She is reluctant and thinks it over.

He asks through the door if she knew about their past. Hachi explains that there are 100 to 150, and they're expected to arrive at 33 hours from then.

While she cites his hair, he confesses how guilty he feels for how badly he treated Hiro for something that wasn’t his fault. Hiro says she is a normal girl and that pistils let stamen handle all the controls, but they bear the brunt of each battle. Zero Two catches Hiro before he collapses and asks if he's her darling from her childhood and is horrified thinking of what she had done.

As Kokoro and Mitsuru go to their FRANXX, Futoshi stops him and tells him to protect Kokoro. Mitsuru Though Genista is almost attacked, Delphinium jumps in and kills the klaxosaur. He says that any other stamen would've died long ago. Ichigo watches Strelizia and Goro tries to get her to focus. 9'δ looks through the hallway when she almost bumps into Kokoro. When she questions him why he chose to stay with her, his response about the baby being his responsibility as well disatifies her and she says she doesn’t expect anything from him due to their memory loss. She says that it's better than the boys they're stuck with, and tries to get Ikuno's opinion. A Gutenberg-class klaxosaur approaches and Hachi commands to set up a defensive line 500 meters from the S-Planning and neutralize the target. Mitsuru asks if she means he should forgive Hiro but she says that is a choice only he will have to make. He was later found severely wounded and had to be hospitalized.

However, Hiro, lost in concern for a catatonic Zero Two, doesn’t even know what is right and wrong anymore, and can’t give him an answer. Futoshi shouts at Kokoro and says that she isn't changing his mind and storms off. Mitsuru asks her to get inside but she refuses because she wants to protect Zero Two. Hachi refuses and says that he isn't an official stamen, so he can't give permission to board a FRANXX. February 6[1] (Aquarius) Showing her that he still has his ring, he says he wants to call her by her name because it’s too important for him to just let her go. Mitsuru has an interest in reading, which he picked up when he used to follow Hiro to the library as a child. While leaving, Mitsuru tells Hiro he just really wants to prove he is a better pilot than him. He says that he's just as good as Hiro. Ichigo sadly agrees. Zorome asks if he's not dieting. The training unit is taken out, so Delphinium stops him and says that he won't let him see her. She asks why her face is all red. She suddenly shouts, scolding him, but he smiles.

The parasites are happy to receive their gifts: Mitsuru receives a pen. Hiro agrees. Zorome smiles and says especially since he's so miserable. Mitsuru is a character from the anime Darling in the Franxx. Goro notes that he had always been frail, and Ichigo adds that he was the only one who received the injection and came back. Goro sets up an umbrella and tells Futoshi and Zorome not to go too far out. Ai is Mitsuru and Kokoro’s first child and eldest daughter. Before they can, they are interrupted by APE SP who tell them to freeze. However, they are detained by the 9’s and their memories altered on Papa’s orders. Mitsuru holds his newborn daughter’s hand. 9'ε laughs and says they aren't her babysitters but her squad mates. She tells him that they'll be together until they die. Futoshi falls to his knees and says that he loved her. He says that Genista and Chlorophytum will act as rear support.

Papa refuses and says that they removed the unnecessary information and there is no way to return them. He tells Zero Two that he wouldn't mind becoming her official partner, to the dismay of Ikuno. As Genista and Argentea attack klaxosaurs, one of the cores crack in half and something falls out of the center. Zorome shouts that he'll read Papa's message. They do, but are stopped by the nines.

In Cerasus's command room, they receive a message from mission command saying they're prepared to sortie. She enters them into radio silence, leaving Hachi confused. When he asks again what they were doing, he says he'll get the water. Goro says that he'd been writing to Nana and Hachi to let them know how they're doing, but they never accepted them. When Ai is born, Mitsuru cries out of joy and he proves to be a doting father who loves his daughter dearly. Zero Two realizes their memories have been altered. Hiro later tells Mitsuru and Kokoro the meaning of marriage, and they decide to get married themselves before the squad leaves for the Bird Nest. He asks if he did something wrong.

Ichigo sits in Strelizia's hand. Strelizia flies into its core as everyone watches in amazement. It stops, but its face smashes through the wall and it releases klaxosaur inside. They fly through the air and Hiro is happy to be able to pilot.

Goro tells him to calm down, as Mitsuru suddenly returns. She says that his body is much tougher than a girl's. Zero Two lists off the chores and Miku, smiling, notes that she's meticulous. However, he has found a reason to live, which is to protect her and their baby. Zorome says that it sounds bad and Goro asks Mitsuru if she said anything, and he fidgets uncomfortably. However, he was against keeping Hiro and Zero Two apart because he had grown tired of it. He says they can't see him as their Papa and to set them free once the battle is over. Kokoro becomes nauseous and excuses herself to lie down while Mitsuru attempts to get up to follow her but stops himself. Mitsuru calls him an idiot and walks away, and Ikuno watches him leave. They all begin eating and Goro hands Zero Two a shish kabob. He doesn’t care to know why and tells her to stop thinking of unnecessary things before asking her if she became his partner out of pity and she denies this. Mitsuru tells Hiro not to go near Zero Two again before leaving. Zorome begins helping. Hiro says Mitsuru wants to get to know Kokoro more and, because Hiro loves Zero Two for that reason, he says that’s what it means to love someone.
Goro smiles and thinks that he loved her since then. Ichigo says maybe she shouldn't go along with the upcoming mission.

Mitsuru works in the fields while Kokoro bandages Zero Two’s injuries. Though food supply is delivered once a week. Unit 26 begins attacking and the klaxosaur screams before becoming its Gutenberg-class humanoid form. The parasites all head out.

His friends vow to protect him. However, he begins showing more emotion towards her when he experiences painful flashes over saying her name.
Zorome asks how many klaxosaurs they have to kill before they can become adults. The adults realized he was one of the teens and simply told him not to just do as he pleased before leaving. At the dining hall, the parasites watch as Zero Two drenches her food in honey. Futoshi stands in front of them and tells them to run. The klaxosaur approaches the line. Mitsuru becomes annoyed and charges blindly at the klaxosaur, causing them to smash into it. Following this, Mitsuru idolized Hiro and often followed him around, admiring him for being a genius.

Suddenly, there is an explosion. Hiro says it's fine if they were cast aside by Papa as long as he's with them and there's more to their lives than piloting. They all leave, but Hiro stops Mitsuru. After the battle, Kokoro becomes more ill and Mitsuru is deeply concerned for her although he hesitates to help her as she continues to keep her distance from him. In front of the window, he finds Naomi's mirror, which Zero Two taped back together after breaking it. Their link is broken and Strelizia enters stampede mode. As Squad 13 continues, they run into the 9's. Character Nana calls a meeting and the parasites all attend. However, he held back voicing his feelings. As children, Mitsuru and Hiro make a promise. The ship started sinking in Episode 15 when Hiro and Zero Two officially confessed their love for each other. Before he can respond, an alarm sounds. Things between them slowly start to ease after they switch partners due to their incompatibility. When they return to the docking facility, Hiro is taken for treatment. Kokoro says that she finds it reassuring that they're with them. When Hachi says that Strelizia will be placed closest to the pipe, the other team is horrified. Although he thinks of himself as a weakling who doesn’t know what love is, he says he can keeping going if they are together and he will be there for her and the baby no matter what.

In the greenhouse, she asks him why he thinks humans stopped having children because having a baby was the most natural thing in the past. Miku asks if he's serious and Ikuno says they destroyed everything about the wedding they'd worked so hard for. Zorome asks why Papa isn't getting in touch as he cries. During the ceremony, the mayor presents the medals and simply thanks them. Ichigo says that Hiro was right about her being a normal girl. He says they can start over even without their memories and her name is too important to him. HiroMitsu is the slash ship between Hiro and Mitsuru from the DARLING in the FRANXX fandom. 9'α watches the squad and becomes annoyed when he sees Zero Two yawn. Mitsuru says he hopes Ikuno can connect. Before they can begin, a fog rolls in and a Maho class klaxosaur appears, and the parasites are ordered to evacuate. Hiro smiled back at him.

When Hiro reaches out to him, he suddenly grabs Hiro's collar and says that she had a smile on her face. She was previously partnered with Futoshi.. She is voiced in Japanese by Saori Hayami and in English by Jeannie Tirado. Kokoro thanks him, and he tells Mitsuru to hand in there before rushing back. Goro wonders if they have a nest nearby.

He says probably because they don't need to anymore. Ikuno explains that it's a transfer of magma fuel reserves from one plantation to another through a large pipe. Persona 3: Owari no Kakera 3. When Zorome finds a crab, Futoshi wants to eat it. Mitsuru shows concern for Kokoro as she continues suffering from morning sickness and is by her side when she faints.

Miku asks if he had always acted that way. Kokoro says that they should start over and turns toward Mitsuru. Hachi says that it was on Dr. FRANXX's orders that they didn't contact them over the past month and that it would be their final test. When Kokoro enters a small greenhouse, she finds Mitsuru. She finds a book about childbirth. They pray for Papa before they eat, though Zero Two eats anyway.