes through, but mostly we’re watching Millicent Wetherby. There’s also a foray to Serbia and Bosnia, where Fisk tries to determine how European weapons were routed to the Syrian bloodbath, which he calls “the worst reported war in the Middle East.”, “If you don’t go to the scene,” Fisk says, “you can’t get near the truth of it.” And that’s the essence of his mission, which is as moral as it is historical: “So no one can say, ‘This didn’t happen.’ So no one can say, ‘We didn’t know. It asks the viewer to wait for the majority of its running time for Usha to grow hysterical enough to intervene in America on Pallavi’s behalf, which yields a brief, perfunctory confrontation that’s unworthy of approximately 70 minutes’ worth of buildup. As for the leads playing the mere mortals wriggling under Danvers’s unflinching glare, neither James nor Hammer measure up. A potentially wicked irony—that Pallavi is drifting into the sort of patriarchal culture that she’s long resisted, which she finds she actually likes—is ignored. Like, a couple months after SXSW when more people started watching it. I think writers see college as a playground for them to write whatever they want. As in their first feature, Amer, the filmmakers clearly thrill in abstracting the landscape of the body and the ostentatious settings where their characters often roam, and the effect of the film suggests a world viewed through a kaleidoscope, or one envisioned during the throes of an acid trip. Had she forgotten they existed? |. They're blunt, and immediately effective if you buy It was very much kind of like, “How dare you make this biopic of my life freshman year?”. I’ve heard you say that you don’t consider yourself a filmmaker. Diego Semerene, When divorced of message-mongering, the film’s scare tactics are among the most distinctive that the zombie canon has ever seen. This was the company line that Irving Thalberg found himself at odds with when he decided to cast all four (and more) in his adaptation of William A. Drake’s Broadway smash Grand Hotel. But the bubble of complacency in which these characters live doesn’t need to be punctured by violence. If Dylan’s narcissism, and Pennebaker’s giddiness to capture it, suggested a cultural turn toward celebrity worship, then Dillon’s psychopath is the bizarre complement. Bowen, Enter to Win DVDs of The Great, a Blu-ray of Back to the Future: Ultimate Trilogy, and More, Our Preview Section Is Your Most Complete Guide for All the Films Coming Your Way Soon, We’re committed to keeping our content free and accessible—meaning no paywalls or subscription fees—so if you like what we do, consider becoming a SLANT patron, or making a PayPal. Fisk currently writes for the now online-only Independent. Arlette is one of countless women who’re damned if they do and if they don’t, yet somehow the men are able to rationalize themselves as the victims. But this works the opposite way, too, of course—what seems an everlasting bond one night can suddenly dissolve the next—and a surprising reversal and overreaction the following day throws what might have been Alex and Maggie’s burgeoning romance into radical, cringe-comic doubt. Crawford arouses sympathy and repulsion by turns, and the hilarious tunnel-vision focus that made her the ultimate camp totem is also what makes her lovable, in spite of the increasing warrior-hardness of her face, her often-monotonous intensity, and the sometimes off-puttingly aggressive way she offered her psychic battle scars to the camera. How did you conceive the film’s coda? But, then again, they’re all kind of taking their cues from movies or the idea of what it means to be in college. This realization becomes the foundation for a series of taut set pieces during which the story’s motley crew of survivors manipulate their way past zombies with the aid of cellphones and bats and the numerous tunnels through which the train must travel. The pleasure is in the untethering. The percentage of Approved Tomatometer Critics who have given this movie a positive review. Crawford was sometimes cast as society girls, but usually her characters started out in a factory or a department store or a kitchen. He admits to speaking only “a bit” of Arabic. As if Amer and Orgasm, Cattet and Forzani’s contribution to the horror anthology The ABCs of Death, weren’t evidence enough, this second feature-length fiction from the Belgian husband-and-wife duo confirms that their style is nothing if not shtick. But I think what I wanted to say was that going to your second home, it’s kind of the most selfish time of your life. rears, and uh, other unmentionables. It was a real testament to her to her trust. And I’m not really sure that the film is particularly obligated to do that. A different kind of stick in the mud will point out that the film fails the Bechdel Test, though that’s intentionally by design. Though Aldrich is having a field day with his camera, he’s very attentive to his two outstanding lead actors. You're almost there! It's a rich tapestry of beautifully horrific visuals, intricate production design, and jarring sound design that cohesively deliver an experience that is the purest example of cinema as art as I have ever seen it. Chuck Bowen, When Wilhelm Reich developed the concept of “sex economy” in 1931, he had in mind something like the way societal expectations or advertising may compel someone toward compulsory masturbation. But Nocturne again stumbles over its own insularity, seemingly reluctant to explore the view of society at large as Julie notes that she doesn’t even have social media. Bowen, Of course this upstairs-downstairs portraiture plays out with the tenor of horror. Your AMC Ticket Confirmation# can be found in your order confirmation email. The version of themselves they present is so sanitized or watered down that they become boring. By creating an account, you agree to the Privacy Policy This last comparison is also apt in terms of aesthetics, as Helander and cinematographer Mika Orasmaa’s widescreen compositions capture a sense of unsettling scale and unseen terror as well as, in domestic sequences, a warmth and intimacy that helps compensate for somewhat sketchy characters. But experiencing so many people kind of even just talking about it in terms of “this is the filmmaker,” it’s like, “No, I’m not writing emotional propaganda!” I did write a character, and I drew upon my life in a major way as everyone does writing something personal and original. But Dan's grip on the film's reality is flimsy at best. Recognizing that bit of shared kinship led to Raiff revealing a number of ways in which Shithouse reflects the specifics of a certain life experience in addition to the story’s broader applicability. Taken with all the other iterations of this story, Honest Thief isn’t about Tom, but about Neeson as America’s conservative Dad and his Sisyphean routine of grumbling, growling, and raging at a world in which he no longer seems to belong, and then inevitably doing it all over.