@josephgomes619: Galactus started eating Mephisto's dimension and Mephisto yielded. I only read Squirrel Girl's comics for the guest-star characters, but they usually end up looking like a bunch of OOCs from a second-rate Tumblr fanfic. I would like to beilive it was some bs since the same Loki stalemated Current Strange who reality warped an entire dimension and it happened in a squirrel girl comic. Tampers with Human Torch's powers. Something backed up by the comics, handbooks and guidebooks. But now im starting to reconsider. I've already argued before they're not as bad as most people think. @zetsumoto: Galactus has to be really well fed and absolutely not jobbing/held back by PIS to fight against Dormammu (like he was against The In-Betweener). That chess match with Odin means nothing. Dormammu is now more powerful as well by starting to using souls as a power source, so it's pretty explainable. Dark Dimension ? What's the highest amount of energy he has absorbed in canon? Otherwise he will be humiliated like usual, @darkmundus: Gwenpool should toss her into the white space and leave her there. It's because his power fluctuates so much with his hunger level but a recently fed Galactus should be too much for Dormammu. Dormammu >>>>>> Mephisto. He was eating Mephisto's realm, so I don't see why he couldn't absorb Dormammu's energies as well. Dormammu has nearly destroyed a universe. Even the vastly inferior Loki has been able to hold him off for a time. Stalemates In-Betweener.

Supposedly a "fully fed galactus" is some super powerful abstract entity. So much better of a character. Thanos can't beat him, so don't speak bullshit. That means Big G is at Eternity's level. @asmodeus12345: Thanks for clarifying that to me, it sounds like Hulk fanboys that think Hulk can bring down even The One Above All with his punches... Nurses need to take the connection off for those mental patients and give them their pills.

Trapped on an alien world filled with alien squirrels, they have only a short amount of time to figure out something – ANYTHING – before EVERYBODY DIES. It has done by one of the weakest versions of Dormammu as well. Dormammu quite easily even against a full powered Galactus. EmptyHand 3 mo 18 d . Breaker 4 mo 10 d . Recovers from a headbutt via Odin without issue. @andromeda101: Damn, I missed that.

Either way, Galactus when Well-Fed has said to rival other entities. show 1 reply . Transforms Terrax into pure-energy and a worm. I really doubt he won because of plot. This can be seen by the very art when Strange is sent way to the edge of the universe, which was in basically in flames and destroyed: It's also officially confirmed by Marvel - Absolutely Everything You Need To Know that Dormammu indeed nearly destroyed the universe on top of all: That's why not everything ceased to be, but these effects still reached out to other universes and ended up on a multi-universal scale. Lol, I can't deny that.

I guess kids could find it entertaining. and hunger by time. Displays preternatural senses. What the...Galactus didn't even eat Mephisto's real, what makes you think he can eat Dormammu? @asmodeus12345: that's another reason I love to read comics myself, I do take someone else's word when I can see they are being objective and talking about key factors with sufficient knowledge about the issue and when scans are self explanatory (not ambiguous), that until I read myself the whole context in the issue and do my math. However, given as we (or at least I) haven't seen Big G at full fed level, I'd have to give this to Dormammu after a long and brutal fight. Galactus stomps because he have the feats and the power to do so, not for being a cosmic being.

but olso galactus was equeled by mephisto and mephisto surrendered because he didn't want his realm to be destroyed. Oneshots a member of The Celestials. galactus was equals with mephisto and eternity dormammu defeated eternity and stated as more powerful than mephisto. DeanDinosaur6 1 y 2 mo 28 d . That him harming eternity is destroying a universe ? I thought only he, eternity, death, and the beyonder(s) survive beyond the renewals... or did i miss something. dormammu>eternity=galactus=mephisto>agamotto>dormammu. Also, i have to say, the quality of debates in comic threads is fantastic vs live action threads.

Resists being phased into by Vision and getting the moon being piloted into him by Silver Surfer. Interesting to see so many people side with Galactus. I’d love to say, “Yes, absolutely,” but instead I am forced to say, “No way, she’s trapped on Earth, she barely knows where they are, and she has to defeat THE DREAD DORMAMMU before she can go anywhere!”. @andromeda101: Nice! @killers10333: Dormammu is most definitely > Odin, @zetsumoto: i probably reversed them then haha.. its been a while since ive looked into them, So where do beings like dormammu and surtur fit into the cosmic mythos? A blast from Thanos only sends him flying physically, and proceeds to piss him off. Thats a part of 616 right ? Defeats Sphinx. Neither can Mephisto if you think that as well but taking a good look in your last post, in the end, I think you're butthurt about the character for some reason anyway. Fights Mephisto and nearly devours Mephisto's Realm.