Technical Specs, See agents for this cast & crew on IMDbPro, My List of Terrorist Movies and TV Series, Chilean Ambassador (uncredited), United Nations VIP Defense Delegate Determined to become a French translator, Qiao Fei (Yang Mi) immerses herself in her studies. The sequel has a different storyline. Mounting problems eventually lead to their separation. Genre: Drama; Romance; Its premiere achieved a national viewer rating share of 6.87%, and topped 2016's overall market share for the first half of the year. It aired on Hunan TV from 24 May to 19 June 2016. In this love-hate relationship, can Qiao Fei and Huang Xuan master the language of love or are … I really liked that this was a period drama and it had a lot of comedy in it. Filming & Production Sign up to enjoy Asian TV shows and movies, and continue where you left off. (uncredited), Japanese Ambassador | Little by little both the Emperor and Zhesan have fallen love with Tianxin, creating a funny yet troubling love triangle. (uncredited), Azerbaijan Delegate (uncredited), United Nations Delegate 2009 Dramas (1) 2014 Dramas (4) 2015 Dramas (3) 2016 Dramas (3) 2017 Dramas (7) 2018 Dramas (14) 2019 Dramas (15) 2020 Dramas (2) Chinese Dramas (33) Fashion Alerts (4) Guides and Observations (3) Korean Dramas (20) Top 10 (3) Follow Dramapearls. (as Guy Fortt), Ambassador of Surname Theres a ton of cute guys going accross the screen and the fight scenes are cool so its not boring. Status: Completed. From The Virgin Suicides and Lost in Translation to On the Rocks, IMDb dives into the cinematic stylings of Academy Award-winning writer and director, Sofia Coppola. It is notable for being the first movie to have been shot inside the United Nations Headquarters in New York City.   |  The guest happens to be Cheng Jiayang, a young but already famous professional French translator. (uncredited), U.N. Security - Advanced Team The series was the highest rated drama of the year, with an average national viewership rating of 2.63%. Qiao Fei (Yang Mi) is a French postgraduate student who dreams of becoming a professional interpreter. (uncredited), Secret Service Agent #1 It is based on the novel “Les Interprètes” by Miao Juan. One night she gets into a trouble with a guest, and the two of them are taken to the police station. View production, box office, & company info. She knows what she wants and is determined to go after it. | (uncredited), Papua New Guinea Delegate Released: 2016. The Interpreter is a 2005 political thriller film directed by Sydney Pollack, starring Nicole Kidman, Sean Penn, Catherine Keener, and Jesper Christensen. When everything seems to be going smoothly, problems start to arise one after another. (uncredited), Delegate from Luxembourg Viewership ratings also reached as high as 2%, making it the highest rated drama of 2016. The series is a commercial hit in China. [2], The series was praised by Martin Dahinden, Swiss ambassador to China. Official Sites Three Lives Three Worlds, Ten Miles of Peach Blossom. Though they start off on the wrong foot, it eventually develops into romantic relationship. Her mentor during her schooling in Paris is Cheng Jia Yang (Huang Xuan), the son of a foreign minister and a genius French interpreter. With Mi Yang, Xuan Huang, Weiguang Gao, Keith Shillitoe. - My Bratty Princess Spinoff, Diao Man Qiao Yu Yi, The Imperial Physician, Gender-Benders: Girls in Disguise - (dramas), Impostor/Gender Bender/Undercover/Cross-Dressing. The series was coincidentally filmed during the 65th anniversary of the establishment of China–Switzerland relations, and was sponsored by the Switzerland Tourism Board. (uncredited), U.N. On the Asian TV drama platform Viki, the series was rated 9.3 out of 10. 80-year-old Ali Ungar comes across a book by a former SS officer describing his wartime activities in Slovakia. Raised by a single mother suffering from a serious illness, she has to support herself working as a waitress. (uncredited), Yugoslavian Delegate In most dramas he seems almost perfect in comparison to the male lead, everything the male lead isn't in the most positive way. Be Careful, Sweetheart (remake of 1984's wuxia drama) 37. Directed by Sydney Pollack. Her mentor during her schooling in Paris is Cheng Jia Yang (Huang Xuan), the son of a foreign minister and a genius French interpreter.