We should be both. “This vitally important message will be featured on millions of Dare packs over coming weeks and be a powerful reminder for people to ask their mates, family and colleagues – are you OK?” Kathy said. We are innovating to keep the segment exciting with new premium and low fat options. Dare Double Espresso Find out more. Bauer bungles Richard Wilkins profile piece, Russel Howcroft’s advertising wars: Qantas vs Virgin, Delicious announces winners of the Delicious Harvey Norman Produce Awards 2020, ABC’s Hardball wins International Emmy Kids Award, PRIA launches 2020 Virtual National Conference, Vogue Australia announces Vogue Codes 2020 program and partners, Waleed Aly launches new podcast with 10 Speaks, Department of the Future launches community platform for Box Hill Institute, The Junkee Takeaway marks first anniversary with 20 million views, Australian Liquor Marketers appoints Channel T as strategic and creative agency. Ritson says: “Diversity wins when it comes to channel choice. The post Watch: Ritson on how Dare used channel diversity to become the leading iced coffee brand appeared first on Marketing Week. message will be featured on front of pack, and on the back of pack there will be the four steps to help guide consumers on how best to start a conversation with a mate. Hot on the heels of bringing the pie floater and Cold Chisel to global prominence, 1977 saw Farmers Union Iced Coffee become the next South Australian invention to make a mark on the wider world. Copyright © 2019 Phvntom Inc. All Rights Reserved. Watch: Ritson on how Dare used channel diversity to become the leading iced coffee brand. For more information go to https://mba.marketingweek.com/. Insights & Inspiration. “We are extremely proud to partner with R U OK? South Australia's iconic Feel Good Iced Coffee is a great tasting product that is low in fat, has no added sugar and low GI. Lion Pty Limited The jury is out, Mumbrellacast: Ten in 2021, Russel Howcroft, and ‘Holiday here this year’ returns, ‘We’ll have to wait and see, won’t we?’: Russel Howcroft on his radio longevity and unexpected first survey results, ‘We’re definitely not building a 2.0 of anything’: Aden Hepburn on leaving WPP and ‘picking the bones’ of holding companies, Two leading ladies, and 20 men cast over Zoom: The Bachelorette’s EP on why this season could rival Sophie Monk’s, Mark Coad on why he doesn’t regret moving to Mediabrands, even with the hindsight of COVID-19, Sportsbet spoofs Nine’s COVID-19 message of hope, What’s in a name? In a brand first, this month 5,275,000 Dare 500ml core packs will carry the R U OK? Made with a unique blend of Arabica and Robusta coffee and fresh milk, Dare Iced Coffee has a real coffee kick to keep you going. You can also 'Read More' to view our Cookie Policy and learn how to control them. said: “We are delighted to partner with Dare Iced Coffee. Dare Iced Coffee has announced a three-year partnership with R U OK? But, thankfully, a conversation could. Level 7, 68 York Street Auckland, 1011. Dare Espresso Find out more. “2020 has been a challenging year for many, making it even more relevant for us to stay connected and, for those who are willing and able, offer support to those around us,” said Ms Newton. You don't need to include your details, but if you want us to reply, please include a valid email address. This video is the latest in a series where Ritson reveals the stories behind some of the most effective campaigns ever from brands including Apple, Gillette and Lidl. Dare Mocha Find out more. By clicking 'Accept' on this banner or using our site you accept our use of cookies. In 2010, Australian iced coffee brand Dare set itself some very ambitious goals. The Saints will also share RU OK? “From just a simple question, a life could be changed.”. You don’t need to be an expert to reach out, just a good mate and a great listener and use the four steps: Dare fans will be able to buy their favorite 500ml flavour featuring the RU OK? It will be available in all supermarket and convenience outlets in all states where Dare 500ml is sold. ^Source: Aztec SA Convenience Scan, MAT 09.07.17, Impulse Skus ONLY. Any tips or comments will go straight to the Mumbrella editorial team. Mark Ritson teaches the Mini MBA in Marketing. In 2010, Australian iced coffee brand Dare set itself some very ambitious goals. Iced coffee is showing strong growth in the dairy market and Lion markets some of the most popular brands in the category. You’ll be able to see more in the series on our dedicated marketing effectiveness page. Dare Iced Coffee has announced a three-year partnership with Australian suicide prevention charity R U OK? In this video, Marketing Week columnist Mark Ritson explains how Dare came up with the business strategy, developed a marketing campaign and then used all the channels at its disposal to get this message across. message on the label leading up to R U OK? aims to start life-changing conversations and create a more connected world. We should combine the power of TV with the power of Facebook, outdoor and Google.”. Read More. *Source: Aztec Convenience Scan, MAT 6/8/17, Impulse Skus ONLY . Masters is the largest Flavoured Milk brand in Western Australia and has been The Taste of the West, produced locally in WA since 1964. These include popular brand names such as Australia’s number 1 milk brand PURA, Australia’s most trusted dairy brand Dairy Farmers, Dare, Farmers Union, Classic, Big M and Masters. When your place is all over the head, a Dare Fix’ll Fix it! Dare Cold Pressed Latte Find out more. Day on 10 September 2020 reminding people to ask their mates and family members – are you OK? Kathy Karabatsas, Lion Dairy & Drinks Managing Director said: “R U OK? The Farmers Union Iced Coffee story started in a big decade for South Australia. In South Australia, Farmers Union Iced Coffee is still proudly South Australian made and almost outsells Coca Cola 2:1^. It wanted to increase sales volumes by 150%, become the number one iced coffee brand in the market, and leap out of its category to steal share from other non-alcoholic drinks, namely Coca-Cola and Red Bull. Based on case studies from 50 years of the Effies, the series examines what makes marketing more effective. Lion purchases around 1 billion litres of milk from more than 550 Australian farms each year to produce a diverse range of full cream, flavoured and modified fresh and UHT milks. Marketing Budgets In A Recession - How Much Is Too Much? and we hope that we will be able to encourage more people to start meaningful conversations with their mates and family. “This long-term commitment by Dare will also support the cause by helping consumers to identify the signs that someone in their life may be struggling and to encourage a more meaningful conversation.”. Dare Raw Find out more. “Encouraging Australians to make a mental note to check in with a mate and take a look at the tips on how to open a conversation, may just be the start of a meaningful conversation, and we know that an authentic conversation has the potential to positively change a life.”. Sydney, NSW 2000, Australia, Locked Bag 14, Royal Exchange Sydney, NSW 1225, 27 Napier Street, Freemans Bay, Available in iced coffee, choc, mocha double shot, spearmint and strawberry, we also have Iced Coffee One, a lower fat options with only 1% fat. Jul 29, 2019 Effie Worldwide partnered with Mark Ritson, Adjunct Professor, Writer ... Dove, Gillette, Apple, Snickers, Lidl, Dare Iced Coffee.