“We could have derailed mentally, but he didn’t allow it. © 2020 Sports New Media Limited. “The truly elite players like Kevin Durant and Stephen Curry are using a different three-point line now,” Beckner said.

By signing up you agree to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, Discussion of news topics with a point of view, including narratives by individuals regarding their own experiences. Damian Lillard quietly had an incredible season for the Portland Trail Blazers last year, averaging 27.0 points, 4.9 rebounds and 5.9 assists in 35.9 minutes per contest.

Offensive tackle for the Washington Redskins, Trent Williams also started eating plant-based after watching the documentary “What the Health” on Netflix. He doesn’t just want a game-winner; he wants to make the Hall of Fame.”, Kenyon has keyed in on Lillard’s self-control and leadership, recommending two books by author Ryan Holiday: “Ego is the Enemy” and “The Obstacle is the Way.”, “The best of the best stay composed when their team is down 15 points, or they’re in foul trouble, or when [Blazers center] Jusuf Nurkic breaks his leg and it feels like the world is ending,” Kenyon said. Therefore, they'll need their superstar point guard to take his game to another level if they expect to make a run in the playoffs. Other than drafting Zach Collins and Caleb Swanigan in the 2017 NBA Draft, the Blazers have not made any major offseason acquisitions in a Western Conference that got significantly stronger this summer due to the influx of All-Star level talent. The most important news stories of the day, curated by Post editors and delivered every morning.

A few years ago, Lillard was asked about how his diet compared to LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony, who took on no-carb plans at the time. Incredible Moment Former Puppy Mill Dog Got a Bath and Realized Everything Was About to Change, Want to Try Baking With Spelt Flour? “We have a formula that pays off for him, but it’s not for everybody. Here’s What you Need to Know, 10 Plant-Based Foods that Promote Healthier Cholesterol Levels, Sweet Photo of a Mama Cat Getting Adopted After Watching All Her Babies Leave Will Make You Smile, WTH!? Careful tutelage from his father, Houston Lillard Sr., prepared him with a clean shot release and strong mechanics.
The performance coach, who has been with the Blazers since 2013, crafted a program that would provide Lillard a better base for his long shots. An increasing number of athletes are embracing the benefits of a plant-based diet. As a result, Beckner encouraged Lillard to raise his release point so he could shoot from farther out without succumbing to a heaving or “cranking” motion that leads to inconsistency. Get your favorite articles delivered right to your inbox! Via Mike Tokito of The Oregonian, Lillard revealed his guilty pleasures a few years ago. Lillard’s previous shooting work was already demanding. In order to do that, Lillard has added swimming and boxing to his usual basketball workouts and has also switched up his diet in a huge way. I just had to get rid of it. I knew he was going to pull up because he had done it all summer. Sign up for daily news from OneGreenPlanet. Good nutrition is just as important as your workouts, and can really help you reach your goals sooner, while also supporting your body long-term. After playing in 275-consecutive games to start his career, Lillard missed seven games in each of the last two seasons due to foot and ankle injuries. The goals were simple: to give Lillard a weapon that could stretch opposing defenses past the breaking point, and to prepare Lillard’s mind, body and shooting stroke for a moment just like the closing seconds of Game 5. After playing 45 intense minutes, Lillard coolly dribbled the clock down and launched from more than 13 feet behind the three-point line. Then he walked back to the corner and said, ‘Again.’ He was so pissed. Those grades and personalized video edits allow Lillard to trim the fat from his shooting diet.

It's worth noting that in his rookie season, he played a career-high 38.9 minutes per game, which could or could not be a correlation. Recently, Lillard was on The Late Late Show with James Gordon where he revealed he’s been eating plant-based for a whole week. All Rights Reserved.

Both coaches knew what was coming.

He wants to be one of those guys.”. During an average day early in his pro career, Lillard would sink 700 or more “high-quality” makes during twice-daily sessions.
“No matter what, [Lillard] keeps his composure and leads by example.”, Clash of pride between Damian Lillard and Russell Westbrook makes theirs the best playoff series. Blazers Coach Terry Stotts understood the logic and the math behind the long-distance approach, and he wasn’t complaining about the results. Apparently cutting out junk food has been a major focus for Lillard throughout his career. Eating more plant-based foods could be the answer you need to gain more energy and improve overall health. And Lillard isn’t the only one breaking all the stereotypes that athletes need meat and dairy products to thrive. His summer plan centered on a calculated trade: Lillard would absorb some risk by shooting from farther away, but would benefit by facing less defensive pressure. Damian Lillard quietly had an incredible season for the Portland Trail Blazers last year, averaging 27.0 points, 4.9 rebounds and 5.9 assists in 35.9 minutes per contest. Both coaches have also tried to shape what they call Lillard’s “emotional intelligence.” Beckner has spent years building Lillard’s confidence by “speaking greatness into him” through setbacks, such as multiple all-star snubs and a string of 10 straight postseason losses. Lillard also did targeted work to address his hamstrings and calves while also attending hot yoga sessions to hone core strength and flexibility. Considering that Lillard hit 36.9 percent of his threes from any distance, his decision to launch deeper attempts in search of cleaner looks paid off. Learn how your comment data is processed. Jimmy Butler was the adult in the gym for the Sixers. With Kenyon preaching the virtues of mindfulness, Lillard began taking 10 deep belly breaths while laying on the ground to practice centering himself after strenuous exertion. But that was only half the battle. Apparently he’s now down to 190 pounds, which is eight pounds lighter than his listed weight last season. Even Wing Stop.

Freddy Adu: Compared to Pele at a young age, where is the American now? Lillard has worked with Beckner for a decade, and he hired the former Boise State associate head coach last summer as his full-time adviser. By Kristian Winfield @Krisplashed Jan 19, 2018, 10:19am EST He hit 39 percent of his threes during four years at Weber State, where he met Beckner, and launched more than six threes per game during his NBA rookie season of 2012-13. “He’s in a category with [Curry and] all those guys. If you’re considering becoming a plant-powered athlete, check out Common Benefits Athletes Experience When Switching to a Vegan Diet and check out these tips on preparing vegan foods for your workouts. The professional basketball star has been eating a vegan diet in the hopes of improving his game.

Kenyon, 35, spent most of last summer traveling with Lillard to Arizona, New York and Los Angeles so the superstar could maintain his workout routines despite his many off-court commitments. L.A Lakers star LeBron James buys his daughter an insane playhouse for her birthday. Mediterranean Pizza With Turmeric Falafel [Vegan, Gluten-Free], Kroger Adds More Than 50 New Items to Plant-based Collection, Weekly Meal Plan: Our Most Popular Plant Based Fall Produce Recipes, Brave Louis Hunter Fights for Black Lives with First Black-owned Vegan Restaurant in Minneapolis, Federal Court Upholds California’s Prop 12, A Landmark Animal Protection Law Governing Meat Production Standards. The three men decided at the beginning of last summer that extending Lillard’s range was their offseason priority. Lillard, a guest on the ESPN … Once I noticed the change in how I felt, I said it was worth it.”. Seems like Lillard has figured out that exercise and fitness aren’t the only key part of a successful athletic journey. “Those situations are handled way before the time comes,” Lillard said. I’m telling you, you’re going to hit one of these.’ ”. Richman pointed out that his weight was 189 pounds at the 2012 NBA draft combine. Despite a marked rise in recent years — thanks to Stephen Curry, the NBA’s leading long-ball Pied Piper — the stigma lingers. The Trail Blazers guard’s series-clinching shot against Oklahoma City was the product of a year-long effort to extend his range through shooting drills, lower body work and mental training. Tell us in the comments! People in Portland know he’s been doing it [all season]. Point guard for the NBA’s Portland Trailblazers, Damian Lillard has made quite the name for himself on the court, he was named NBA All-Star twice – and now Lillard is making a name for himself off the court too. Kirk Goldsberry once mapped food deserts. Experts Says Loneliness During Pandemic is Bad for Brain Health But Here’s What You Can Do! So, if you’re an athlete, skip the energy drinks, the stimulants, the muscle enhancers, and all that other jazz and look to your diet for help with performance and recovery. Boston’s ‘Giannis Rules’ leave Bucks flummoxed in Game 1, Sign up for our weekly NBA newsletter to get the best basketball coverage in your inbox. The record, set by one of Beckner’s other NBA clients, was 207. When you really put the time in, it always comes to light.”, Deep three-pointers have long been anathema to basketball coaches because they are generally low-percentage shots that don’t tax the defense. However, it appears that he wasn’t completely satisfied. You can also check out one of our favorite bodybuilder’s tips for staying energized and buff the plant-based way! When Portland’s first-round ­series shifted to Oklahoma City for Games 3 and 4, Beckner and Lillard went through workouts at Chesapeake Energy Arena. “You fail a lot before you succeed,” Beckner said. ‘OMG.’ ‘Unreal.’ ‘WOW.’ How ‘cold blooded’ Damian Lillard stunned the NBA. In fact, Lillard’s shot was the culmination of 12 months of intense and purposeful work with Phil Beckner, his longtime player development trainer, and Ben Kenyon, the Blazers’ sports performance coach. Throughout the regular season, Beckner traveled to Portland roughly twice a month for shooting work. He explained later that he was in “comfortable range,” and his stoic reaction — a wave goodbye to the Thunder and a blank face as he was mobbed by teammates — only added to the air of effortlessness. Beckner watched Game 5 nervously from his Arizona home, while Kenyon took in the action from his seat on the team’s bench. Just for health reasons, to feel better and take better care of my body and treat it like the machine that it is so it can function better and longer,” he told Christopher Hunt of Men’s Fitness. I’m thankful for it.”. check out one of our favorite bodybuilder’s tips.