Cookies help us deliver our services. I don’t believe in top-down hierarchical management.”. Nigel is drinkin’ Dunkin’ Hot Tea and scoopin’ Baskin-Robbins Pralines ‘n Cream ice cream. “There is an opportunity for football to have a better feeder system of players coming through,” he says. I’m guessing the survey will show your segment was among the most popular.

At the same time, a small unknown upstart called Netflix began lending movies to customers through the mail. Add the template {{nobots}} anywhere in the page and the content won't be replaced.

“Fans can come to our gallery bar and hang out with the players. Written by Simon Austin — September 28, 2018. In this presentation, he discusses the keys – education, communication, listening and information-sharing – to making challenge culture work in any environment.

During his four-year tenure, online sales tripled.

A journalist came up to me after one game and said, ‘this is the friendliest club I’ve ever been to,’ which I'm very proud of. In 2005, he was hired by Papa John's Pizza to serve as president and CEO. You were absolutely outstanding—your talk was cited again and again in our feedback forms as one of the highlights of the entire program (which got an overall 9/10 overall rating from attendees). As Managing Director, he turned around the region, significantly increasing sales and operating profits. Winsight is a leading B2B information services company focused on the food and beverage industry, providing insight and market intelligence to business leaders in every channel consumers buy food and beverage – convenience stores, grocery retailing, restaurants and noncommercial foodservice – through media, events, data products, advisory services, and trade shows. Gradually they’ve managed to get back on track and re-engage the fanbase.

Travis graduated from Middlesex University with a bachelor's degree in business administration and worked for Esso Petroleum, Rolls Royce, Kraft and Parker Hannifin the field of human resources.

He is also Chairman of Fooda based in Chicago and Servpro. It’s unusual for our level and some people might say it’s an expense we don’t need, but we totally disagree - Martin adds fantastic value.”. Travis draws on his broad business background to communicate the leadership lessons learned from his time at big brand global companies, including Blockbuster, Papa John’s and Burger King. “I had actually been contemplating retirement and had just found my successor at Dunkin, but once we decided to do it I was all in.

Previously, Nigel served as Chief Executive Officer of Dunkin’ Brands from January 2009 to July 2018, and added responsibility as Chairman of the Board in May 2013. I often start as much as three months before.

", “Taglines are important because they unify people,” Travis explains. He also shares his insights, real world examples and amusing anecdotes for not only succeeding, but thriving in a  global  marketplace.

AFTER decades running some of the biggest brands in corporate America, Nigel Travis could scarcely believe what he encountered when he arrived at Leyton Orient. Travis is a lifelong fan of London's second-oldest football club, Written by Simon Austin — September 28, 2018.

During Travis's time at Dunkin' Brands, the company added 3,300 new Dunkin' Donuts and Baskin-Robbins shops. He has a son from a prior marriage.

Travis was born in East London into an entrepreneurial family. Questions about our experts' speaking or advisory services? By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. I don’t think this should be compulsory but an opportunity. When Nigel was eighteen he started working as a disc jockey.. Travis earned his degree in human resources and continued to work in the field for 20 years.

Nigel joined Blockbuster, Inc. in 1994 as Senior Vice President, Europe and over the next 10 years was promoted to various positions which included both US and International retail operations. BLACKBURN ROVERS Head of European Scouting Glyn Chamberlain says clubs need to start allowing scouts back into games, or else the profession could be facing an apocalyptic scenario. Articles / Leadership/ Leyton Orient. Most recently he exercised 9,849 units of DNKN stock worth $751,479 on 20 May 2020. Orient placed 27th in our Academy productivity rankings for 2016/17 - a fairly remarkable achievement when you consider that the club was in the 4th tier with a Category 3 Academy. In June 2017, he led a consortium that took over the club. The fact Travis was a lifelong fan helped him to quickly win the supporters over - and convinced them he wasn’t in it for personal glory or short-term gain.

“A lot of people buy football clubs and then think what they’re going to do, but we had done so much thinking that it all naturally came together. Prior to Papa John’s, Nigel was with Blockbuster, Inc. from 1994 to 2004, where he served in increasing roles of responsibility, including President & Chief Operating Officer. He is, not surprisingly, very entertaining and quick on his feet, in addition to having a great set of stories that were extremely relevant to our general theme of managing the tension between short term growth and long-term disruptive change.

“You need to look forward and plan backwards. Nigel Travis, whose career has spanned multiple industries, countries and continents, acknowledges that the approaches to management that work in one country may not work in another. Nigel Travis is available to advise your organization via virtual and in-person consulting meetings, interactive workshops and customized keynotes through the exclusive representation of Stern Speakers, a division of Stern Strategy Group®. "Unfortunately, this is the last year we get any funding for it, so we have to think how we’re going to fund the Academy and the development of younger players. An advocate of an open work environment in which employees are allowed to question leadership decisions, Travis understands that the challenge approach to management must be tailored to work in other cultures, especially those that are more hierarchical than in the U.S. “We also have a story that people can connect with - we were in the abyss and now we’re moving up.".

His father had several businesses including a uniform business, a twine and rope wholesaling business, and a toy distribution business.
Nigel Travis, Chairman and former CEO of Dunkin’ Brands, has the answer: a challenge culture.

When the Italian arrived, there were claims that the club would soon be “shopping at Harrod’s instead of Primark.” Travis says he had the wrong reasons for buying the club.

For even more, visit our Family Entertainment Guide. “Youth has been a key part of our philosophy all through our history and will continue to be so long as we are here,” Travis says. If you’re doing a big presentation, many people will start preparing three days before.
Nigel also serves as Chairman of Leyton Orient Football Club, and led a business consortium to take on ownership of the storied English football club in June 2017. He has just published a book on this very subject, called “The Challenge Culture: Why the Best Organisations Run On Pushback”. After being appointed in October 2017, chief executive Danny Macklin developed a new tagline at Orient: 'Real football in the capital'. In fact the club - which had just been relegated out of the Football League for the first time in 112 years when Travis's consortium took over - couldn’t even post a letter, because there was no credit left on its franking machine.

After thinking for a moment, he highlights three main areas.

Sponsored Article. Travis was the CEO of the Dunkin' Brands group from January 2009 to July 2018.

As a leader, you have to be prepared to be challenged, otherwise it’s too comfortable and too status quo and things won’t be as good as they can be. Within 24 hours of buying the club, Travis's consortium installed former player and manager Martin Ling as Director of Football. Travis, Travis?action=history, In 1995 he joined the conglomerate Grand Metropolitan in HR and in 1996 became Group management development director. Travis learned the hard way that one of leadership’s biggest responsibilities is to sleep with one eye open, always anticipating the changes in the marketplace that can provide both challenges and opportunities for consumer brands. In 2001, Travis was promoted by Blockbuster Inc. as president and chief operating officer (the number two position) and stayed in that role for three years. Recognized as one of the world’s leading CEOs, Travis is the ideal speaker or consultant for organizations seeking cultural change, especially as they work to evolve alongside today’s rapidly shifting business and social environments. "Challenge sounds a bit aggressive, but it isn't. Our students have a real affinity to people like you — smart, accomplished, not afraid to push limits yet grounded and personable. PERFORMANCE Psychologist Tom Young, who has interviewed Sean Dyche for his new book, outlines the 12 key attributes of the Burnley manager's leadership style.

We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. As Blockbuster’s COO, he contributed to the brand’s rapid expansion; he also witnessed its equally swift fall. He previously served as Lead Director on the Board of Directors for Office Depot, where he currently serves as a board member.

Under his leadership, Papa John’s accomplished outstanding results, with industry-leading comp sales, consistent earnings growth and excellent franchise relationships.

“In business, or in sport, it’s about creating the right culture, the right organisation and getting the right people in.". Travis says the challenge culture has been applied at every level of the club, not least on the football side, with Director of Football Martin Ling, manager Justin Edinburgh and the players asking and answering challenging questions.