excess of 30mm are cut at a later stage by the on line oxy-acetylene cutter. Prepare for rolling hills, dense woodland and the amazing scenery that is our home. Interestingly, despite having just acquired Tough Mudder, he also draws inspiration from what the brand achieved within the OCR space. Important Note: Our clothes are NOT stab-vests. PROTECTIVE FASHION FOR THE ANTI-KNIFE WEARER. Brooke says: “It is unbelievably exciting for us, it has been a long term desire for Spartan given the similarities around the two businesses, they are two brands within the same space but not necessarily competing within it. This weekend will host a Sprint, Super and Kids races. of the heating process. Spartan garments are resistant against most types of knives. Beyond the acquisition, Spartan UK also have plenty more ambitious plans for 2020, including the launch of Spartan Trail for 2020. The electric version in Left hand drive will be introduced on a phased basis throughout Europe later in the year. while still hot, to ensure the  plate meets the flatness standard required.

We believe that signing up for a race holds us accountable and keeps us motivated to train harder and eat healthier.

multizone pusher furnace is utilised. This offer is your first step towards an epic 2019. Globally, Spartan has added to its portfolio of more than 250 events across more than 40 countries with 1.2 million annual participants. It is reality that the carrying of knives in society has become normalised. Shop the latest Spartan Apparel and Gear for Canada, Mexico, South America, Europe, Middle East, Asia, and Australia. Approved contractors can heat treat plates longer than 8m as well as shot blast and This weekend sees more than double the racers across one weekend coming to take on the Sprint, Super, Beast and Kids races than any other race in the season. Spartan’s UK chief has outlined ambitious plans for Tough Mudder after completing the acquisition of the U.K. affiliate of the stricken company. “We can drive forward with the knowledge and innovation to keep delivering these innovations.”, Matthew Brooke has taken over as chief of Spartan UK. to match the customer’s dimensional requirements, the slabs are rolled through the Born in the gritty mountains of Vermont, Spartan is blazing the trails in the fastest growing participant sport in the world. The deal means Tough Mudder’s U.K. business will now operate as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Spartan and will also enable a full schedule of events to be run in 2020. You may opt-out by. Metinvest Group is a Ukraine vertically integrated group of steel and mining companies that manages every link of the value chain, from mining and processing iron ore and coal to making and selling semi-finished and finished steel products. General; Kids Race; Promoted articles.

Scotland Spartan Ultra 50K - Saturday, 25th September 2021, Scotland Spartan Beast 21K - Saturday, 25th September 2021, Scotland Spartan Sprint 5K - Sunday, 26th September 2021, London South East Spartan Kids Race - 9th & 10th October 2021, Midlands Spartan Kids Race - 24th & 25th July 2021, London South East Spartan Sprint 5K - Sunday, 10th October 2021, London South East Spartan Super 10K - Sunday, 10th October 2021, Midlands Spartan Sprint 5K - Sunday, 25th July 2021, London South East Spartan Beast 21K - Saturday, 9th October 2021, Midlands Spartan Super 10K - Saturday, 24th July 2021, Wales Spartan Beast 21K - Saturday, 19th June 2021, Wales Spartan Sprint 5K - Sunday, 20th June 2021, Scotland Spartan Kids Race - 25th & 26th September 2021, Wales Spartan Super 10K - Sunday, 20th June 2021, Wales Spartan Kids Race - 19th & 20th June 2021, Twickenham Spartan 5K Stadion - Saturday, 11th December 2021, Twickenham Spartan Kids Race - Saturday, 11th December 2021, London South East Spartan Trifecta Weekend Pass 2021.
Spartan are keen to maintain continuity with Tough Mudder meaning the existing London-based team, led by managing director of Europe Giles Chater, under … The Quarto Mill is driven by Converteam, a pair of 2.5MW induction motors installed And to feel "safe" our younger generation will carry knives to protect against a knife attack. But we must be clear that nothing (not even a stab vest) is completely stab proof. On request Work Out With a Spartan Pro and Learn How to …

It’s time to conquer beautiful Scotland! Spartan Race, Inc. 234 Congress St. 5th Floor. The full range (100% electric & petrol models) will launch in the UK in Q2 2020. We utilize cookies to give you the best experience and to make our website operate effectively. All testing is done to Home Office guidelines for CAST 2017 and the results are published in videos and with test data. Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own. Once heated to the required temperature, the slabs are descaled top and bottom, using Spartan Race Official Registration Site. SPARTAN GARMENTS ARE HAND MADE IN ENGLAND. 7:00am | Market Harborough, Leicestershire, 9:00am | Market Harborough, Leicestershire. real-world testing of spartan garments - designed to get you home. © 2009 Spartan UK Ltd. Co. Reg. The cut slab is reheated in one of three natural gas fired furnaces. Spartan UK can produce plates with thickness from 8 to 150 mm, max width 2100 mm and max length 22 m. All products are manufactured according the main European and international standards for flatness, surface and ultrasonic See you at the start line Spartans. ”It is about cross-collaboration and a combined greater understanding of the needs of the audience. They are resistant and protective only - designed to mitigate risk. You can unsubscribe at any time. For the third year in a row we are launching the season in the beautiful south east at our St Clere venue. quarto reversing mill. Quarto plate is rolled from slab supplied by fully integrated steel mills. Spartan UK Ltd, part of Metallurgical Division of Metinvest Group, is the only quarto steel plate re-roller in United Kingdom, offering a wide range of grades suitable for application in numerous industrial sectors. in 2008.