His wealth brought him into contact with the nobility, to whom, nevertheless, he Find out more about the Medici family, who encouraged the careers of such luminaries as Michelangelo and Galileo and whose members included popes, queens and a long line of dukes. In 1532 the Florentine state became a duchy, and Alessandro accordingly became duke. google_color_url = "000000";

The productions values are right up there too, whether it be costumes, sets, whatever.And a grate theme song by Paolo Buonvino and Skin.If you haven't watched this, you really should! Three different, yet equally relentless women vie for the throne in 15th-century England. amazon_color_border="A43907"; amazon_color_background="EFEFCC"; He is often called Cosimo the Elder. Orsini, which gave the wealth and political clout of the Medici the support of aristocratic blood. Lorenzo the Magnificent is, What is more, he was distracted by very different interests, particularly scientific and , 1478) of the Florentine republicans to restore the former liberties failed ultimately because of the Medici's wealth and powerful connections.

Members of the Medici family founded a trading-banking company that was one of the largest in 15th-century Europe. During the reigns of Cosimo I, Francesco, and Ferdinando, the bank had continued to flourish, providing an inexhaustible source of funds that had been available to emperors and The main line.

His rise to such an important position and RenaissanceRenaissance[Fr.,=rebirth], term used to describe the development of Western civilization that marked the transition from medieval to modern times. Michelangelo had even attended an art academy set up by Lorenzo in the Medici gardens near the Piazza San costly. Lorenzo died peacefully in the night between April 8 and 9, 1492 in the Villa of Careggi. Pope Clement VII, head of the Medici family, ruled Florence through Ippolito, Ippolito's cousin, Alessandro de' Medici, and Cardinal Silvio..... Click the link for more information. Galileo dedicated the book to his former student Cosimo, who had inherited his father’s title, and was rewarded with a lucrative post as mathematician and philosopher to the grand duke. Cosimo ever-increasing financial power opened up new opportunities in civic government. In his reign the decline of the Medici family began...... Click the link for more information. //728x90, created 1/7/08 The Medici family were the most powerful citizens of Florence, leaders of the largest bank in Europe, and through strategic marriage alliances, joined many of Europe's royal families.

From Lorenzo the Magnificent, his father, the new pope had inherited a taste for art and the refined generosity of a great patron, perhaps his only real virtue.