It also offers access to the scary darknet, a sort of alternate internet that's devoid of government or corporate oversight. .toc-img img {width:83px; height:47px;} Visit our corporate site. You can crop, make adjustments, and edit curves, all with a few swipes and taps. How to Free Up Space on Your iPhone or iPad, How to Save Money on Your Cell Phone Bill, How to Find Free Tools to Optimize Your Small Business, How to Get Started With Project Management, ($3.71 Per Month for 2 Year Plan (68% Off!)
Now, when you’re shooting yet another clip of your cat being mildly amusing, Moodelizer can add much-needed excitement by way of rousing club music or head-banging guitar riffs. If you click an affiliate link and buy a product or service, we may be paid a fee by that merchant. } It maps and records your bicycle rides, then compiles all your data into excellent graphs. While Evernote has been a leader in the note-taking and syncing space, current plans limit the very best of the service to the highest paying members only. pointer-events: none; As with other versions of Skype, you can call or chat with other Skype users at no charge, or buy credit to call any other phone number, landline, or mobile. Obscura 2 is the best manual camera app for iPhone. Once your miniature masterpiece is done, it’s possible to add filters and stickers, overlay subtitles, and mess around with zooming and adjustment sliders. .rating2 {background-image: url(''); background-repeat: no-repeat; width:80px; height:16px; float:left; margin: 3px 0 0px 0;} A good selection of bots gets you info you can use as well as entertainment. It also lets you save up to 30 text snippets in its clipboard for later use, search for GIFs and Emoji, and add photos to the document you're typing in from your phone's camera. It's a win-win proposition. #backtotop{

} Oh, and all of that's free. Prisma, which takes prosaic smartphone photos and uses AI to produce truly artistic results, understandably made a big splash on the Internet this year. But more important than posting is reposting, which fosters a lot of user interaction. Really! It's a wonderful tool for getting relevant information about people in your network, and its Web app has even more features and insights to love.

These are our favorite free iPhone apps for quickly editing videos, GIFs and Live Photos, and for creating stop-motion animation. You select a genre, and ‘rehearse’ playback by dragging your finger around the square viewfinder. It also lets you know how long the nearest Uber car will take to get to you, and its map shows you the location of nearby Car2Go cars. Please refresh the page and try again. margin-top:-108px!important; Microsoft Outlook's light and flexible mobile email app supports nearly every email account you might have, includes an integrated calendar, and provides a Focused inbox that shows you only important messages. There was a problem. Elevate offers training in writing, listening, speaking, reading, and math. background: -moz-linear-gradient(top, #c6cac9 0%, #d9ddde 64%); /* FF3.6-15 */ The Pear Personal Coach app talks you through runs, at-home workouts, yoga routines, and even training programs for running races. By default, the app uses a picture-in-picture set-up called Discreet. Travelers can book their stay, chat directly with the host, get exact directions, and explore fantasy accommodations like furnished tree houses. margin: 20px 0 26px 0; Apollo enables you to apply new light sources to Portrait Mode photos. .small-20 { Sure, your iPhone comes with Siri, a perfectly capable voice-controllable digital assistant, but if you want reminders and preferences synced with a Windows 10 PC, Cortana on the iPhone is a great option. The paid version adds task labels and reminders, location-based reminders, the ability to add notes and upload files, and a unique productivity chart.

The app provides a gorgeous and clear interface to the tunes. Its tab layout is much clearer than Safari's, and it lets you sync your favorites and more with desktop Firefox, the PCMag Editors' Choice browser. .small-20 { Free, with premium subscriptions starting at $34.99 per year($12.00 at Software Advice).

} Transit has become the go-to-app for city dwellers and travelers to cities who want to get around like natives. The free version covers the basics, and in-app purchases add advanced material in 99-cent packs. Just bear in mind that all digital media is reproducible. There are limitations, most notably the app outputting to 1080p, presumably because two 4K streams at once would melt your iPhone. .backtotop a { Moodelizer is a one-trick pony – but it’s quite a trick. But for fun and serious work alike, DoubleTake is well worth a download. Could your learning a new language somehow add value to other people all over the world? Dubsmash lets you create and share short videos of you lip syncing to an audio clip. .rating0 {background-image: url(''); background-repeat: no-repeat; width:80px; height:16px; float:left; margin: 3px 0 0px 0;} You can even play games through it with your contacts. As with any password manager, all you have to remember is one strong password to unlock your Dashlane account, and all your other passwords will be accessible to you to unlock all your online accounts.

Messages sent through Snapchat disappear from the receiver's phone after a short time.

height:60px; Click through to the following pages for each category, but first check out our free iPhone app of the last month below, and make sure you give this page a cheeky bookmark so you can keep up with our latest free iPhone app pick every fourteen days.

This alone makes Motion Stills worth a download, not least because the app applies stabilization technology to your Live Photos, eradicating wobble. } .rating3 {background-image: url(''); background-repeat: no-repeat; width:80px; height:16px; float:left; margin: 3px 0 0px 0;}

} margin-top: -108px!important; And if you’re wedded to Apple’s camera, Hipstamatic’s still worth a download, given that you can load a photo, slather it in filters, add loads of effects and bask in your creative genius. Just be ready to open a new savings account that entails a low monthly fee. font-size: 23px; Downcast is suited for people who want a lot of control over their podcast listening experience, and it's that fine level of control that makes it our Editors' Choice. Michael cowrote one of the first overviews of web services for a general audience. filter: progid:DXImageTransform.Microsoft.gradient( startColorstr='#b5b9b8', endColorstr='#c8cbcc',GradientType=0 ); /* IE6-9 */

margin: -25px 0 0 0; TechRadar is part of Future plc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. Todoist lets you geek out on organizing tasks and offers support for a wealth of platforms and integrations. You can add comments, files, and images from your iPhone, and you can do all of this offline for syncing when you're reconnected. NordVPN is our favorite, and its iOS app sports one of the sleekest interfaces of the lot. }

There’s no mucking around. You can mark up your scanned image and then save it in PDF, photo, Word, OneNote, or PowerPoint format. } Leave a comment and we might add your suggestion during our next update. Neatly, this timeline can be shared as an image. Mextures is a decidedly extreme example, providing a theoretically unlimited number of layers to play with, each of which can have some kind of effect applied. If you haven't been scrupulous about staying in shape using any of the apps above, had some accident or illness, or just contemplating a butt-lift, ZocDoc can hook you up with the right physician. Want more choice? A native New Yorker, he has at various times headed up PC Magazine's coverage of Web development, enterprise software, and display technologies.

background: linear-gradient(to bottom, #b5b9b8 0%,#c8cbcc 64%); /* W3C, IE10+, FF16+, Chrome26+, Opera12+, Safari7+ */ The app is very configurable, with customizable swipe actions It also lets you pin improtant stuff and snooze emails to deal with later.

Darkroom is yet another photo editor for iPhone, but just a few minutes in, you’ll likely decide it should be forever welded to your home screen. Snap a picture, draw or write on top of it if you like, choose the amount of time the recipient can see it, and send away.
Firefox, the open-source browser, has come to iPhone, and it's a very worthy download indeed. Live streaming is the hot new way to constantly document your life and share it with the world. You can remove the small, unobtrusive ads that support the project for just $3.49 per year. It does its magic on its servers rather than locally, though, so you may have to wait. Browse by author or genre or just search for what you want to hear. Motion Stills aims to help you do more with the Live Photos you shoot on your iPhone. .article-section .post-body .article-body ul, .review-body ul { Free with $29-per-year premium subscription.

Adobe is known for creating the highest-quality imaging software around, and Photoshop Express follows in this pedigree. LevelUp can save you a few dollars the very first time you use it. Snapchat should not be used as a private and secure messaging app. It's like a search engine for algebra, physics, engineering, and so much more—even nutritional information.

@media (max-width: 640px) { The iPhone app gives you deep insight into how you're spending your money and whether you're sticking to the budget you've created. These are our favorite iPhone apps for editing snaps, capturing photos and video and applying the filters that actually make things look good. But if what if you just want to pay back a friend for a fun night on the town? The ZRTP protocol it uses for calling is thoroughly tested as is the open source Signal protocol for sending text. } If you need someone to kick your butt into shape, MMA World Champion Georges St-Pierre may be the one to do it. Spotify offers a massive catalog of every conceivable genre, and even creates playlists based on your listening history.

Thank you for signing up to TechRadar. width: 100%; TechRadar is part of Future US Inc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. Not much good at all. Future Publishing Limited Quay House, The Ambury, Neatly, although there is a subscription charge, you can alternatively opt to buy one-off looks at a couple of bucks a pop. event.preventDefault(); Select some videos or stills from your iPhone, drag to arrange the thumbnails, select an aspect ratio, and you essentially have an edit. If this, then that—shorten that little tag line to IFTTT, and you've got one of the best apps on the market. And the app offers unusually flexible control of device usage time, along with geofencing and an alert system. It's now possible to throw off the yoke of privacy-compromising trackers, pop-over ads, and the like with iPhone ad blockers. .editorschoice{float:none!important;display:inline-block} } }