• Size of garden/outside space Explore support and community options available to Airline Solutions customers. The API allows the user to provide rate codes and qualifiers to shop for the applicable rates, and robust property descriptive content is provided with each rate. For more ideas. View our Product Suites, carefully curated groups of APIs with you in mind.

Landlords, choose from our range of residential and commercial advertising service…, New Appetite Statements introduced by LendInvest for professional landlords How to let your guests know when a facility is temporarily closed. Stay informed with the latest Booking.com developments, industry insights and expertise. How to rename your property listing title, All you need to know about the Quality Rating for home and apartment-like properties. Sorry, comments are closed for this post. Contact your Sabre account manager to determine or increase your allocated concurrent request limit for this API. Contact Sabre support if the error persists.

Properties with a 100% score can get up to 18% more bookings as a result of a complete, attractive profile.
The information contained within the “key features” of your listing may include: For example, if you have a luxury en suite with power shower and his & hers basins, or if you have a particularly large garden, or if your kitchen is great for entertaining. How do I update my sustainable practices on the Extranet? 2. 6759 0 obj <> endobj As local demand starts to increase on our site, 74% of bookings will come from a mobile phone. Your description should pique buyers’ interest enough that they want to schedule a tour, and as the owner, you are in the unique position of being able to tell a story about what is special about the property. SRP HOTEL PROPERTY DESCRIPTION Rev081215HO-mm SRP Hotel Associate Database Manual 3 . A good way to do this is to imagine your ideal tenant, and think about what would be important to them.

It is important to remain positive throughout your property description, and to describe things in an encouraging way. Key features […] HOTEL PROPERTY DESCRIPTION packageIndicator 1 1 1 PACKAGE INDICATOR HRD_RequiredForSell 1 1 1 HRD REQUIRED FOR SELL Segment ID MKTTXT Nesting Level 0 - Mandatory/Optional Flag O Repeat Factor 999 XML Tag Rept. Hotel Manager Job Description Template: We are seeking a professional and customer-focused Hotel Manager to oversee our hotel operations. A property description is made up of 2 parts: key features and property description. • “The accommodation comprises …”

We also offer a professional photography service. Get a new token. How do I delete my property photos using Pulse? 6855 0 obj <>stream Verify the version number for the specified service action code.

• Design of house – bungalow/2 storey Verify that eb:ConversationId element is in the SOAP header.

Browse, test, and integrate pre-made widgets into your application. Why is the order of photos different on my property page and the Extranet? Here is property manager job description example showing the functions and daily activities of individuals who work in that role: The key features section is your opportunity to tell potential tenants about the key selling points of your property, in a bullet point format. Get an under-the-hood look at Sabre APIs by browsing our sample code library, available in a variety of programming languages. • Type of house – Detached/semi/terraced 1. Try asking our community, led by Sabre Engineers. General property descriptions provides an abridged version of the hotel property description or chain description.

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2.3.0. How do I change my main photo using Pulse? Whether you’re an airline, travel agency, or a startup, learn how to get started with Sabre APIs and consume our available services. 1. It is also important to include items in the key features that will appeal to your target audience. • Whether the property is offered furnished/part furnished/unfurnished However, please note that while your description can be poetic, it should not mislead a prospective tenant. • “The property benefits from …” Explore support and community options available to Travel Solutions customers. A property description is made up of 2 parts: key features and property description. 3. How do I add, change, and update my property photos? To learn more, check out our latest blog post about the value that Content Services for Lodging can bring to your company. Your application may be experiencing an internal security error.
• Available now/Available from… 1. The best description in the world won’t counter a terrible selection of photos. • Parking arrangements, garage, driveway etc Other things you might mention within the “key features” or the property description include:

Remember that if the first paragraph doesn’t catch the readers attention, they are highly unlikely to read on, so make sure you write a snappy, appealing opening paragraph. Explore support and community options available to Airline Solutions customers. Tenants will primarily be interested in the practical information about your property.

Verify the password for your token credentials. 44 Additional Items Required for Indexing 44 • Style of décor – contemporary/traditional etc The key features section is your opportunity to tell potential tenants about the key selling points of your property, in a bullet point format. This property manager job description can assist in creating a job application that will attract candidates who are qualified for the position. How do I show guests what I do to protect them in regards to the coronavirus? Join the #Rebuilding conversation in the Partner Community. The descriptions on your Booking.com property page are automatically generated based on the info you provide on the Extranet, like facilities, room details, and location. þ�x�W2=c؝�!y��F����amS���{sL&��ps���c�\��z�†�+K�A�&���5����s����Q���D�������T��@(�%����u�i{.�:����l��Κ隲�$�����d�[ʔ���jBCCҁ��PI����8�2�Z���nN� ��N�ظ.FEvbo��M��#ʼW�mrӱV)8v�hG��i�M�c��'�yl�Ӽ)��靐a��Ԇ7=Y�@�"n,�;q�l�M��kT����r�X+K���$�Oxӓ&;�'G� �� EOd'ML�f��4l P/�. HOTEL PROPERTY DESCRIPTION Sample entry : &&HOD2 HOD02 Segment ID HODDAT Nesting Level 0 - Mandatory/Optional Flag O Repeat Factor 1 Element ID Data Type Rept.

• “A well presented three bedroom semi detached house on the outskirts of ….” Here you’ll find the newest insights and initiatives. They make decisions on potential changes based on best practices and company guidelines. An internal error prevented the request from being processed. Session creation blocked for the given user. If your ideal tenants are a family, they may be interested in, again, the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, but also parking, school catchment and proximity to bus routes. Learn how to manage your property and Booking.com's Extranet in the Partner Help Center.

If the facilities to update are specific to your rooms, go to Room amenities under the Property tab of the Extranet. The version number for the specified service and given user is deprecated.

For more info on guests’ booking behavior and how it relates to your property page, watch this video. • School catchment (you should definitely include this in the key points if, for example, you have a family-sized home within the catchment of a good school) 43 Guidelines for Standard Abbreviations 43 Guidelines for Items NOT to be requested. To make your page stand out from the crowd and attract more guests, we developed the Property Page Score. • Size of bedrooms – doubles/singles Responses are based on real time requests to hotel suppliers with actual rates and rooms available at the time of request. fact Min. For more information about how to take the best pictures of your property, please see our “How to photograph your property” guide. What photos do I need for my home, apartment or holiday rental? The Hotel Property Description is the Sabre equivalent of a sales brochure containing detailed information regarding the facilities and services available at each property. Remember, all description-related requests are evaluated by our Content Team. Most often room sizes are given in feet and inches. A property description is made up of 2 parts: key features and property description.

Wait at least 500 milliseconds and resend the request.

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0 1. The Hotel Property Description (HotelPropertyDescriptionLLSRQ) API provides details on available room rates by room and rate type for a single property.

Find tips and advice to help you through this time with the hashtag #Rebuilding. For example, if your ideal tenants are a young professional couple, their main points of interest may be the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, parking & train links, and whether the property is close to restaurants/bars. Need help? 6767 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[<9C7006FD21902C4FA367EBE9A27B1FA0><39DF78F7D706AA43B22A0C7C5EE78B1E>]/Index[6751 91]/Info 6750 0 R/Length 85/Prev 799538/Root 6752 0 R/Size 6842/Type/XRef/W[1 2 1]>>stream Our articles cover all the most common questions from partners. Verify required ebXML element or attribute is valid. If you want to update the facilities in your description, the easiest way to make those changes is by updating the facilities info under the Facilities & services tab. Contact your Sabre account manager to verify access. • Double glazing �H b`b��d100�M��� � J� ] Search. Key features are really those points that will be appealing to, or be of most importance to, your ideal tenants. h�b```b``6b`a`�*eb@ !�+s``ptfdaPpQ�X����Lq��y�&\G�������b�;�&�IC� Measurements, although not entirely necessary for a rental property, can be a good way to promote a particularly spacious room. • Layout – multiple reception rooms, open plan etc

Lastly, remember that a picture speaks a thousand words. Senior Director, Partner Services at Booking.com, Copyright © 1996-2020 Booking.com. Contact Sabre Support if the error persists. Check out how to leverage our APIs to create powerful solutions.

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2. Requesting General Property Descriptions.

Explore support and community options available to Hospitality Solutions customers. Build faster with easy-to-ingest code in our comprehensive GitHub repository. Connect online with other Booking.com partners. The property description section allows you to go in to more depth about your property.

If there's any extra info you want to share with guests about their stay, we recommend using automatic message templates instead. • Type of cooking facilities – gas/electric oven and/or hob Explore the picturesque Midlands Maximum number of concurrent requests for the API has been exceeded. Optimizing the traveler search experience to boost visibility. Terminate unused active session tokens, wait at least 500 milliseconds and resend the request. Size MAX. When writing your property description, it is important not to be misleading.

If you notice incorrect distances to local landmarks in your description, we recommend checking if your property is located correctly in our system. • Number of bathrooms/en suites


Description Hotel Cellai is located in the heart of the historic center of Florence in an extremely characteristic, quite and lively area within short walk distance to all sites and is surrounded by the extraordinary beauty of churches, buildings, shops and monuments.