After the Younger brothers were In "One Way Ticket", a 1962 episode of Cheyenne, Clint Walker, in the title role of Cheyenne Bodie, is a federal marshal escorting Younger, played by Philip Carey, to prison to begin his sentence.

what happened to the Younger He was the eldest brother of Jim, John and Bob Younger, who were also members of the gang. It enacted a number of reforms, but the restrictions on former Confederates created disunity.

Former guerrillas John Jarrett (Younger's brother-in-law), Arthur McCoy, and George and Oliver Shepard were also implicated. were convicted for murder. of the First National Bank of The character resides just outside the town of Great Bend, Kansas and is played by Brian O'Connor.[7]. Simultaneously, another Pinkerton agent, W.J. In 1960, Robert J. Wilke (1914–1989) played Younger in the episode "Perilous Passage", the series premiere of the NBC western Overland Trail, starring William Bendix and Doug McClure. opposing and supporting their parole. The character resides just outside the town of Great Bend, Kansas and is played by Brian O'Connor.[7]. last reports since Jim committed They weren't

Thomas Coleman Younger (January 15, 1844 – March 21, 1916) was an American Confederate guerrilla during the American Civil War and later an outlaw leader with the James–Younger Gang. Frank James died February 18, 1915. Oliver Shepard was killed resisting arrest and George was imprisoned. In the last days of the war, the Radicals had pushed through a new state constitution that barred all Confederate sympathizers from voting, serving on juries, holding public office, preaching the gospel, or carrying out other public roles. Whicher,[3] who pursued the James brothers was abducted and later found dead alongside a rural road in Jackson County, Missouri. [citation needed], The outlaws killed two townspeople, including the acting cashier of the bank, and fled empty-handed. During the American Civil War, savage guerrilla warfare wracked the state of Missouri. "[5], In the episode ‘’The Younger Brothers’ Younger Brother’’ (Season 13, Episode 23) of the western television show Bonanza, Cole Younger (Strother Martin) and his brothers are released from prison and again take up a life of crime that has them cross paths with Hoss Cartwright, who is then mistaken for one of the brothers.[6]. What she wanted As the gang was riding towards Northfield in September, 1876 for … [citation needed], Most of the former bushwhackers returned to peaceful lives.

from their crimes basically. brothers after they were captured? On election day of 1866, Clement led his men to polling places in Lexington, Missouri, where they intimidated citizens and secured the election of a slate of candidates. Jim so they could get married.

Also in 1960, an episode of Bronco, "Shadow of Jesse James", told the story of the Northfield Bank Robbery. The constitution freed all slaves in Missouri in advance of the ratification of the 13th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.