Yeah, virtually. Let's fast-forward. Kyrie keeps his fashion laidback regardless of the occasion. The five-time All-Star passes his time designing clothes, perched on the front row for shows during New York Fashion Week or talking style and tennis with Vogue magazine editor-in-chief Anna Wintour. Yeah, actually, that's exactly right -- great way to describe it. That's probably why I like it. I don't know, man. Russell Westbrook makes headlines for his (sometimes) next level, statement clothing choices — his pregame looks are not to be missed. On game days, I don't do too much. But even if you think you can pull off Westbrook's look, it'll cost you. Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), iii. How did you dress as a rookie? And if it was any other herb claiming that title, I might take issue. For the cover story of our Photo Issue, The Mag aimed to run a spread with a fashion-forward athlete who also happens to play a sport pretty well. Dec 13, 2018 - Russ does what he wants -- on and off the court. Who gives you s---? This one’s easy, fam. Mani-pedis? For sure. Yeah, win some points or … [He laughs.] Westbrook typically matches his pants and suit jacket, though you’ll usually find him wearing a high-collared white shirt with it (perhaps to focus the attention on the suit itself). Besides his famous beard (which should probably have its own locker at the Toyota Center at this point), James Harden isn’t afraid to make bold decisions when it comes to his clothing. But if you tryna get the best look like Westbrook, now is the time to do it. I'm going to start at the beginning, with a vague question, because nobody knows a damn thing about you. [He laughs at my Timberland boots. “They all wear the same size as me.”. The checks spill onto his carry-on bag, too. Charles Barkley once joked that you buy your shirts from T.J. Maxx, but I guess he was right, no? I know people in LA, New York, everywhere. Let me tell you something else I've heard. But he isn’t exactly dishing out specific tips. Yup. And it’s also seeped into both the NFL and MLB, where more players than ever now dare to push the fashion envelope. You do your own shopping then? I stayed out of trouble. Naw, not when I was young. Yeah, I got a few things from Marshalls. That's when I'm happiest. The sports star understands fashion, too. Westbrook’s penchant for transforming his arena entrance into a high-fashion runway has undoubtedly upped the style game of players across the league. You can probably find some designer for under half a rack. I was born in LA, at Long Beach Memorial, and we moved around inner-city LA. No, wait -- what dance was that? Now, the painted-on Saint Laurent skinny-ass look won’t last much longer. You still wear a wristband with his initials. I liked dressing up for class in the mornings. The eyewear is more prominent with dressier prep looks too, as thicker, square rims, work off the black sheen of a contrast-sleeve, varsity bomber jacket. Westbrook’s been dubbed a style ‘diva’ by his teammates but really he just says it like it is: “Jeremy Lamb, one of our rookies, he used to wear these slip-on, slide-in shoes with nice pants and a shirt, so I told him to switch the shoes to maybe some nice wing-tips,” the star parlayed to ESPN in a recent interview. Eric [Maynor] dared me. What do you bowl? “I think it’s important ... when you get an opportunity to learn something different about somebody. Got my Jordans and lots of dress shoes. The hotel teemed with heavily inebriated 30-somethings who were on hand for a fraternity reunion, so I suggested a table in the corner, well out of sight. Not surprisingly, whether the reaction to his outfits is good, bad or indifferent, it doesn’t change how he feels about his gear. Now you too can hashtag #fashionking. He isn’t shy of leopard print and sugary colours, and is fine with the more demure black-on-black. My childhood, I wouldn't say it was bad. Outside, in the street, Westbrook lifts his streetwear game with a nylon sweatshirt (cut super lean) over jogger pants, reworked with biker knee pads and embossed stripe-age. My mom comes home, yelling at me and all this stuff. I'm ready to play. Growing up, did you know anything about fashion? Accessories: Louis Vuitton leather pouch for travel, Cutler & Gross frames, Alexander McQueen chains. When it comes to formal attire, though, Westbrook doesn’t push the envelope too far. I do a lot of bargain shopping at outlets, too, high end and low end. Yup -- when I got to high school, especially because he lived across the street. Never. The 17-piece collection is very much a reflection of his style. Yup. Off the court, he's chilling in front of the mirror, making sure he got the right lip balm on.". [Laughs.] A Guide to Russell Westbrook’s Styleiv. What was your dress like in high school? If you leave something around my house, I'll tell you to move it back, clean it up, throw it in the trash -- don't matter, just get rid of it. (Typically by the third try.) Active? We shall see. [Laughs.] Said I didn't know the words to the song. ESPN The Magazine takes you behind the scenes on the making of Russell Westbrook's photo shoot in Oklahoma City. When I was a senior, my brother was a freshman, so that was the only time we could do a dance together. Have you ever thought about the correlation between your style as a player and your style off the court? Back to your process: When you're staring at your closet, do you put on your math-geek cap and see it as a problem that has an answer? When it comes to formal attire, though, Westbrook doesn’t push the envelope too far. Cut sharp, the suit requires bi-coloured brogues so the earthy brown single-breast piece walks with a subtle edge. Westbrook's childhood pal and teammate, Khelcey Barrs III, passed away from an enlarged heart when the boys were high school sophomores. Westbrook's lesser-known cuddly side made an appearance the night before this interview at the 2013 Heart Ball, a black-tie gala held to raise awareness for heart disease and related research. He’s designed for Barney’s New York and has a Nike Jordan collection drop due early this July. Love him for his unabashed appreciation for fashion and ‘why not?’ approach to style; changing his look so often, it’s a game in itself just trying to keep up. By … The five-time All-Star passes his time designing clothes, perched on the front row for shows during New York Fashion Week or talking style and tennis with Vogue magazine editor-in-chief Anna Wintour. In formal settings Harden opts for bold colors and/or patterns. I didn't want a girl to mess me up. Any nicknames growing up? And now I want a refund.]. Go Balmain for leather. So, you're among the most viral-worthy NBA players today -- between the whistles, too. All lenseless? I was just having a little fun during the game. What's next? They were all over you for your camo pants. Not that asking guarantees receiving. He’s known to wear Saint Laurent skate sneakers, which is one way Kyrie differentiates his look from many other NBA players’ footwear style.