You'll hear from us whenever Civil Beat publishes a major project or investigation. Thanks! “Let’s just say, love is priceless,” his daughter said. Get occasional emails highlighting essays, analysis and opinion from IDEAS, Civil Beat's commentary section. A Gray Media Group, Inc. Station - © 2002-2020 Gray Television, Inc. In Houston, Magic Island's epic-scaled rooftop icon has been watching over the adjacent freeway... [+] since 1984, when the club opened. Get our latest environmental news on a monthly basis, including updates on Nathan Eagle's 'Hawaii 2040' series. All rights reserved. But through it all, our small team of reporters made sure you didn’t forget about electoral politics. (Its golden glow is being refurbished as part of the property's renovation project.). I think a sprawling city like Houston needs its built environment described, explained, translated and otherwise explored. Magic Island has always been one of his biggest passions and he’s is so excited to open it back up to the public.”. Despite the cumulative damage and passing years, however, the Vegas-y venture has managed to retain an identity on a shallow strip of property between a freeway ramp near downtown and an upscale neighborhood. Houston neurologist and philanthropist Mohammed Athari owns the club, the site and the property next door, where he has a medical office. He was the only person on board, and reportedly swam safely to shore. I think a sprawling city like Houston needs its built environment described, explained, translated and otherwise explored. In its day, Magic Island was considered the event place, she explained. Richard Wiens is the News Editor of Civil Beat. Let's roam. Honolulu officials announced Friday that they have closed the lagoon at Magic Island after the sailing vessel Summer Salt became grounded Wednesday night. That’s my beat. That’s my beat. Covering the pandemic has taken a lot of our collective energy. Once a warren of smaller rooms for meals and magic shows, the floor plan upstairs has been opened up a bit. And the reveal timing? During this unique election season, we appreciate that you and others like you have relied on Civil Beat for accurate, objective coverage of the candidates and their races. Project managers estimate the interior could be ready as soon as late January. HONOLULU, Hawaii (HawaiiNewsNow) - City officials say the lagoon at the end of Magic Island reopened on Tuesday following a days-long debris-related closure. Inbox overcrowded? “Now, with an approaching high tide and a rising southwest swell, there is growing concern about debris from the vessel entering the lagoon just as salvage efforts are being organized,” said a city statement to the media Friday afternoon. The renovations are bringing back the building’s swank and refurbishing many of the bold flourishes that contributed to the club’s one-of-a-kind cache. The first time. Build it -- and I will write. Because we know that elections not only test society’s participation in our democracy, but journalism’s commitment to safeguarding it. Check the boxes for emails you'd like to receive. He also declined to share the overhaul’s overall cost. Swell hampers efforts to salvage sailboat that ran aground at Magic Island. You're officially signed up for our daily newsletter, the Morning Beat. The 32-foot vessel Summer Salt got stuck on the barrier between the lagoon and the ocean Wednesday night. As the year winds down, the project awaits arrival and installation of the support columns for an upstairs large terrace being added along the building's west side. A new banquet hall has been added to the ground level, he said. That’s my lens. Despite the columns and iconic guardian overhead, Magic Island's entry isn't through the immense set... [+] of doors on the north of the building. But for them, she said, “it would have been easier to start from scratch.”. The lagoon is expected to reopen once the vessel and any additional debris are removed. Harold V. Houston, TX; Does anyone know a place in the Houston area that is similar to it? We'll send you a confirmation e-mail shortly. There is confusion rising over trusted, and non-trusted sites for testing. 9/15/2010. The cantilevered structure will provide a cover to the main entry and valet service lanes. Civil Beat ® is a registered trademark of Honolulu Civil Beat Inc. Stay Up To Date On The Coronavirus And Other Hawaii Issues. 420 Waiakamilo Road, Suite 205Honolulu, HI 96817Main (808) 847-3246News (808) 847-1112. County tax records indicate the sliver of a site is 22,000 square feet, with the two-story 1975-vintage building sized at 20,000 square feet. Ditto if it's razed, redeveloped, re-purposed or rejiggered. I’ve been covering the city’s commercial and residential real estate throughout my career as a freelance business reporter, feature writer and columnist for various Houston publications and websites. But two decades ago this unlabeled island was actually another Disney amusement park called Discovery Island. 42-year-old Eddie Bisquera spent 48 days in the hospital. ... 180 reviews I was thinking about thowing a birthday party for my daughter at Magic Island next month, and I just found out they closed after Ike.