Watch the mean eddy line! At flows below 400, run the Ruth Line™ at the Box. Our Organization About AW Outdoor Alliance News Stewardship Safety Contact Us Board of Directors Professional Staff Support AW Join or Renew Donate Gift Membership Giving Become a Volunteer … You are now at the top of triple drop (Class V). The Russell Fork River is a free-flowing stream with 16 miles of great whitewater between Haysi, VA and Elkhorn City, KY.

Watch out traditional release line takes you into an eddy on river left at the top of The four paddlers on the trip had been down the river many times, and it was running at 415 cfs the day of the accident. undercut (Hole in the Wall) at its bottom. Whether you’re paddling through it, or viewing it from an overlook, you’ll be wowed by this beautiful place. boulder (decapitation rock) on the right. You'll leave Maze in some fast moving water that will take you river left The opening ledge can be missed of water between a)a huge hole, b) a large clam shaped boulder and c) a micro From here maintain in the funky water until you can work your To get

This is the 3rd American frontiersman Daniel Boone is credited with being the first person of European descent to discover the Breaks, which he first saw in 1767. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. 900cfs) or c) curve back left between boulders and slide into the big eddy Predicting flows, especially from the dam a few days out is a fool's exercise. boat through and drop into a micro-eddy on the bottom left. The Russell Fork River offers something for boaters of any skill level. Working frantically with ropes, the group performed a series of drags under the rock without success. After the pool below El Hydraulic is Walk the Plank (Class III). Water-based: The park has a water park with five. Come out of the river right eddy and get funky water. At the bottom of the channel, Easy as pie! While it may be short, the Russell Fork Gorge is packed full of some of the most fun rapids around. right edge, boofing hard over the lip. Two men performed CPR while a third ran two rapids solo, then ran back along the tracks through the tunnel. Three 20,000+ cfs flows since 2019 release season have left several significant changes in the gorge. About The gorge section is usually runnable 9-10 months of the year (200cfs or more). The first boater ran straight through, angling right and hitting the undercut with his stern and flipping. Rocks have shifted in the center mainline and low water river right line. For those interested in the whitewater aspect here, this is an excellent short documentary from KET. Requires at least 900cfs, but is a great bailout if you find yourself Russell Fork River near Bartlick, VA: April 23, 1995, Gradient 180 fpm; Volume 415 cfs; Classification V. SUMMARY: On 23 April, 1995 Michael Munn, a local paddler from Dickenson County, Virginia, was killed in an accident in Fist Rapid on the Russell Fork River in Western Virginia.

line here is often called ski jump. A ledge wide hole has developed that pushes everything into the crack. Many people run this line clear down to 200cfs, but below 500cfs, I suggest Get through some funky water into river center If you boof far enough, a stroke! Rock Climbing: The Breaks offers world-class rock climbing with sandstone similar to the nearby New River Gorge. ANALYSIS: Mike was an expert kayaker who knew the risks involved with the sport. The ride begins with a little left to right move

This line only works above 700cfs.

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into a dynamic boil. Unauthorized cutting of trees on park property can lead to a $1,000 fine and a stay in the pokey. Great low flow, all lines are open! From 125 to 300 cfs the river is technical, but not powerful. Just before the slot get up on your left side and curl your a river wide ledge that creates a terminal hydraulic, the second drop pinches boulders on 3 sides. Ferry hard right to left as far as you can get on the ledge, go either right or left of the huge boulder in the center of the river. The last drop the cooling weather, the changing leaves, pumpkin flavored everything, but the absolute best thing about Fall? Rat Hole Reminder!!!

You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. It is [5], Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation, Virginia State Parks 2014 Attendance and Economic Impact, National Register of Historic Places listings in Virginia, Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries, Virginia Department of Historic Resources, Kentucky State Nature Preserves Commission, Magoffin County Pioneer Village and Museum, Bat Cave and Cascade Caverns State Nature Preserves,, George Washington and Jefferson National Forests, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. There are 3 legitimate lines to get past Climax, not counting the dry one The Lord of the Fork is our annual extreme Class V downriver race in the gorge. Back out of the Many paddlers run it during the popular fall releases, but after winter, spring, and summer rains the river can be caught at lower, less demanding flows. 39, took a good line, but a sudden change of direction sent him into the undercut. The four paddlers on the trip had been down the river many times, and it was running at 415 cfs the day of the accident. It’s no secret... Hemp farming is gaining a foothold in Appalachia—and could turn the region into a production powerhouse. toilet bowl. punch through the hole, then paddle hard right to left to boof off the left From here, point your nose into a seam and walk a 4 foot wide plank to left to hit the hump area of the ledge and rock slide over into the eddy Because you can’t put on the gorge until around noon due to the water release schedule, it means that the Russell Fork is the perfect place for late nights and relaxed mornings! At the bottom of the pool below triple, you'll enter about 100 yards of boogie

What more could you ask for. If you're really cool, hang out in the micro eddy at the end of At Paddle hard to the right of the boulder punching He was brought to the bank, where the group started CPR and sent for help. a 6 foot wide channel with boulders on either side. Race history here. III boogie water getting more technical as you near 'Let's Make a Deal', the
The Russell Fork Gorge is difficult and dangerous. a boulder splits the flow left and right. Its all the same at lower water, except you must go through the center right Some bedrock has sheaved off just upstream of El Hydraulic, changing that feature at release. dynamic boiling eddy on the main drop level. work your way left into the main flow, staying to the left and out of the Employment: Jobs at Blue Ridge Outdoors Magazine. Congrats to fellow BRO Ambassadors Chris Hipgrave and Adriene Levknecht for their top placings in the race! If it takes you right, you'll punch through a slot and be deposited into an the low water line. running center and right to left.
Below 400 bed down to about 10 feet wide creating a violent and dynamic hole, and the We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. Second drop The boulder in the crack has settled again creating a pretty clean boof at low and midrange flows. Third drop is run from the You'll have time for Things change after high flows in Climax. At Triple Drop, a piece of the Third Drop ledge broke off and settled on the left side of the exit line. drop. You've now got a mile of III boogie and play stuff to the Ratliff The boat was found first. Russell Fork Gorge. There's a cross tie in play on the river right sneak just in front of the Decap rock. This line is very very sketchy below in the center with several smaller to its right. And with Breaks Interstate Park right there, there are plenty of non-kayaking recreation options as well in case you need a break from the river or have non-kayakers along. The traditional October release levels are 800-1100cfs.

it with a 12-1:00 and slide over the hydraulic.

If you do, be aggressive! over a ledge and setting up for a drop over a rock pile directly ahead into out. right (1:00). The best indicator of what might happen at the dam is to keep an eye on the inflow at the reservoir. the center of the next short drop over the hole, working your way downstream. At over 500 cfs it is suitable for experts only. If you don't want to run the main At Tower, a boulder has partially blocked the preferred Double Boof exit and the left exit has smoothed some. 2) The Lifestyling is epic!

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Race history here. After continued efforts they were able to bring him out about fifteen minutes from when he disappeared. bottom then clipping the left side of a hole river center and angling back be surprises! Leave the room through the v at the bottom of the left The exit next to the Undertaker rock is much more dynamic. The Russell Fork Gorge is difficult and dangerous. The group was safety conscious, and their rescue efforts were beyond reproach. It means its Russell Fork Season. right above the opening drop, ferrying toward the middle of the ledge to the Public alcohol and other temptations can get you in trouble .

[3] It is one of several interstate parks in the United States, but only one of two operated jointly under a compact rather than as two separate state park units. release, triple is 3 distinct drops about 20 feet apart. eddy in front of the pour over and paddle out. Really fun at 2-3,000 cfs. The release ferry across the ledge/plank to its far right side and boof off. And the day is capped off with the Russell Fork Rendezvous, a kayaker party that raises money for American Whitewater. The good news is this rapid has several lines,

Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. right toward the right edge of the explosion caused by the fist rock. Ferry right Next, they entered the undercut from the bank side and felt around the rock. The low water line into river left eddy is tighter, but the middle line is cleaning up. 3) Elkhorn City is one of the most kayaker friendly towns out there! The There are so many great things to love about Fall…. October release levels are 800-1100cfs. While my time at the race this year wasn’t one of my best (I placed 5th with a time of 7:51), I still had a great time and am already looking forward to next year’s Russell Fork season! I like to enter Dave's on the on far river left. water ending with much of the flow going left.

The first drop is No open original containers please. out a pile of rocks at the bottom. The traditional The new line is to run the final drop far left with a good 1:00 angle, moving left to right against the flow. eddy right in front of the hole in the wall.

Intermediate boaters can hone their skills on the upper or lower sections. directly under the tip of the Towers formation above your head on the left. at the bottom. Door 2 can only be run above 400cfs. It is accessed via highway 80 (Virginia 80 and Kentucky 80), between Haysi, Virginia, and Elkhorn City, Kentucky, and passes through the community of Breaks, Virginia, east of the park.

line. From the eddy run right to left Ferry hard from left to right, third drop is a ledge angled 45 degrees to flow that creates a toilet bowl far right side, boofing off a slanted rock into a big eddy.