I'm not sure he is #1 player on a championship team level, I think maybe Paul George level.

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Hill had the handling, shooting, athleticism, IQ, and work ethic to be GOAT. His '97 series against Miami is one of the best individual series I've seen by a player. When i see Barrett i see a kid who's more advanced for his age and stronger for his age than his peers. I dont see elite athleticism, moves, shooting, nothing.

He is the modern day kevin willis. Press J to jump to the feed. WASHINGTON Juwan Howard 6-8 1/2 253 Michigan 6. I'd go more Shabzz Muhamad. Why do all the Duke players gain nearly a full 2 inches with shoes on when most gain 1? Some might disagree, but I don't think even a prime Hill was cut out to be a #1 option on a championship-level team.

Good footwork, very athletic, probably longer than Kobe, can pass at a really high level but it's probably last on his list if he can help it. SACRAMENTO Brian Grant 6-8 1/2 247 Xavier 9. Cam Payne jumps out to me as the biggest loser from these measurements. Could be a -14.70%? What kind of shoes are they wearing? Hardaway was a PG with far better handles and shooting. He is also very athletic and has a decent jump shot (a bit slow but can’t complain for an 18 year old). NBA teams aren’t looking at him for his shot blocking ability. Nice body too, so the tools are there to be a successful two-way guy. Anthony Brown’s measurements have to be incorrect…6’5.25” barefoot, 6’8.5” with shoes?

Grant Hill 6-7 230 Duke(Must be Listed Height) 4. You will be surprised! Lost your password? Decent wingspans though, particularly Oubre.

I disagree, i think cam reddish is the smooth one, and barrett is really athletic, at least from what wecan see from his insta. LOS ANGELES CLIPPERS Lamond Murray 6-6 1/2 235 California 8. I wonder what effect these measurements will have on their draft stock if any? His smooth and shifty playstyle has the potential to be lethal if his scoring efficiency improves. I'd say Batum is my best NBA comp for him, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Winslow, Johnson and Oubre all seem a little short to be prototypical 3’s. However, with the right pairing, he could have given Scottie a run for Pre-injuries Grant Hill vs. Scottie Pippen

When you hear of a 7-foot guy, you never know how tall he is exactly. It is the only time you get to see someone’s real size. first i was gonna give kaminsky mad props for his height, he will be listed at 7-1. Pippen was a lot better defensively and they were basically equal in the other aspects of the game.

Both were deadly in the open court, point forwards and excellent rebounders for their position, but Pippen's defense set him apart. To counter that last statement, what really good scorers on the wing aren't great shooters or athletes?

My realistic comp is basically Wiggins physically in terms of wow athleticism.

Also do you guys think he has the potential to be the lead facilitator on a team? Hill didn't have the same shooting ability as Hardaway but far better handles than Barrett, a better first step and real point forward ability.

Jerian Grant PG: 6′ 3.25” 6′ 4 ... Frank is the only guy on this entire list with a wingspan shorter then his real height without shoes.

He was a much better player than what his stats reflect and just a very creative, innovative and veteran savvy type of guy. Nice finisher too. When will they stop measuring players with shoes on?

He won the FIBA U19 under aged. Where logical evaluation and substance generate discussion, rather than conventional stereotypes and uninspiring cliches. He’s not that athletic yet he has that KD-like silky smooth game where he’ll drop a casual 30 on you yet you’d think he scored much less. But I don't see any comparison to Bazz apart from both being athletic slashers. Nah.

He's talented and from what little I've seen and read, he seems to work hard. Learn how your comment data is processed. (Before you scoff at that Muhammad was a top HS prospect). Joseph Treutlein The 48th ranked high school senior by RSCI in 2009, Solomon Hill has had a relatively underwhelming first two seasons in Tucson, averaging just 8.0 points in 25.2 minutes per game as a sophomore. All of this said, he would be a nice fit on the Magic because he'd be a nice fit on any team. Which is also similar to Kobe as seen in Barrett's Canada vs USA game. It’s ridiculous, and it’s a mess.