Mainly due to the waves of mobs you always have to fight through. Can’t argue with any of this. Any enhancement Shamans?We aim for efficiency. The coolness will help jolt you awake. are amazing for cross raid healing. I have fallen asleep standing up and walking on patrol, but I have never fallen asleep standing on one leg. Anything else you'd like to say to players? Again I wouldn’t do this unless you are really having a tough time, and noise will not give away your position.

WoW Insider: First of all, congrats on beating Archimonde, and with that, the current endgame. Not because we need them for the DPS they provide, but for the buffs they give to our DPS. If one person messes up (i.e dies) then the fight instantly gets a lot harder. The coolness will help you stay awake. What's your actual process when you find a new fight? The Long Awake The Long Awake Level 60: 1. Login or register to be the first to upload a screenshot Return to Merithra in the Chamber of Heart with the Dreamglow Dragonscale.

Thanks to Awake from Nihilum for doing this with us, and good luck to him and his guild in future content. We heard a while ago that Death and Taxes uses Paladins to heal and Shadow priests to DPS-- is this still the case?

You have the power you sought, and the Emerald Dream is fighting back against the Void. eye cream to moisturize your tired peepers.

It will keep your mind busy, and besides, you are beginning to look like a velociraptor. Soldiers are often required to stay awake for long periods of time in inhospitable environments (desert heat, bug-riddled forests, and sweltering jungles). You always need a good sharp knife, get a small sharpener and put it in your pocket on your way to your shift. If you’re in a rush, apply a quick powder foundation like hello flawless (read about it here). It's also a race and avoidance fight; you need to avoid the fire on the ground because it's very lethal.

If they do, we're not aware of it. Wow. Will you all continue to run this stuff constantly just for the loot, or do you kind of take a break (or PvP) after you finish a long run of content? Then with Saturday off. It is even better if you can offset the two Soldiers by an hour so one is always fresher than the other (Say each is on a two hour shift). And of course the next question is: Where does that gold come from? Return to Merithra in the Chamber of Heart with the Dreamglow Dragonscale. So, what are you waiting for? This study, performed by the Aerospace Medical Association. What percentage of you have significant others, and what do they think of your raiding?This is very dynamic and changes a lot, depending on what we are focusing on, what is available and what is unbeaten so far. How would you rate it against the pre-BC endgame? Loved your ideas…I will offer two more suggestions that even work when you are in long meetings. The largest part of staying awake is keeping your mind occupied. Screenshots containing UI elements are generally declined on sight, the same goes for screenshots from the modelviewer or character selection screen. Again, we use this during boring classes to stay awake, and it works on guard duty just as well. You can check out the knife sharpener on Amazon here. . Right now we've defeated every single raid encounter in World of Warcraft and as such we are pretty relaxed. Average age of our guild.. Hmm, I'd say 22-24ish. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Affiliate disclosure: Are you guys satisfied with the endgame that you played through? It's an epic encounter, hands down.Kael'thas Sunstrider in Tempest Keep.This fight also has several phases, it's a very cool fight that involve you to play very well together and you must pay attention for the whole duration of the encounter. We can do all from FRAPSing what's going on to screenshotting and posting it in our private IRC channel to further analyze and discuss it... to Kungen not tanking and observing the fight instead, etc.How much of a role does the PTR play in that? 7. 7. If you are on a mission food is not that abundant. If you are somewhere where it is cold outside, strip off some clothing or open the window. How to stay awake at night? Or things will fall apart rather rapidly. how to make coffee in the field (click here). Dummy Cord It: How to Tie Down Gear You Don’t Want to Lose! So FIVE lots of antibiotics and SIX months later I managed to get rid of the problem but it left me with a RED nose which I can live with, but the pain WOW no way. One of the things everyone wants to know about is costs-- you guys must wipe quite a bit learning a fight, and we've heard in the past that you use consumables quite a bit. Let us hope that this essence will turn the tide in our favor. As a night working soldier(16+hours without sleep), a way to keep awake was to think what was/may be going on around you and think what are the causes of it and to think of how to react to each probability. For instance, Kungen and Tharghan and I played in Lineage 2 together-- and that game was all about your friends and your guild. Alcohol hangovers are the worst to try to remain awake through.

Also on how to prepare the area to avoid any possibles infiltration of the enemy. As a civilian think of the boss/thieves/or fellow workers as enemies. During a night of learning a boss, how much money can one person go through? There's a bug in WoW that, depending on your camera angle, will make it so you can't see this laser.... the result? Simply browse for your screenshot using the form below.

But I must say that Moroes is a very simple fight and we did him in greens and tier 3 on basically our first attempt and he died. You can use the beat of a song you know and make up your own words to match the beat. So no, we do not use any Moonkins, Protection Paladins, Retribution Paladins or anything that is way below the standard classes that can do a much better job at said task. The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of 9. Proteins will keep you fuller longer. Investigating the Highlands Investigating the Highlands 2. It can be all from having attendance issues to guild drama to wiping all night long.. but I mean, it happens to everyone. © 2020 MagicFind, Inc. All rights reserved. So what is Nihilum going to do next? And even further back it was Ouro and C'Thun.Are you guys satisfied with the endgame that you played through? But after learning an encounter we master it eventually and it reduces our wiping by a lot.

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They are all balanced for what they give you. They don't like girls. It's not even possible anyway. A lot of people have questions about class roles. View ReachingForTheMoonBlog’s profile on Instagram, View reaching4moon’s profile on Pinterest, Follow reaching for the moon on, Exsqueeze me?! For now we will do SSC/TK/BT/Hyjal for gearing up, but within the foreseeable future we'll switch over to only BT/Hyjal.

To summarize though, right now no encounters (in my opinion and Kungen's) are tuned too hard. Don’t underestimate the power of a handwritten letter to a loved one back home. My boat crew was baffled when I handed them the VICKS working a plane crash, they were happy I did. So be warned.