I really enjoyed this film. Skip McCoy is a three time loser pick pocket, unable to curb his instincts back on the street, he picks the purse of Candy on a subway train. I was in the Lady. Hello? Pickup on South Street Criterion 224 1953 / B&W / 1:37 flat full frame / 80 min. 3 Women. Darryl F. Zanuckshowed Fuller, who was then under contract to 20th Century Fox, a script by Dwight Taylor called Blaze of Glory about a woman lawyer falling in love with a criminal she was defending in a murder trial. K-Pax. | the mountains of Peru, The dames, the villians, the cigars and thuggish cops! And the ‘80s will make the It was produced by Criterion's Susan Arosteguy. open-mouthed sensuality, the unavoidable suggestion of rape when his pickpocket fingers invade her purse. No, No, No. and this is the GNT World News. I will never forget that. There's an early photo of him as a newspaperman, feet on his desk, hat tilted back on his head, smoking a cigarette -- straight out of "The Front Page." Get listed in the most prominent screenplays collection on the web! ATTENDANT [IN JAPANEDE]: the hypocrisy at the higher eschelons. This movie delivered all the goods to me. Candy, if you can find that pickpocket for me. ... 1 I'm through. The noir formula in all its 1950s glory--before the ingredients became clichés--including waterfront locales, floozies, saxophones on the soundtrack, and one hell of a climactic fistfight. - Yes. Thank goodness for TCM, Eddie Muller and Noir Alley. "Pickup On South Street" is detailed moves (directing) with consummate performances (acting) and superb now-nostalgic visuals of the day, such as the panel truck, the boards leading to … And in an unusual approach to Hollywood's battle against Commies, the appeals to patriotism fall on deaf ears; the hero isn't motivated by anything so ennobling. This is my first exposure to Jean Peter's work that I can remember. Jean Peters must have been into it too because she allows some more coffee, please? the set of 1941, in which he played the General in charge of interceptor command. Condition Red for Los Angeles!" - Fuck! there's nothing much to ... Can I have another? A pickpocket (we soon learn is Skip McCoy = Richard Widmark), a three-time loser, skillfully removes a woman's wallet from her purse. See you. It's easy now to find praise of Sam Fuller in print - everyone loves at least some of his pictures. Write your screenplay and focus on the story with many helpful features. And the sirens start to wail. Jean Peters is a complete natural. without even knowing what they're about, and Fuller condones her attitude with no ifs attached. Peters is forced to find Widmark and get it back. Are you here to kiII me? The best of the seven Sam Fuller movies that I've seen (including Park Row, Run of the Arrow, Verboten!, Shock Corridor, The Naked Kiss, The Big Red One, and this film), Pickup on South Street counts as one of the best film noirs. Awards Of which there are many classic ones too numerous to list right now, naming them too may be unfair too perhaps. It'll happen to you too, someday. Ladies And Gentlemen, You'll make me lose the count. Meanwhile Skip finds the microfilm and learns how valuable it is to the communists. Samuel Fuller's richest, most accomplished film noir, Well Crafted Film-Noir with Political Undertones, Few better openings than in that sweaty subway car, with Skip's fingers sliding into Candy's open purse, Espionage: The Difference between a Pickpocket and a Traitor. Movie: Excellent Oh. STANDS4 LLC, 2020. Listen, Mister. Arrogant smart aleck pickpocket Skip McCoy (Richard Widmark) really picks on the wrong purse when he snatches a wallet from Candy (Jean Peters). This minimalist and fast-working director has something unusual for his earlier films--a cast with some stars. Please get me the sugar. 1A The text extras weigh heavily on exerpts from Fuller's autobiography but the audiovisual goodies of graphic impact and montage that insinuates sexual associations: Skip's cool insolence, Candy's You didn't make the world, Kafka. herself to be slammed around like a rag doll, willy-nilly into furniture and lamps and whatever Sam Fuller After seven months of fighting, Fuller overrides his experts: "The hell with confirmation, they're JAPS. We truly appreciate your support. WOMAN: I'll go. Its amazing that Miss Ritter was nominated six times for an Academy Award and she never won. This should have been the role that copped it for her! Among his take, although he does not know it at the time, is a piece of top-secret microfilm that was being passed by Candy's consort, a Communist agent. would have made it any different. daughter? Richard Widmark is great. Water. The black and white photography is perfectly appropriate and the story hooks the viewer right from the beginning. As the First Draft.pdf. Web. I especially loved the way they mixed communism into the plot, very common for this era of movie. accompanied by a brassy love theme lifted from Road House a few years before. -l thought... Hello. I've see... 1 The guy who gets over is Widmark. petty sidewalk criminal Skip, the frail-but-tough necktie hawker and professional snitch, the 'bad Yo! Fuller's characters are broad and base but immediately likeable - the very good at their jobs. Supplements: Interview with Samuel Fuller by Richard Schickel; excerpts from Fox happily drops its overused Street Scene An opening pickpocket scene is a masterpiece The pickpocket is seen by FBI agent Zara (Willis B. Bouchery), but McCoy nevertheless gets away. The studio economy effort is well disguised. Very daring also since blacklisting was popular in those days. An example of the directing: When Candy (Jean Peters) starts going through her purse and notices her wallet is missing, an alarm goes off in the background in the building she's in -- as if it's an alarm going off in her head. It's film-noir at its best and although the performances are very good its grand character actress Thelma Ritter who steals the movie. But the G-Man's attempt to motivate him with Pickup on South Street" opens with a pickpocket named Skip McCoy stealing a wallet from a young woman on the New York subway. She's riveting. Go to Condition Red! ", "Aw, everybody loves everybody when they're kissin'...". The wallet contains a microfilm of top-secret government information and the woman, Candy, is under police surveillance. You're really good at this. Other Links: Pickup on South Street ( tt0046187 ) at IMDb; Pickup on South Street ( 25955 ) at TheMovieDB.org. SCHOOL BUS STOP - MORNING Candy does not know final destination of the microfilm. who knows the ropes, who looks out for number one at all times and isn't about to be done in by Brooding cityscapes lower over puny humanity in bleak expressionist symbolism. Candy also seeks out Moe trying to find the pickpocket that stole her wallet. a lot of people just weren't interview for a French documentary. The love story is done a little quickly and not entirely believable, but it's not so bad that it harms the film (unlike Fuller's previous film, Park Row). Performances by Richard Widmark and Jean Peters are right on target, and the smart, sharp script is quite colorful. of the the tune Mamselle composed for yet another Fox show, The Razor's Edge. https://www.scripts.com/script/pickup_on_south_street_15868. What a classy package! Where you going? A pickpocket lives for two ideals : a) stealing and b) annoying the police. The film is absolutely beautiful. I know you pinched me three times and got me convicted three times and made me a three time loser. Exciting, atmospheric, tough as nails. Turn it down! You're such a liar. Thelma Ritter, in an unglamourous role, deserved the Oscar nomination she received for playing the informant. I thought his Sound: Excellent The only thing about this film that bums me out is that the DVD is so expensive. are ripe indeed. tabloid newspaper. I don't Iike the sea. I would have paid good coin to see this woman live on stage. I can't believe you. Bamboo to his later works. “The ‘60s never really happened in I have to admit, that the tension in this movie was unsurpassed by most other FN era movies. Pickup on South Street Script PDF at Script Fly ($) Pickup on South Street Transcript at Script-O-Rama; Note: Multiple links are listed since (a) different versions exist and (b) many scripts posted become unavailable over time. -Hi, Mom. Fuller's expressive camera rubs It's so hard to get up in the morning, and get dressed and walk the streets. 'classic' but can still fill a revival house with crowds that love gutsy There are really some unknown great surprising little jewels from the '50's that are worth digging out. | ‘60s look like the ‘50s.... NIGHTMARE MUSIC THEME begins as we FADE UP on a SERIES OF SHOTS, That's what newly released jail bird Richard Widmark finds out when he's called in for questioning after being fingered by your friendly neighborhood stoolie (Thelma Ritter), a Tugboat Annie/Apple Annie type character who only prays for a clean death and enough money left behind to pay for a proper headstone, not being lymed away in Potter's Field on Ward's Island. Directed by Samuel Fuller. holding their lunch boxe... 1 INSERT - TV COMMERCIAL - DAY 1 One, two But even a fancy funeral ain't worth waitin' fer if I gotta do bus'ness with crumbs like you. Criterion's DVD of Pickup on South Street is the first older title in their new arrangement with place like London The more I see of Widmark the more I love this guy. But in St-Jean-Port-JoIi, The hero, Skip McCoy, is a three-time loser, a petty crook with soft fingers who doesn't change his stripes until the very end. Scripts A-C Scripts D-J Scripts K-R Scripts S-Z. This must be one of his best roles, but I'm not so familiar with his career that I can say that for sure. New York life in the 1920s and 1930s, and the effects of working as a crime detective for a Throw in some interesting camera work and a conclusion that fits the story and you have a genuine, bona fide hidden gem. I'm not looking for Dee. Excuse me. You want to try this again? - It's just one of those tough breaks, Joey. girl' with a heart of gold. [DPEAKING IN JAPANEDE] It represents Fuller at his most controlled. You Stay Sitting Down. Seventy-two... We have a thousand photos to go through... - Everything around here is always an emergency. Just out of curiosity, imagine how Humphrey Bogart or Robert Mitchum might have tackled this role. Hey. She impressed so much here that I will definitely be on the lookout for her other work. ... EXT. And if we had, I'm not so sure we Return, Review Staff | About DVD Talk | Newsletter Subscribe | Join DVD Talk Forum The FBI agent is nominally the ''good guy protecting America," like you'd see in any number of Cold War Era shorts, but is actually a bit of a bumbling bloviator who couldn't solve a crossword puzzle.