Each particular visual story reveals local qualities and raises specific questions on each occasion. Offering a 30-day money back guarantee, Leather Obsession has confidence in their products and appears to be hassle free. Each lamp is vintage, but perhaps the more crucial thing they have in common is that each represents a trend currently winging its way through the design world. Franklin's obsession with Tara resulted in his attacking her twice, kidnapping her and stealing her away to Mississippi where he threatened to turn her. However, come 1991, fraught by a press backlash against indie-dance and a growing obsession for US grunge acts like Nirvana, Happy Mondays staged a half-arsed return to the charts with mediocre single 'Judge Fudge'. Ecologist Eugene Stoermer and Nobel laureate atmospheric chemist Paul Crutzen coined the term ‘Anthropocene’ in 2000. Craft as a material practice, through the making and thinking processes that are at its base, has the potential to enable us to understand our own positions of responsibility in a complex world system and to become a tool for re-telling stories. associated with critters and things that dwell in or under the earth. Thus, what we today understand as ‘local’, or what we associate with a specific sense of place, is likely a reality profoundly affected by these phenomena. This was not insincere: Paddy Ashdown's diaries reveal Blair's obsession with Saddam's arsenal as long ago as 1997. Not relying on a defined studio situation and on the comfort of specific sets of tools, materials and techniques that they are familiar with allows these artists to question and challenge themselves and their knowledge, together with and in a dialectic relation to others, both human and non-human. Copyright © 2020 LoveToKnow. She points to the necessity to pull on a thread and begin to untangle the ball of meanings, and begin to trace through one thread and then another, to find tangles and patterns crucial to staying with the trouble in real and particular places and times at a particular moment in history for a particular group of people. It might be more an obsession about biological kin. See also Donna Haraway, Staying with the Trouble, Making Kin in the Chthulucene (Durham and London:Duke University Press, 2016), 99. Central to her research is the question of how a place or a sense of belonging can affect the artist’s knowledge in relation to questions of ecological destruction, and how one can eventually become site-responsive and cultivate responsibilities. An eating disorder is an obsession with food and controlling its effects on the body. Society suffers a sort of perpetual obsession, and remains self-hypnotized as it were within a magic circle of traditional views. These artists are deeply concerned with the relationship between humans and nature, and with the potential of reconsidering this relationship in a world that is interconnected and disrupted by human-caused phenomena, that is, in a world where it is no longer possible to think in terms of opposites or dichotomies (e.g., human-nonhuman, craft-industry, object-subject, nature-culture). Pforzheim University has established Pforzheim as a university town with an international reputation. And Doris 's obsession with tidying up has potentially tragic repercussions. From certain quarters there was what seemed to me like an almost morbid obsession with Christ's death. As the poignant embroidery and appliqué works of artist Britta Marakatt-Labba remind us, a sense of place is related to a person’s history with a certain place and their roots – it entails personal and collective memories and an understanding of how a community, animals, things, materials and memories are interconnected. Since 2011, they have photographed more than 100 seniors, presenting them as immersed in their natural environment, wearing sculptures made of natural materials from their surroundings. And only a Power Greater than himself or I call God, could remove the mental obsession of a nicotine fix or shall I say smoking cigarettes. About the Author Austen Atkinson's most enduring passion is history, and he has had a life-long obsession with lost civilizations and cities. I feel like my interior style has been changing a little of late. It is now essential, for us as makers and craft practitioners, to look closely at our own positions of responsibility in a complex world system. 5 The qualities of a textile piece – as the works of Bjarnadóttir and Marakatt-Labba attest – render us able to understand how there is no separation between nature and culture, how things are surrounding us and how we surround them, how we are all interconnected in a sympoietic process. Some would argue this reflects how television's interest in World War II is an obsession, mining a steadily diminishing seam. Press contact: Johanne Nordby Wernö / St. Hans Kommunikasjon Your obsession with the British soap opera Eastenders is not unusual. Customer Obsession. Members of the Korn/Coal Chamber/Staind school of metal, Slipknot has gone from underground obsession to popular metal music powerhouse in a few short years. 15 Special advertorial column in the CURRENT OBSESSION MAGAZINE + PAPER and series of online articles featuring upcoming exhibitions, events, workshops and fairs. I don't remember how I found it. He also had a sexual obsession, something about becoming an incubus. The town of Pforzheim is also characterized by an active creative scene which is focused on the area of design. cable TV obsession he likes to tied to the. And especially through situated learning and making with others in their chosen contexts, they seek a new sense of place, of belonging with nature, and a response-able way of being in the world. The exhibition serves as a backdrop and inspiration for the writers as they forage deep into the material world and endeavour to flesh out concepts such as material interaction and material agency, Posthumanism, site-responsiveness and symbiotic thinking. In total there will be three scholarships for a three-month working phase at the EMMA Creative Center in Pforzheim. nycjewelryweek.com. When Jill and I posted pictures of our favorite books on Instagram last week, mine featured one of my favorite objects in my living room, shown above: A pot, used by me as a planter, that features two hand-painted, color-blocked pastel faces. Not only this, my preference for mid century furniture design seems to be growing. A person with OCD, for example, may be obsessed with germs and may counteract this obsession with continual hand washing. In addition, limited interests with intense focus may occur, often resembling obsession. Whether you are a parent, grandparent, aunt or uncle, snapping a cute shot of darling little Johnny or precious Katie can become an obsession. […] Sympoiesis is a word proper to complex, dynamic, responsive, situated, historical systems. We first realized a checkerboard trend was happening last fall, and have since amassed a folder full of images that grows bigger by the week, as we see the pattern flying by on the Instagram accounts of fashion brands, interior designers, and shops.