The film was planned to reveal how Wonder Woman acquired her Invisible-Jet, and also planned to feature the Crime Syndicate as the main antagonists, an idea that was originally conceived for the two-part episode "A Better World", until the Syndicate was replaced by the Justice Lords. Contains a set of 4 DVDs with all of the episodes from the second season as well as audio commentaries and a panel discussion involving the production team of the series (although the set packaging indicates a featurette hosted by voice actor Phil LaMarr, it is misprinted, the featurette is on Disc One instead of Disc Four). Savage reveals he had been working on a time machine, but he is immortal and he cannot exist at the same time as his previous self as it would cause a paradox. Justice League was an animated series produced for Cartoon Network from 2001-2004. This is the chronological watch order for the DC Animated Universe that's based off of DCs New 52 concepts and stories (with the exception of parts of Son of Batman, Batman: Hush, Constantine: City of Demons, The Death of Superman, Reign of the Supermen, and Teen Titans: The Judas Contract). Unfortunately, her fiancé is the immortal Vandal Savage, and he already has plans for both the throne and the Justice League. Grodd has a device that allows him to control the minds of others, and uses stolen gorilla technology to conquer all of Central City and put its inhabitants under his control. Charlie Schlatter, who voiced the Flash in one episode of Superman: The Animated Series, was unavailable to reprise the role and was replaced by Michael Rosenbaum. This page was last edited on 17 October 2020, at 13:15. A 4-disc soundtrack of musical highlights from both seasons of Justice League was released by La-La Land Records in July 2016. An ancient lunar crystal called the Black Heart is discovered. Tim Daly, who voiced Superman in Superman: The Animated Series (1996–2000) was initially involved but was unable to continue his role due to involvement with The Fugitive (a short-lived remake of the original 1963 TV series),[2] and was replaced by George Newbern. Doctor Fate and Aquaman rescue Solomon Grundy, intent on using him to help battle an ancient evil. The order is only slightly different for those wanting to watch the films in chronological order i.e. Justice League Adventures: The Magnificant Seven (2004-01-01): Includes #3, 6, 10-12. A mini-DVD version of this disc has also been released. Wonder Woman (2009 Video) 5. Destiny takes telepathic control of most of the League in their sleep, leaving only Batman and Martian Manhunter. Seven of the most formidable heroes form arguably the most powerful team ever. Long-suffering post-graduate student and lover of pop culture from Game of Thrones to DC. They then take the League's places, attempting to make this Earth like their own. The DCAU began with Batman: The Animated Series in 1992. Despite the show having been produced in a widescreen format this release lacks anamorphic encoding. While Wayne Manor, Axis Chemicals, and Arkham Asylum are important in their own right, it was Crime Alley that gave birth to Batman. Calls From Flight 175, Justice League was an animated series produced for Cartoon Network from 2001-2004.