InsiteVR enables AEC project teams to review their 3D models together in virtual reality to identify and resolve complex issues.

Today, we released InsiteVR 3.0 and we’re thrilled to announce support for BIM 360 models in virtual reality meetings.. Our integration marks the first commercially available solution that enables BIM 360 customers to host VR meetings for coordination and design review with their BIM 360 hosted data.

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After uploading a CAD model, users can start virtual review meetings with colleagues from around the world. We believe virtual reality will enable architects and designers to apply software principles that have made internet companies successful to real world spaces. If you know any architects, retail designers, or anyone who'd be interested in using VR in their workflow please let them know about us. I'm Angel, one of the InsiteVR founders. When InsiteVR launched, it included integrations with Revit building design software and Navisworks project review software.
Today, we released InsiteVR 3.0 and we’re thrilled to announce support for BIM 360 models in virtual reality meetings. Collaboration and communication are the core of BIM 360 so it makes a lot of sense for us to expand on BIM 360 workflows. Users like that InsiteVR works with sophisticated VR computing systems and standalone viewers, making it easy for any project stakeholder to join a meeting with a minimal equipment investment. Set up our applications below to start your first VR meeting with InsiteVR today! While InsiteVR is a viewing solution itself, the team even found a role for the Forge Viewer: to provide preview model views of design sections, helping users visually navigate to the sections of models where they want to hold immersive coordination meetings.

Comments can be left in VR using InsiteVR's speech-to-text. Latest issue Please complete the form to request a demo and get access to Insitevr for your projects. Try Forge for free by setting up an account and free trial. We were working on syncing InsiteVR speech-to-text annotations to BIM 360 issues so that teams could stay accountable for the issues uncovered during VR reviews.

They find that they can bring all project stakeholders together to work through issues. Now these speech-to-text annotations can be auto-synced to BIM 360 issues so that teams can use BIM 360’s more advanced issue tracking features like due dates, labeling, assigning to team members, and more. To start a meeting, users simply had to upload the latest design model to InsiteVR. News, updates, reviews and analysis of industry and consumer trends in the world of streaming. InsiteVR builds immersive communication software for the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industry to improve project delivery and reduce errors.

We are delivering an immersive communication layer on top of BIM 360 that will help teams deliver projects on time and on budget. With the BIM 360 construction management platform and InsiteVR, teams can use VR to find visual clashes, evaluate coordination issues, review complex systems, and improve general project communication across team members and disciplines.

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