6 min Rangers will be well pleased with this start. The Bulgarian attempts to Mark Hughes a volley into the net, but only screws the ball off his shin.
30 min "Exhibit A" says Alex Netherton.

2 min Of course we have five officials in the Champions League this season and, as Andy Gray points out on Sky, the two blokes on the touchline are wearing tracksuit bottoms.

Which is wasted. The Scottish titleholders' first loss of the season cost them a place in the top two as they slipped down to third. That was a fine chance. 85 min Gibson's 97th long-shot of the night deflects off a charging defender on the edge of the box and wide for a corner – the first of the game. 42 min Wayne Rooney is limping. Miller descends into a blue funk. All impressions suggest his season is over already, and we all wish him the very best. The state of play, according to the Uefa press kit, and who am I to doubt them: United's Matchday 4 win at Bursaspor has left them on the verge of qualification from Group C but Rangers will have other ideas as they look to bounce back from their defeat at Valencia CF on the same night. After one such counter, Papac makes a lovely interception from Hernandez in his own area. A fine spot. 58 min This could be a very bad injury for Antonio Valencia.

"Paul Szabo simply ought to know his place," brays Robin Hazlehurst. Always the lust. "Also I've only seen the most recent film titled Crash so I'm going to have to assume you mean that you are turned on by racism and/or Sandra Bullock. HALF TIME: Rangers 0-0 Manchester United. The world will still be turning at: 9.30pm. Meanwhile Paul Szabo writes the following with my pre-match ITV complaint in mind, though it soon becomes obvious he's got other things on his mind: "Re your curious your insistence on showing the home team sheet first, for decorum. Or beginning with it. I've seen more space on a rush-hour tube. "Anyway, I would have thought that Chicharito was more appealing to the eye.". A penalty was given then, and it should have been given here. Someone else is bound to be deeply offended if he chooses / is asked / is forced not to.

31 min: Weiss clips the free kick down the inside-right channel. 3 min "Evening Rob," says Phil Sawyer. His low shot is parried straight back, Weir hacking clear for a corner. United need to up their game, big-style.

Madon. 20 min "Berbarotica? Probably not, we'd be in the realms of the harsh, but you'll have seen them given. Manchester United (4-2-3-1) Kuszczak; Brown, Ferdinand, Smalling, Fabio; Fletcher, Gibson; Valencia, Rooney, Park; Hernandez.Substitutes: Van der Sar, Evans, O'Shea, Anderson, Giggs, Owen, Macheda. 36 min Hernandez lays the ball off smartly to Gibson, who crashes a sidefooter from 20 yards straight at McGregor. He's off the field receiving treatment. 47 min: Rooney tries to whip an up-and-down effort over the wall and into the bottom-left corner. A light read, an espresso and a cigarette to unwind before having to trouble himself with a game of bloody football. Gibson has found his range and looks United's main/only goal threat just now. 68 min When a long free-kick is flicked on Miller, Broadfoot has plenty of space by the left touchline inside the box but faffs and is dispossessed. There's a sniff about this one too, but as this is a family website I'll leave you to work out what that is. "I see that Diego Milito has put through his own net to give Twente the lead against Inter.

When you select teams we will show you: direct matches stats, analyse how the website is used and advertising that Are bones more brittle because of a change in diet?

Full time: Manchester United 0-0 Glasgow Rangers That's it. Sunday is far more important and this result changes the square root of eff all in terms of the group, nice as it is for Rangers. It's not a love-in, it's a fully fledged bromance. chirps Francis Lee, presumably not that one. some aimless lumps into the box - but finally United break out, a lovely Rooney reverse ball sending Nani zipping free down the right. The obvious factor is the increased pace of the game.

"Young Alex Ferguson is the spit of Coldplay's Chris Martin with 1950s hair," notes Fergal Cunningham, "and both are synonymous with A Rush of Blood to the Head." 83 min Gibson swooshes another scorching shot just over the bar from 25 yards. They've hardly had two touches of the ball but they haven't allowed United to put together any meaningful attacks. 19 min Steven Whittaker has landed awkwardly on his left shoulder and looks in a lot of pain. A once-proud club, reduced to this. It isn't long before Scholes is wheeching a ball down the inside-right channel in the vague direction of Berbatov, but the languid Bulgarian is standing around thinking of free jazz, and Weir steps in to sweep up.

78 min McCulloch's 25-yard shot takes a deflection and spins into the arms of Kuszczak. 7 min: Berbatov, eight yards out, heads cross from the left straight at McGregor. That is going on my wall. He doesn't quite fresh-air it, but fails to connect properly and Whittaker clears the lame shot.

The Rangers: McGregor, Davis, Whittaker, Broadfoot, Weir, Foster, Naismith, McCulloch, Hutton, Weiss, Miller.Subs: Alexander, Fleck, Beattie, Loy, Perry, Wylde. 64 min Rooney's snapshot from the edge of the box is blocked superbly by Whittaker. It's a state of mind. 81 min: Rangers are still sitting back. And don't know why so many of my fellow Rangers fans are so down on Sir Alex. He is covering Werder Bremen against Tottenham, which has a sniff about it. More importantly, he isn't Mike Phelan and he doesn't wear those challengingly tight shorts on the touchline.

It bounced up a little awkwardly so that was a reasonable piece of goalkeeping. Surely there has never been a more erotic footballer than Berbatov? 67 min: "I just saw Scholes execute a clean tackle!"

7 min This match needs some Berbarotica. Last night's Champions League game between Ajax and Real Madrid saw some footballers punished according to the laws of football for transgressing the laws of football. Ryan Giggs replaces him, so Park will go to the right. 61 min: Scholes slides Nani free down the right. 65 min "It's hilarious to hear the eruption of Berba-love after a few decent performances against lower to mid-level Premier League teams," says Brian Don. 4 min It's all United early on, as you'd expect. What a cock-up by Evans. Half time: Manchester United 0-0 Glasgow Rangers A lamentable half of football ends goalless.

Ibrox fell very quiet for a minute there, fully expecting McGregor to be forced into some work. Manchester United View events: More info: Thu: 05/03/20: FAC: Derby County 0 - 3 Manchester United View events: More info: Sun: 08/03/20: PRL: Manchester United 2 - 0 Manchester City View events: More info: Thu: 12/03/20: UEL After Davis lumps a long free kick into the United box, there's a brief bout of head tennis, before O'Shea clears and the whistle blows for the break. Wah wah wah wah wah wah wah wah wah wah wah wah wah wah wah wah wah wah wah wah wah wah wah wah wah wah wah wah wah wah whelp.

United will progress with a point.

Davie Weir 40+ specialist stuff??". David Weir is a 40-year-old in the body of a 31-year-old; Rio Ferdinand is a 31-year-old in the body of a 947-year-old. 67 min It's hard to care about this game now. "Damned uppity colonials. Team news Sir Alex Ferguson shows what he thinks of Rangers by making ten changes. I knew that players in Serie A were traditionally a little more sophisticated than their English counterparts but could they really have sussed him out a full six years quicker than the Liverpool players managed it?" "I'm really rather impressed with Sir Alex's teeth in that picture," writes Philip Burgess.

Tue 14 Sep 2010 13.30 EDT. Here you can easy to compare statistics for both teams. I don't think Fergie got it wrong.

90+2 min "A great performance of classic Waltenaccio football tonight," says Chris Thomson. Rooney sends McGregor the wrong way, planting the ball into the bottom left. Rangers are working extremely hard in defence.