“I thought she was really different than any character that I’ve played before so I was instantly sort of thrilled.”.


They were editted out of sequence so though you kind of knew what was going on, you weren’t sure exactly how the crime(s) was going to go down until the very end.


Coming home from school one afternoon soaked in rain water, an already miserable India enters her home to discover Evelyn and Charlie sitting at the piano bench. "(They should SO be Facebook friends and follow each other on Twitter.) [2] Miller ha descritto Stoker come un "film dell'orrore, un dramma familiare e un thriller psicologico". In seguito a questo episodio Charlie è stato rinchiuso in una casa di cura decidendo di venire rilasciato proprio nel giorno del compleanno di India. As Charlie slowly ingratiates himself into the two women’s lives he becomes a source of sexual desire for both Evelyn and India (though India remains wary of his motives), and courtship takes place on the piano bench. While the film is extremely dark and visceral, with sounds made louder for dramatic effect, Wasikowska says that when the cameras turned off, she was able to let go of that dark mood. “What were we singing?” she says. Mia Wasikowska (the title character in Tim Burton's "Alice in Wonderland") plays India Stoker, a pale, teenage outcast who is so serious and mysterious, she could be the sister of that pale, teenage outcast from "Beautiful Creatures. There are moments of near-camp, such as a piano-duet seduction (written specifically for the scene by Philip Glass) that fairly winks with self-awareness.

By clicking on 'Join' button, you confirm that you are over 13 years of age and agree to the Terms of Service & Privacy Policy. Can a person be born bad or is “badness” a learnt trait, one taught to an impressionable and willing protégée by someone who keenly detects their potential for darkness? India is initially weary of her Uncle Charlie to the point of impoliteness, suspicious of his sudden appearance in her life, but she is nonetheless intrigued by him. Thank you.

Stoker’s most climactic moment takes place at India’s piano in a scene that allows us to hear a fully-realized development of the three-note motif heard in the aforementioned scenes. ‘Prison Break' Star Secretly Writing Horror Scripts? India decide allora di fuggire in macchina ma viene fermata dallo sceriffo per eccesso di velocità. And the only thing that’s consistent is how different everybody’s opinion is of her.”. Nel giorno del suo diciottesimo compleanno la vita di India, ragazza introversa e solitaria, viene sconvolta dall'improvvisa morte del padre Richard a causa di un incidente stradale. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Resta a casa al sicuro. And as she remembers the sickening crunch of the boy's neck breaking, as she watched her Uncle kill the boy on top of her? “We were very good at snapping quickly out of it.”. India resides in a murky place as the film progresses. Frugando tra le cose di Charlie scopre degli occhiali appartenenti al padre e una scatola da scarpe identica a quelle che ogni anno il padre era solito regalarle per il compleanno. Il ruolo dello zio Charlie è stato affidato a Matthew Goode, dopo che l'attore inglese Colin Firth abbandonò il progetto. Regardless of the audience’s interpretation, India emerges from the duet with a greater awareness of herself, embracing her murderous nature and desires. Wasikowska says she even spent a night doing karaoke during the shoot. For Australian actress Wasikowska, who starred in 2010’s Alice in Wonderland and The Kids Are Alright and 2012’s Lawless, India’s mysterious ways were exactly what attracted her to playing the part. But India has a dark side of her own, saying she hears things others can’t and sporting a strong affinity for hunting. Instructions on how to reset your password have been sent to your email. The piece, simply called “Duet” on the film’s soundtrack album, was composed especially for the film by the influential minimalist composer Philip Glass. Si sono svolte quasi interamente a Nashville, Tennessee; le scene del motel sono state girate nei pressi di Murfreesboro[8] mentre altre scene sono state girate a Sewanee. I think The Beatles.”. Una sera India scopre spiando dalla finestra che la madre è scesa in intimità con lo zio e corre via sconvolta verso un locale dove incontra Whip. Her piano is a sacred space in which her desires are allowed to take root and it has been compromised by the intrusion of the pair.

EMAIL ME, Mia Wasikowska Matthew Goode Piano - H 2013. “And then the other images would be something that had an essence of her physicality or her emotionally, so that was really helpful.”, VIDEO: Nicole Kidman Gets Creepy in 'Stoker' Trailer. In Stoker, Mia Wasikowska plays a mysterious girl named India, ... One powerful scene in the film features Wasikowska’s character playing a duet on the piano with her uncle. [11] In Italia il film è uscito il 20 giugno 2013, con un'anteprima, il 21 marzo, al Bari International Film Festival.[12]. Il primo trailer del film è stato diffuso online il 27 settembre 2012,[9] seguito dalla versione italiana il 5 dicembre 2012. One could … Unable to concentrate, she is preoccupied with her curiosity about her Uncle Charlie and the strange effect he is having on her, and this is further emphasized by Clint Mansell’s (the film’s primary composer) haunting theme for Charlie underscoring the sequence. Riprende anche molti elementi da L'ombra del dubbio di Alfred Hitchcock[4], tra cui il nome del protagonista, lo zio Charlie, e la sua ambigua relazione con India che fa riferimento al tema del doppio rappresentato dai due Charlie del film di Alfred Hitchcock. A casa mentre India sta suonando il pianoforte lo zio si siede con lei per suonare insieme.

24-ago-2013 - The piano scene from Stoker. Quando Charlie scopre che Richard gli ha pianificato un'intera vita in modo da tenerlo lontano dalla sua famiglia sentendosi tradito lo uccide con una pietra e simula un incidente stradale. Wasikowska says she and Korean director Park Chan-wook (who makes his English-language debut with Stoker), sent each other images through email to make sure they were on the same page. Charlie assiste a tutta la scena. Is she a heroine? India rimane sola a vivere insieme alla madre Evelyn, emotivamente instabile, con cui la ragazza non è mai riuscita a creare un rapporto profondo. La sceneggiatura è scritta dall'attore Wentworth Miller sotto lo pseudonimo Ted Foulke, utilizzato per svincolarsi dalla sua carriera di attore, con la collaborazione di Erin Cressida Wilson. Al funerale di Richard si presenta anche l'affascinante e giramondo Charlie, fratello del padre, della cui esistenza India era stata tenuta all'oscuro. La vicinanza e il fascino che emana Charlie sconvolgono i sensi delle ragazza che si eccita profondamente. Email: Rebecca.Ford@thr.com; Twitter: @Beccamford. Park Chan-wook’s "Stoker" (2013) is an unconventional coming-of-age film in which the piano emerges as a vital player. Del cast principale fanno parte Mia Wasikowska, Nicole Kidman e Matthew Goode.

Dopo aver sedotto Evelyn l'uomo cerca di strozzarla sperando di avere la complicità di India che invece spara a Charlie con uno dei fucili da caccia del padre. This question of nature vs. nurture is the moral quandary presented to us in Park Chan-wook’s. "Black List" 2010: The Top Ten Best Unproduced Screenplays, SDCC 2010: Wentworth Miller Interview Resident Evil: Afterlife; Plus Updates on Stoker and Uncle Charlie. In Stoker, Mia Wasikowska plays a mysterious girl named India, whose father dies on her 18th birthday, leaving her with her lacking mother (Nicole Kidman) and a mysterious uncle (Matthew Goode) she never knew about. I compositori Philip Glass e Clint Mansell hanno collaborato nella realizzazione della colonna sonora del film: il primo componendo le musiche che la protagonista India suona al piano, il secondo occupandosi della colonna sonora principale. the email address you entered is invalid.

About Our Ads [10], Il film è stato distribuito negli Stati Uniti dalla Fox Searchlight Pictures il 1º marzo 2013. Stoker - The Piano Scene Awesome Inc. theme. We will get back to you in 24 hours. This account has been suspended due to strange activity. The juxtaposition of these scenes—India watching two people engage in sexual activity and her subsequent desire to do so herself—touches on a couple of familiar adolescent emotions. Stoker (Id., 2013) Milan ... ”, una voce che nel legato degli archi e nei tocchi del piano si ritrasforma in quella di Mia Wasikowska e nel suo monologo sottovoce, misterioso e allusivo. In this instance she only plays one bar of the three-note motif accompanied by the enforcing ticks of her metronome before slumping onto the keys. Stoker | Mia Wasikowska Shower Scene - We at first see what looks like her crying, interspersed with scenes showing how she and her Uncle fought off the boy.

"Often there were moments [during the shoot] where director Park was trying to explain what he wanted to do visually and we were all standing there like scratching our heads, and so it was pretty cool to see it all finished,” she says. Forgot password? Privacy | “The best way to explain it is when I’m filming, I have a definite story that I follow for her, but then when I finish and I let go of the project a bit, it’s sort of up to interpretation,” she says. [1] La sceneggiatura di Miller è stato votata per la Black List 2010, delle 10 migliori sceneggiature non prodotte di Hollywood. Lavati spesso le mani, mantieni la distanza di un metro dalle altre persone e dai un'occhiata alle nostre risorse per vivere al meglio questo periodo. For all other inquiries, contact the editorial team. Password Summer Wine Written by Lee Hazlewood Performed by Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazlewood Courtesy of Boots Enterprises Inc . by Please try again. Email or password is incorrect.

Del cast principale fanno parte Mia Wasikowska, Nicole Kidman e Matthew Goode Primo film in lingua inglese del regista coreano, è basato su una sceneggiatura scritta dall'attore Wentworth Miller sotto lo pseudonimo Ted Foulke. Il giorno dopo, a scuola, India viene assalita da un gruppo di ragazzi e reagisce conficcando la matita nel pugno di uno dei ragazzi che scappano grazie all'intervento di Whip Taylor, un suo compagno. Stoker è un film del 2013 diretto da Park Chan-wook.