Tetris Effect adds musical and environmental effects created by the wonderful studio responsible for Lumines and Rez. While it’s a less interactive experience than most, The Invisible Hours suggests the kind of cool things you can do with VR when it comes to storytelling and giving players the ability to move around a space. Each job — best acted out with an Oculus Touch controller, but playable with an Xbox One controller — asks players to tinker with a computer panel. A small, dollhouse-sized item could turn to an enormous one before your eyes, and figuring out how to use these as you climb your lighthouse is crucial to your success. Insomniac Games took a stab at doing horror in virtual reality in a way that’s different from nearly every other game of that genre on the platform. Vanishing Realms is definitely one to keep an eye on if you’re shy of Early Access titles. You play as Agent 34 of the robot manufacturing company RoboReady. In making our selection for best Oculus Rift games, we’ve considered how fun and immersive each game is as well how well they take advantage of the unique gameplay only VR can offer. There’s magic and mystery at play here — as well as quite a bit of Norse mythology — and VR is used to put you in the shoes of a character who’s simply trying to save his people from utter destruction. Tetris Effect is utterly magical, which is somewhat surprising since it’s yet another iteration of a puzzle game everyone has played. Vanishing Realms may only be an Early Access title, but it’s a highly promising adventure game in the vein of Zelda. It’s a game full of pitched sword duels in which you have to carefully land blows and defend against the attacks of your foes to stay alive. The bulk of the best Oculus Rift fitness games target arms specifically, so Hot Squat delivers a good shake-up in the form of an incredible leg workout. The electronic soundtrack responds to each twist and turn of the falling blocks. This game is basically a crazy neon, squash game where you'll definitely have to make sure the Touch controllers are strapped properly around your wrist - don't want them flying off and breaking when you lob the ball, do you?. Five Nights at Freddy’s VR tackles the hits from the first four games as well as the Sister Location spinoff, and it will scare you with all the classic animatronic murderers you remember. When choosing the best games for Oculus Rift, keep a few factors into consideration. HoloBall. Make this one of the first RPGs you get for Oculus - When you move your hands around, the bullets rain in from enemies, but if you stop to consider your next move, you’ll receive a welcome bullet remission.

The Touch controllers come into their own as you pull and push yourself through space - with thrusters on hand to help. Every confirmed and rumored Xbox Series X and Series S game so far, Time is running out to save hundreds on this Razer gaming laptop, Microsoft Prime Day Sale 2020: The 6 best deals you can shop today, Serious gamer?

This moody, intense third-person VR game is from Insomniac Games sees the player following a character on an Antarctic mission to rescue a missing expedition. It’s slick and demonstrates how the Oculus Rift can deliver complete packages with multiple game modes. To get started with Disqus head to the Settings panel. Unlike other shooters, this game seems to have a larger story attached and feels less like you're just fighting off waves. Your characters movements in game will match your own, so you can swing your sword to parry an enemy’s swing. You explore a space base built by the US and the Russians - in this timeline Kennedy was never killed and everyone is working together. Our fave Rift games including Touch compatible titles. $19.99, Oculus Store - Oculus Touch required. Oculus sure knows how to pick its exclusives. Chronos eschews the usual VR approach of the first-person viewpoint — in which you see the game through the eyes of the character you’re playing as — in favor of the third-person view, where you watch and control the action from a separate perspective, much like a camera recording an event. Disclosure: vrgamerankings.com website is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon.com. If you're feeling particularly creative one day and want to sculpt or paint, Medium is for you to express yourself in VR. Want to dive into the sea, play handball against a robot, or just goof around while definitely not working? The developer has also released new levels for free in the past. You've not only got Rift, but Gear VR and the upcoming Oculus Go, too. In the game's version of 2050, a cast of odd robots interpret what the think the jobs of today might have been like. The game feels like a classic British spy show, except its light on the villains and heavy on the humor. Oh, and you’ll need to keep from becoming lunch for some alien critter, as well. Of course, being on vacation isn’t all about stretching out in the sun, so it’s packed full of mini-games across settings like a mountain, forest, and beach. Test your pilot skills as you go up against other plays in space combat, with support for cross-play with the PS VR version, or just explore in single player mode instead; it's up to you.