I thought it was actually really realistic and could've happened with the correct setting. Probably the first movie about racism that doesn't just spout tired clichés.

They want what's in the safe: cash and diamonds. At the time, my best friend, who was born and raised in Africa then moved to the US, said the same thing: why can't movies just stop beating a pointless, dead, blood horse?
Very well done movie! It's a special one. After 25 years of a good marriage, what will Darcy do once she discovers her husband's sinister secret? Neil LaBute has built his portfolio breathing life into movies and stage plays about dysfunctional individuals (usually men) who have difficulty fitting into relationships and societal norms. The good out-weighs the bad and its really a lot of fun. It veers so far from the "racism is evil!" But the motive for his actions isn't mentioned. Lakeview Terrace & The Club at Spring Lake has rental units ranging from 465-1041 sq …

But Abel's world turns upside down, when an interracial couple (Patrick Wilson and Kerry Washington) moved next door to him. He nailed the part so well that the movie could have been good just from his performance. Spoilers. Kyle (Nicolas Cage) and Sarah Miller (Nicole Kidman) have it all: a huge gated house on the water, fancy cars, and the potential for romance in their relationship. He's just back from a business trip (he brokers diamonds) and their teen daughter Avery (Liana Liberato) is sneaking out to a party, when four thugs in security uniforms and ski masks stage a home invasion. To enable Verizon Media and our partners to process your personal data select 'I agree', or select 'Manage settings' for more information and to manage your choices. A surprisingly good film! "Lakeview Terrace" is the name of the area where Rodney King was beaten by Los Angeles police officers in 1991. Just not a work of art.. As Kyle stalls them, trying to negotiate for Sarah's freedom, the fault lines in Kyle and Sarah's marriage and the pasts of the four robbers come into play. Title: Lakeview Terrace (2008) 6.1 /10. A young couple (Patrick Wilson and Kerry Washington) has just moved into their California dream home when they become the target of their next-door neighbor, who disapproves of their relationship. Suddenly, they both were looking at the couple making out in the swimming pool and once Jackson's character sees that, he starts to get crazy and wild!! Reviewed in the United Kingdom on February 28, 2013. Why was it so hard to mention that? Summary: In Lakeview Terrace, a young couple has just moved into their California dream home when they become the target of their next-door neighbor, who disapproves of their interracial relationship. Lakeview Terrace 2008 16+ 1h 50m Psychological Thrillers This taut thriller follows the Mattsons as they settle into their Los Angeles dream house, only to be hassled by their off-kilter neighbor. I think this movie should be a fan favorite mostly for young adults and older adults. Entertaining and a very exhilarating ride. Samuel L Jackson is great as an on the edge cop and father who exhibits a very backwards mindset toward a mixed race couple. Maybe the studio thought too many people would be turned away by a movie about race, which makes me wonder why they made the movie in the first place. Patrick Wilson is a good anti-hero as well. Just ended without saying "Now the moral of the story is..." So overall I'd recommend this movie to you. It topped the box-office when it was released all thanks to Samuel J's star power and here's hoping more people will see this movie. No pretensions, no melodramatic mumbo jumbo that has often plagued films that takes on such delicate topics on screen. Reviewed in the United States on March 25, 2009. Very good movie. This is a parent of morals and intelligence, telling his son to remove a Kobe Bryant jersey because of what the man stands for and constantly correcting his daughter's English so as not to have her sound like an ignorant girl from the streets. After watching the trailer for "Lakeview Terrace" I had no idea the film was about racism. Lakeview Terrace is not a movie that needs to be seen on blu-ray. A stern, single father, this tightly wound LAPD officer has appointed himself the watchdog of the neighborhood. When a new couple moves in next door made up of Chris (Patrick Wilson) and Lisa Turner (Kerry Washington) it disturbs him so much he decides to drive them out. STAR RATING: ***** Saturday Night **** Friday Night *** Friday Morning ** Sunday Night * Monday Morning.