... Joel Edgerton (Owen Lars), and Jack Thompson (Cliegg Lars) relax during filming in Tunisia. NASH EDGERTON, BROTHER: There was a play in particular I went saw him do I think was Third World Blues and I remember watching him in this play and and forgetting it was my brother, halfway through and that was the first time I went "Oh he's really good. Frog. And he was a he was a strange looking kid. 1:00 AM PDT NASH EDGERTON, BROTHER: Joel and I did what brothers do, you know, like played together, fought together? And we shouldn't make anything ever again. Hey good luck with you film mate. But I was there for them when they needed me. MARIANNE EDGERTON, MOTHER: Joel loved performing. His mother is a Dutch immigrant. And he blushed in in this appropriate time. I remember Joel just started pushing me up the you know, up the walkway. How are you feeling after that fall? I felt like the characters were really interesting. But arrogant? Joel Edgerton, Actor: The Gift. JOEL EDGERTON: There's this moment you have of opportunity like I shot Star Wars in Sydney. What? I'd worked on The Matrix trilogy, Mission Impossible 2, Thin Red Line. Is it what you want? Look behind you. What are you doing? The show’s based around these parts and you live here too. INTRODUCTION: Hello, I'm Margaret Pomeranz. JOEL EDGERTON: The writing was really good. you know. Do you get mobbed in the streets when you’re round about? Especially when you're an actor, who's built a career on a certain kind of solid masculinity. It’s just a nickname. But Joel had everything going for him, really. So  let's make a film and we'll make it half an acting scene and half of the stunt action sequence. MARGARET POMERANZ: He doesn’t ever want to have to do things he doesn’t want to do. There's only so much sort of um adventurousness into darkness that you can do without somebody going, oi. 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But if you drive me to the shop so I don't have to catch the bus, I won't tell your parents. I used to come home and chastise Marianne because she didn't censor them as much as I would have, the types of movies, you know, all the, you know, blood and guts and murder. Joel achievedfame and acclaim both as an actor and a director but it’s been a long, long road to the top. His brother is filmmaker Nash Edgerton. (Conversation between Nash and Joel Edgerton). And I was telling Joel what this idea was and he said, oh, maybe that'll work for me as an actor. I'm gonna be an actor, JOEL EDGERTON:  Cause I didn't know how filming works. And Heath took us tearing up through the hills, Hollywood Hills and we pulled into this place. Joel on your right, Joel, Joel, Joel, Joel, Joel. Like the whole story, like, sucks you in and you feel like the power of all that. DAVID MICHOD, FRIEND AND FILMMAKER: I've known for a long time that Joel has feelings of anxiety. And the only reason it cost that much was because Nash broke a windscreen by throwing his body through it. It’s tomorrow. If Joel's doing a play, you have to turn up. So sorry man. The times that I've had panic attacks in my life has only been in the last like five or six years. Let me have all the all the all the riches and opportunities. And I went through a phase of about a year and a half or two years of feeling ultra self-conscious about that like, you know, obviously it plays on your ego a little bit, you know, realizing that people who are serving you in a shop are like way too nice to you. NASH EDGERTON, BROTHER: People wouldn't give you a job working on a film unless, you'd worked on a film, and the way to prove you'd worked on a film was you'd have a show reel with clips of you doing stunts on a film. JOEL EDGERTON:  I don't know who hadn't thought about this ahead, but that performance collective was not the place to show ‘Loaded’ a violent crime short film by four dudes, you know. And he was the one who I know, know when he realized he was like, listen, why just do the thing that you love doing and then don't worry about money, money will come as a by-product of doing the thing that you love but just be open to pivot. JOEL EDGERTON:  Probably a really good, humbling experience was that Kinky Boots came out. NASH EDGERTON, BROTHER: We seemed to get a lot of the fighting out the way when we're pretty young though. That's great acting. Now, that, to me, is success in this industry. JOEL EDGERTON: Secret life of us was a huge thing. And I got this shot of Heath sitting there and Joel standing there. The only person I told was Joel. Someone smart and then I ruled you out. Rachael and Her Husband, John, are Welcoming One of Their Favorite Actors to the Table: "Laverne & Shirley" Star Michael McKean! MARIANNE EDGERTON, MOTHER: Joel,he was a very soft person as a child, whereas Nash was more aggressive, more tough. CLAUDIA KARVAN, FRIEND AND ACTOR: When I think of Joel, I get like the snapshots of, you know, actors' parties in my 20s in Bondi. I just think if you know, if only you knew. That’s not the first adjective I would use when I think about Yoda. And it felt very dignified to me.It felt like a challenge and... And I wanted it. Thoughtful? But I do remember going to LA going, like why is no one whispering, you know, whispering my name? Does she love, will she marry me, she loves me not. TNT (052). He just gets a kick out of putting himself in danger. That's it. (News reporter): Actor Joel Edgerton known to television viewers for his role in Police rescue, plays prince Hal, the teenage brat who is heir to the throne. CLAUDIA KARVAN, FRIEND AND ACTOR: They write together, they work together, they speak the same language, really. KIERAN DARCY-SMITH, FRIEND AND FILMMAKER: And we won everything, we literally won everything. It’s incredible. "Oh, you're in Star Wars," you know? That would be the best way to describe Joel. View a gallery of behind-the-scenes photos from Star Wars: Episode II Attack of the Clones. It was at the performance space in Redfern. I mean, even in kindergarten, every play that was put on, he wanted to be part of. Another Are you camera-shy Joel? NASH EDGERTON, BROTHER: When we were growing up, dad was a solicitor. And Joel would never dob and Nash would never dob. Show More . And that was it that was really led by Nash. MARGARET POMERANZ: You look at it now and you think, how the hell did they cast him in that. And, anyway, Kieran found some place, that was, that said it was going to screen some short films. Sorry. 20 wins & 69 nominations. And I'm like, well, I'm happy to go and do the opposite if you want. Secret Life of Us would have been our real bonding as mates. He's made it in Hollywood but isn’t interested in red carpets, revealing that the public spotlight has worsened his anxiety over the years. And it's a chase scene then.