He's had longer-term parts more recently on the likes of The Killing, Falling Skies, Graceland, and he's currently one of the main characters on CBS' Ransom. Privacy Policy | Alex Borstein's face will always be associated with the comedy show, MADtv, where she was a long-time member and writer, but her voice is much more familiar to most. She took over as the head of the Rangers' new hangout, the Surf Spot. At least, he was ready to be the first Red Ranger, but the show never got picked up. Like Max in Saved by the Bell, Adelle is more or less just there to provide a place for the kids to unwind when no schemes are happening. He's expected to return to the Marvel world in The Defenders, though he'll almost certainly be back for season 2 of Jessica Jones. Instead of following the ongoing adventures of the recruits of Zordon, this series was set in an alternate reality, where a sentient computer virus named Venjix had taken over the Earth, enslaving most of mankind and driving the few free survivors to a domed city called Corinth. This works because villains on Power Rangers all possess roughly equal intelligence. Kataoka returns later in Lightspeed Rescue as Mr. Tamashiro, the karate master who trained Chad, the Blue Ranger before he went off to drive a huge tanker truck that transforms into a huge robot's groin.

You may not recognize her name, but you've definitely encountered her work. Tobeck took an eight-year break from battling Rangers after that before he returned as Duplicator in Super Samurai. And they do it so hard that Ivan flies right into the path of a passing comet which hits him; he immediately explodes and dies without the aid of lasers. Hard to say.

Neither of those beasts lasted more than one episode (other than later appearances in dimensional prisons), but the following year, Tobeck picked up some more work in the DinoThunder series, playing Jupitor. Years later, Vincent would get onto Two and Half Men, Bones, Mike and Molly and Californication too, but her biggest work, her most recognizable work, has come in film. But before he flies into the air and explodes, Scaraba inflicts some damage with his abilities to fling energy orbs and create flingable boulders from debris that he grinds up in his stomach and then expels. However, only Black GG Marmont is able to control the weapon's Bazooka Mode.

Apparently, and perhaps amazingly, the Blue Ranger, Billy Cranston, is said to be named after him. That monster is part of a plan to blow up his almost-but-not-quite-namesake planet, which would apparently mess Earth up so much that main villain Mesogog can move forward with his plan to turn humanity into dinosaurs and send the world back to prehistoric times.

A Seth McFarlane mainstay, she's lent her voice to American Dad, and appeared several times on The Cleveland Show as kindergarten teacher Mrs. Lowenstein. There have been somewhere in the neighborhood of 100 Rangers over the years, not counting those in the 2017 big screen reboot, making for a huge roster of teenagers with attitude (along with a few heroes that a bit older). Her first breakthrough as a voice actor came on Power Rangers: Zeo, where she was the voice of Queen Machina. And some of what we're discovering has us a little surprised. It must be a pain for celebrities to mix in with lowly civilians, which is why they fly in private jets and rent out restaurants. We can help go here. Parents and their kids will be interested to hear that Horvitz is the voice of main villain Kaos, from the Skylanders games. While she was with Tommy for a long time, she eventually left him in favor of an off-camera interest. The ending not only kills off Zordon, but either destroys or "purifies" every villain that has ever appeared on the show. So no sharkcycle for you, Cyborg Girl. She hailed from Africa, where she was found during a time travel adventure by another Yellow Ranger, Aisha Campbell. One of the villain's minions, Tenaya, also has a familiar face. So if anyone out there is an aspiring supervillain whose abilities depend on an easily crushed rock, maybe glue it down or put a cage over it or something. Reprints & permissions | When another Ranger was given a medal by Mason, Scott left on his own, determined to find a battle that would finally earn him his father's approval. So I really hope you enjoy Part 9. The Turtles manage to break from their conditioning thanks to a random electrical storm in space, because those happen all the time. She's remembered best for her time as Nurse Roberts on Scrubs and Nurse Maxine on Days of Our Lives. Many would know Núñez Jr. best from his roles in Juwanna Man, The Adventures of Pluto Nash and Black Dynamite. Scott was never able to live up to his dad's lofty expectations, forever being overlooked in favor of his older brother Marcus. She was a child at the time, but thanks to some time travel magic, she later leapt forward in time, becoming a teenager — but in appearance only. You might be using private browsing or have notifications blocked. She acclimated fast, though, learning martial arts and attending high school with her fellow Rangers. Below is the inventory, which also reflects on the Madame X page as well as the team page of the Madame X Rangers. The club has a global fan-base, with a worldwide spread of over 600 supporters clubs ranging from North America, Australasia and the Middle East to those closer to home in the United Kingdom. He succeeds easily. Colin Stephenson covers the Rangers for Newsday. (Above is an image of her character in the film.) Unfortunately for her, all Hargitay's scenes were cut and reshot when Fitzpatrick came back healthy and ready to reclaim the part. But you're forgiven for not knowing that little factoid, because he was uncredited for both.