The benefits of throwing a virtual holiday party are that virtual celebrations allow employees to unwind and bond with coworkers, which in turn creates happier and closer teams. Check out our guide on how to run a virtual Secret Santa for more ideas. We created a list of starter questions to kickoff your online holiday trivia game. You can bring new life to old Christmas Classics with one of the great ideas for virtual celebrations. Invite employees to create cards on a site like Canva. Kindness Quest is a virtual event that encourages philanthropy and gratitude. Jen's Clever DIY Ideas-Food, Home Decor, Crafts, Recipes & Gifts. To play this game, first pick a beloved holiday movie. While we may not be able to transport your team to the mountains physically, our fully hosted virtual Ski Chalet sets the mood with holiday games, winter legends, and real cocoa. And when there isn't a global pandemic, we do local activities too. I read the book dozens of times, along with other classics like “The Night Before Christmas,” “Frosty the Snowman,” and “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.” By now, I know every word to these stories by heart, but even I would fail to recognize these tales if the storyteller’s mouth was full of marshmallows. By the way, check out these sample virtual holiday party invitations. Your crew would probably love to cuddle up under a blanket in a cozy lodge, sipping steaming hot chocolate while watching the snowfall. Hi! So rather than overindulging, why not treat your staff to a spa day? There are lots of other ways you can spend quality time with your colleagues, including signing up to an activity day. Some online E-card sites cost money, so allocating a small budget for your card exchange is a nice touch. As always, these Christmas watercolors come in several sizes and with different background color options. Real parties have one DJ, but with virtual parties, everyone can create the soundtrack. Though your remote team may not be mingling at the same bar, you can still enjoy a delicious drink together by booking Winter Cocktail Party. I live for homemade Christmas cookies and family-recipe fudge. Plus, the whole team gets to travel for the holidays without any airport hassles or traffic! Direct each team member to capture pictures and videos that show off how the hometown celebrates such as tree-lighting ceremonies, regional holiday eats, subzero swims. E-cards waste no paper, but are just as much fun as sending physical holiday cards. Perhaps Delilah’s family lights a Star Wars themed menorah. It looks like our team sent your the price list earlier today For up to date prices, just fill out the form on any of our event pages and we will send it over quick. Alternatively, give us a call on 020 7638 8811. From packages able to accommodate 50 to 120 guests, through to food and drink options that are sure to go down a storm, you won’t be short of exciting options. The boom of zoom quizzes and catch ups started in April 2020 … Other guests will try to guess the item before all the paper is gone. The holiday special game turns other unconventional flicks into holiday movies by imagining additions. If you are one of the more cynical members of staff, and there is always at least one in any office environment, you may want to opt for something which is the complete polar opposite of Christmas, to please yourself and really annoy your Christmas-loving colleagues. I actually love party planning and if this teaching thing doesn’t end up working out- I may become a […]. You can get creative in your questions by tapping into topics like the ghost of Christmas ads past, holidays around the world, or celebrations gone wrong. For instance, the player must perform ten jumping jacks every time the word “tree” enters the conversation. If your guests do not want to drink, then you can assign a different command for the word. The festive season is extremely busy, with many of us being pulled in all manner of different directions. These are perfect for taking in London’s starry night’s skyline whilst sipping on mulled wine and watching a Christmas classic. To play, prepare your questions, split the group into teams, and quiz your crew on holiday knowledge. Collect the teams’ answers on the video platform’s private chat feature. Ask each team member to prepare a short video or slideshow of their city and take the team on a “tour,” during the virtual party. The good old Christmas jumper will no doubt be making an appearance this year, just like last year, and the one previous to that too… Festive jumpers can become a competition in some offices, as to who has the best, most imaginative one possible. We run world class online team building events that remote teams love. Invite all of your employees to add favorite Christmas/holiday carols to the roster. Plan a Festive Potluck. Fun holiday accessories like headbands, hats, and sunglasses, Holiday activities such as puzzles, crafts, games, Photo props for a video call “photo booth” shoot, Gift cards for online subscription services. Sep 16, 2020 - Explore Yamel Vasquez's board "office Christmas party ideas" on Pinterest. If you want to go out but stay close, check nearby cruise ships for a night party on the … Ask team members to guess which coworker added which song, or invite employees to talk about why that song is their favorite. Christmas Punch is a tradition in our home and always such a huge hit with everyone. To play, you will message the name of a carol to the turn-taker, and that player will act out the names or stories of popular holiday songs so that teammates can guess the title. Try turning the virtual holiday photo booth into a game by challenging your team to concoct the zaniest expressions, group poses and recreations of holiday movies. You can check out our blog post on how to host a virtual Secret Santa for more tips on a successful swap. The goal is for this to be the best darn virtual holiday party your people ever attended. A helpful host will guide your group through a series of activities meant to aid the larger community while building a sense community within your company. Find your elf name and others too with this festive elf name chart! Traditional office workers enjoy every day water cooler chats and seasonal get-togethers with peers, but remote workers get fewer chances to connect casually with coworkers. Procrastinate Christmas shopping until December 24th. Celebrating a variety of holidays allows all team members to celebrate special occasions in the workplace and acknowledges and respects individuals. Keep score. Best of all, no one needs to drive home afterwards! You found our list of virtual holiday party ideas. Virtual holiday party games are fun games, competitions and challenges you can play during a virtual holiday party. You can ask participants to explain the holiday’s significance to the others. If you’re looking to make this year’s office Christmas party one to remember, why not book a private cinema screening to watch your favourite festive film in style. For the latter, the player might mime falling, before drawing or acting out “navy” and “dad.”. If this idea suits your mindset then consider something like a football strip from the 1994 World Cup, that will definitely cause a stir. You can spice up your Christmas Carol session with a dash of originality in the form of Company Carols. The fabled office Christmas party, a time of organised fun, awkward small talk, and the dreaded Christmas quiz, seriously has anyone updated any of these questions in the last 15 years? You can give the classic game a modern and festive twist by playing during your virtual holiday party. To inspire some creative Ideas, Art & Home curated this collection of beautiful Christmas trees. Once your online party begins, you and the team can decorate the goodies together and compare results. You can team up with your remote employees for your virtual holiday party by asking team members to dress up. Naughty or Nice Carnival. Potlucks are a classic (read: foolproof) office holiday party idea—or a great … Here is a list of virtual holiday party ideas and virtual Christmas party ideas to make your seasonal meeting merry and bright. Winter holidays are especially fun times to play, since there are so many options for unique hints both online and offline. In the week before the event, every attendee will receive a hot chocolate kit with mix-ins like mini candy canes and marshmallows. If you’re looking to make this year’s office Christmas party one to remember, why not book a private cinema screening to watch your favourite festive film in style. For most events, we also provide a co-host to manage the technical aspects and make sure it all goes smoothly. Allow each team two minutes to discuss the answer with teammates in a separate chat window. Holiday trivia can fall under categories such as holiday songs, traditions, movies, stories/lore, but there is no need to limit yourself to these categories. Instruct teams to guess only during designated turns. Sometimes I have a hard time getting in the holiday spirit while working from home. In 2020, we are running virtual events for teams all over the world. Home » Blog » Resources » Virtual Holiday Party Ideas. Your team can get in the holiday spirit by attending video parties in seasonal garb. Some dress up suggestions: You can kick the experience up a notch by hosting a costume contest and offering a prize to the winner. See more ideas about Christmas party, Christmas fun, Office christmas. Elf name! Oh, and don’t forget to keep your eyes peeled for many of London’s outdoor screenings scheduled to take place throughout the capital. Each player should take several pictures, with a little bit of wrapping paper removed each time. Direct your remote employees to sites like JibJab or American Greetings which offer fun digital cards. Find a virtual Christmas tree or make your own in a shared spreadsheet like GoogleSheets. London venues for 2020 will already be booking fast, so you can’t prepare too early – especially if you are looking for an amazing venue. An alternative What's on Birmingham guide, featuring the best bars, restaurants, live music, nightlife, shopping and arts events across the city. The most entertaining or outlandish take wins the game. Holiday Movie Pictionary challenges your team to draw scenes from favorite festive films, whether that means Flick’s tongue stuck to the pole in “A Christmas Story,” or Kevin booby-trapping his house in “Home Alone.”. Top 9 Work Christmas Party Ideas. While offices have tons of space for fake Christmas trees, strings of lights, stockings, webcams only show a tiny sliver of Christmas decorations.