This road becomes the Geronimo Trail. This is a populated area so care must be taken when choosing hunting areas. This range allows for a variety of plant and animal life as well as excellent recreation opportunities. The wilderness consists of the rugged slopes of the Dos Cabezas Mountains, with elevations ranging from 4,080 feet to 7,500 feet.

For this reason there is a Female Harvest Objective for each unit every year. LockA locked padlock Area: The San Bernardino valley is a mixture of private property and State Trust land. Continue to Mobile Site To get there; take Hwy 80 from Douglas to the Boss-Husted Shipping Corral Road (Dangerous Road). Hunters can now travel through the Rocker M Ranch, but must sign in. A pile of volcanic rocks of Late Cretaceous and Paleocene age caps the older rocks in much of the study area. Below are the Free Visitor Guides for Phoenix. Pre-scouting cannot be over emphasized for this hunt. Hunt along the foothills near Happy Camp, Sheep, and Long canyons. The Pedregosa Mountains are located northeast of Douglas. Searchable listings of Phoenix RV parks and campgrounds. One major change in access is Skeleton, South Fork of Skeleton, and Starvation Canyon is no longer available.

Anyone who is interested in visiting Dos Cabezas Mountains can print the free topographic map and street map using the link above. It is also important to remember that dove will water after they feed, so they may not fly into the waterholes until a little later in the morning. A “township” can refer to two different things. Copyright © Locality, LLC | Privacy Policy | Terms of Use | About. Secondly, you can park your vehicle on Hwy 80 at the rest area at approximately mile post 375.5, from this location you can hike east on foot into the red hills (Be sure and look at land ownership and topographical maps to avoid hunting on private lands). Areas include Walnut Canyon, Upper Indian Creek and Half-moon Valley areas. Also, an often-overlooked area is the agricultural fields and orchards near the Kansas Settlement. Access is limited so be sure to contact as many ranchers as possible for access opportunities. Although, the best areas to hunt in 30A are located in the Peloncillo and the Pedregosa Mountains. A lock ( Follow Hwy 191; scout the farming areas on both sides of the road. Area: Areas that should be productive are the San Bernardino Valley, Pedregosa Mountains and the Dos Cabezas Mtns. All Rights Reserved and.

) or https:// means you’ve safely connected to the .gov website. Like all hunting, scouting is very essential to your success. We receive lots of emails from people who find their name or a relative’s name on our site and want to know if this means they have some right to the land listed under that name. about viewing, downloading, and printing report files can be found here. For the Willcox Playa, the closure is: beginning at Willcox; southeast on AZ Hwy 186 to the Kansas Settlement Road; south on the Kansas Settlement Road to Kimzey Road which runs west from K-S Store (formerly Brown’s store) and the cotton gin at the northeast corner of Section 11, Township 16 South, Range 25 East; west along this road alignment to AZ Hwy 191; north on AZ Hwy 191 to Interstate 10; northeast on Interstate 10 to Willcox (see Map). Good optics and patience while hunting this species of deer is a must. United States. Bowie can best be accessed from I-10. This location's average summer high temps are Pre-season scouting is very important to learn these roads and obtain permission where needed. Searchable listings of Phoenix restaurants, bars, diners, and more. You're all set! #1 Dos Cabezas Mountains Mountain Range Updated: 2019-11-30 The Dos Cabezas Mountains are a mountain range in southeasternmost Arizona, USA. Javelina in this area tend to weigh more because of the abundance of the agricultural products they eat. The USGS (U.S. Geological Survey) publishes a set of the most commonly used topographic maps of the U.S. called US Topo that are separated into rectangular quadrants that are printed at 22.75"x29" or larger. Be sure that you secure access to hunt in this unit before you apply. Chest depth of course, is better for males displaying a wide view from the front and more of cylindrical body side profile. It extends several miles to the northwest and tens of miles to the southeast, across the Chiricahua Mountains beyond Apache Pass. The Pedregosa Mountains are located northeast of Douglas. Your email and your recipient's email will NOT be shared with anyone. One major change is access into Skeleton, South Fork of Skeleton, and Starvation Canyon will no longer be allowed. Areas between Douglas and the San Bernardino Valley should not be overlooked. Discover mining activity in your area and find new regions of opportunity. Area: Black Bear in this unit will typically occupy National Forest Service lands. Find a good vantage point and glass areas for long periods of time. For the Whitewater Draw Wildlife Area, please see the attached map for areas closed to Crane hunting. The 11,700-acre Dos Cabezas Mountains Wilderness lies 20 miles east of Willcox and seven miles south of Bowie, Arizona in Cochise County. The female nose conversely seems longer and pointy. Of course, you can still use the full version of Go-Arizona on your mobile device just as you can on your desktop.

See our full. The Peloncillo Mountains along the New Mexico border can be a good area to glass up Fall bears. The first being the Geronimo Trail east of Douglas. Transportation companies, driving directions and more for Phoenix.