The movie started. The first 2 hours is only for lovers of everything late 60s retro,great cinematography and outstanding acting.The last 45 minutes fasten your seatbelts because classic Tarantino kicks in. Gagarine, The Nest, Falling, Contact | QT you gave us nothing to talk about. Il explique : "La première étincelle est née quelque part pendant le tournage de Death Proof. Jeux concours | Ex. With Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt, Margot Robbie, Emile Hirsch. It's not even mildly entertaining like his more recent films have been. The storyline sadly fell short, way short. And then it came and went within the last 15 minutes of the film. No plot. I wanted to LOVE this movie, but I haven't been this bored in a long long time. This movie has a really awesome third act that I wouldn't dream of spoiling. Un tantinet long pour en arriver a la fameuse conclusion. Calvin Candie, l'ignoble propriétaire interprété par DiCaprio dans "Django Unchained", est-il en réalité un autre rôle de... Chaque jour, retrouvez le programme des films et séries à voir à la télé. Once Upon a Time... in Hollywood soundtrack from 2019, composed by Various Artists. Politique de cookies | This in not about double standards, but about Hollywood having no standards at all. Quelques impressions, 24 heures après l'avoir vu et y avoir réfléchi. People driving in cars. Le Crime de l'Orient Express sur France 2 : moustache, accent, costume... la transformation de Kenneth Branagh en Hercule Poirot, Bande-annonce Freaky, la nouvelle comédie horrifique Blumhouse avec Vince Vaughn dans le corps d'une adolescente, Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood Bande-annonce VF, Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood Bande-annonce (2) VO, Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood Bande-annonce (2) VF, Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood Bande-annonce (3) VO, Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood Bande-annonce (3) VF. Si vous ne saisissez pas les références, vous passerez à ... « Once Upon a Time... in Hollywood » est un peu comme le Canada Dry, il a le goût d’un Tarantino, la couleur d’un Tarantino, mais ce n’est pas vraiment un Tarantino tel qu’on l’espérait ! She truly embodies Sharon Tate and glows on screen. And then it went. After sitting there for almost 3 hours. Un final grand guignolesque jubilatoire sans ... Once upon a time in Hollywood est un film assez fabuleux parce qu'il se permet de faire une chose que seul un auteur comme Tarantino peut se permettre de faire, à savoir réunir plein de stars, pour faire un film long, dans lequel il n'y a pas d'intrigue et dans lequel il se passe à fois tout et rien du tout, voire surtout rien du tout (tout en passant du coq à l'âne). Then I left confused and a little disappointed. I was swept away with the look, music, and story. Recrutement | Données Personnelles | Chaque magazine ou journal ayant son propre système de notation, toutes les notes attribuées sont remises au barême de AlloCiné, de 1 à 5 étoiles. Here's why not everyone will like this movie: it's not like all of Tarantino's other movies, and it's not like any modern movies either. Pareil, je comprend pas la hype autour de cette actrice. The era was captured really well however I sat through the first hour thinking it was painting the scene and that the real action would start. Inception, Harry Potter... Quelles sont les BO les plus écoutées sur Spotify ? ©AlloCiné, Retrouvez tous les horaires et infos de votre cinéma sur le numéro AlloCiné : 0 892 892 892 (0,34€/minute). un peux long aux débuts mais vraiment très bon film 3.5/5. It's a slow, turgid, self congratulatory affair with drawn out scenes and tons of tips of the cap to the 'era' - through the soundtrack and product placement of 1960s packaging, or 'real life' characters like Sam Wannamaker's appearance - that just aren't needed. Leonardo Dicaprio c'st encore surpasser je trouve après sa très bonne performance dans Le Loup de Wall Street (pas vue The revenant ). Artist. Pareil je ne comprend pas la hype autour de cette actrice. I have seen this film twice in the last two days, I probably will see it many more times.Tarantino has shocked and surprised me before, but this was the biggest shock of all. If this script (if it could be said to be a script) had not been from Tarantino, it would have never reached theaters (and perhaps not even on cable television movies). Hollywood [DVD] (DVD), Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood Bande-annonce VO. Best Movie I Have Seen In At Least 10 Years, Should Be Seen Twice, BIG SPOILERS. The dialogue was not clever. Impossible et inutile de résumer le film... After all the hype around this film I was sorely disappointed. A titre de comparaison, Reservoir Dogs a été conçu pour 1.2 million de dollars, Pulp Fiction 8 millions, Jackie Brown 12 millions, Kill Bill 1 30 millions, Kill Bill 2 30 millions, Boulevard de la mort 53 millions, Inglourious Basterds 75 millions, Django Unchained 100 millions et Les Huit salopards 44 millions. Sadly disappointing to this fan of most Tarantino films. Tarantino just created a new genre of film, Can be a very important film in Cinema history, Love QT but Painful boring self-indulgence. The directing, writing, music, cinematography, acting were all on point. Cliff Booth would be a guy I would want to hang out with. Le budget de Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood est estimé à 95 millions de dollars. Good film, but only those who have a lot a knowledge in Hollywood and Cinema history are going to really appreciate some things in the movie and now that we are entering in a new decade in cinema with all those streaming services and comic books movies, Once Upon a Time ... in Hollywood can really be a very important film. Lire ses 1 444 critiques. Hippies, short skirts, westerns..... all have disappeared from our movie world. Just Hollywood slapping itself on the back again about being Hollywood. : Bare feet over kill. Les Animaux fantastiques sur TF1 : niffleur, botruc, demiguise... quelles sont ces nouvelles créatures ? This was nothing like what you would expect from a Tarantino film. Go in with an open mind and let the movie take you on it's ride and you won't be disappointed. It was just endless scenes of other movies being made. Revue de presse | ‘Once Upon a Time in Hollywood’ Soundtrack: 4 Things Quentin Tarantino Wants You to Know - IMDb Just kept waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting. Brother Love's Travelling Salvation Show. By the time the ending happened I didn't care anymore. Par contre, c'est moi ou il a une passion pour les cascadeurs ? The director flaunts his ability to create time-pieces out of nowhere that he has not lived. Qui sommes-nous | Even great actors can't save this storyless plotless meandering piece of self-indulgent nostalgia. Gagarine, The Nest, Falling. Everything plays a part in the experience. Lire ses 3 716 critiques, Suivre son activité It's no Pulp Fiction, but it definitely is one of the most original films I've seen in a while. Rick Dalton has quickly become on of my favorite characters of all time! The script mocks every theory on character and plot development. What was the point of this movie? But worry not, Quentin Tarantino is here to remind us of old school film making from a once beloved industry which has been described as being on life support. IMDb, the world's most popular and authoritative source for movie, TV and celebrity content. CGU | People go to see Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio in a film by Tarantino and assume it has to be great despite what they are actually seeing on the screen.. In short it had all the elements I seek in a movie. Aujourd'hui : un film choral, le dernier Tarantino,... Pour écrire un commentaire, identifiez-vous. Tenet : écoutez la bande-originale du film-événement de Christopher Nolan, Paxton Quigley's Had The Course - from the MGM film Three in the Attic. This is some of the best acting I have seen in a long time. That was it. Just got out of a screening. It's a slow burn but all in all this movie is about Hollywood and the different aspects of it. Has not changed my opinion. Throwing in a 5 minute fantasy violent scene at the end after over two hours of boredom did NOT make me change my mind.. À la santé de ma femme et de toutes mes chéries, que jamais elles ne se rencontrent. Comme si le maître du cinéma décapant et fascinant, s’était octroyé une pause, sur le mode nostalgique, tout en revisitant au passage l’affaire Manson, mais sous couvert surtout du fameux mal être existentiel de l’acteur sur le ... Avec Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood, Quentin Tarantino retrouve plusieurs comédiens qu'il a déjà fait tourner, comme Leonardo DiCaprio (Django Unchained), Brad Pitt (Inglourious Basterds), Bruce Dern (Django Unchained et Les Huit salopards), Zoë Bell (Kill Bill en tant que doublure d'Uma Thurman, Boulevard de la mort, Django Unchained et Les Huit Salopards), Kurt Russell (Boulevard de la mort, Les Huit salo... Quentin Tarantino a eu l'idée de Once Upon... a Time in Hollywood et de la relation entre Cliff Booth et Rick Dalton sur le tournage de Boulevard de la mort. He gets the best performance out of everyone in every part of this movie. Et si Once Upon A Time In Hollywood et Django Unchained étaient liés ?