We know they call themselves Tims and we do not calls ourselves h**, I am curious however, why are you offended when someone calls you a h**?
I guess it doesn't really matter where the word came from the only thing that matters is the meaning. In 2003, Celtic reached the UEFA Cup Final, with the match ending 3–2 to FC Porto.An estimated 80,000 Celtic supporters travelled to Seville for the occasion. I remember when we were moving from Germany ...were in Stanstead airport...and my son had on a Gers top he was just a wee kid and had always lived in Germany. And we most certainly do not like being referred to as such. And what do Rangers fans usually call celtic fans in return? I don't agree, fenian and h** are not comparable, because fenian is their own word, h** has been applied to us against our will. in The Bears' Den, RangersMedia.co.uk

Do you sing 'No Chapels throw sand in my eyes' as well? I don,t know why celtic call rangers huns,it could be derogatory knowing their hatred of Rangers.

A wee Celtic boy pointed at my son and said look Dad a h**....my boy only spoke german at the time but some how had learned to say fuck off as he though it was an insult to him from the Celtic wean for his speaking german.
Celtic fans received awards from UEFA and FIFA for their "loyal and sporting behaviour" at the match.

Can see him leaving in January. We are offended by the H word. Can't quite believe what I'm seeing with this swear filter on here now. Over the years, and certainly as late as the 1960s it was a general insult, but often aimed specifically at them. I don,t know why celtic call rangers huns,it could be derogatory knowing their hatred of Rangers. I think they call us h*** because we support the Queen, who is a descendant of the House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha (Belgian royal family is of that House by the way), a German royal bloodline. With the recent Lennon and Novo controversy I have taken the time to have a good read at the posts on Kerrydale street. This topic is now archived and is closed to further replies. maybe we should get the plastic paddys a few history books to learn about there own "heritage" ..... on the other hand - facts and tims??? Celtic fans were called it first because during the war there was a blackout in Britain but Ireland kept all their lights on to direct the Germans. An eclectic concatenation of events allowed them to live in the illusion for so long... it's just so beautiful to watch it burst. They are offended by the F word. Why don't we start calling them h*** again then?

Had no idea. Calling a Tim a Tim is unoffensive. http://forum.rangersmedia.co.uk/index.php?...9&hl=fenien. I don,t know why celtic call rangers huns,it could be derogatory knowing their hatred of Rangers.

They've lived in a bubble for years mate.

I always thought we were sining every 'fenians son'. i should hope not their club shop has Tim Land emblazoned on their plastic bags. I can't say I'm overly bothered, maybe alittle disturbed as they might be calling me a Protestant which I am not but whenever someone has called me it I simply correct them and tell them I am a Rangers supporter and religion has nothing to do with that.

i'm led to believe this is the correct reason as to why we're refered to as h*** .Also the term Tim is a reference to. Ridiculous ofcourse, but hey we ARE talking about timmy. Love the arguement about the irish republicans harbouring the Germans during the WWII though... Will be using that tomo night, any more amo? (Photo by Jeff Holmes/Pool via Getty Images).

A passionate bluenose, Cameron is the Lead Journalist with Rangers News and the Head of Sport (Scotland) for GRV Media. We don't refer to ourselves as h***.

I doubt Timmy gets so offended over the word Tim. And we most certainly do not like being referred to as such.

The equivalent to h** is Tarrier or Taig (admin please don't edit this). Some of the posts on here are embarrassing. #4 51andCounting, Nov 6, 2005. Jones is better than Barker but he is still not good enough for the starting 11. Tim comes from a Glasgow gang - the Tim Malloys. Some Celtic fans respond to Rangers' Twitter with jubilation.

Size probably didn't help. To be called a h** us completely unacceptable. The only difference between the two words is when used in a derogatory manner one is sectarian and the other is not. Theories are ten-a-penny – there are even suggestions that Rangers fans initially called Celtic fans ‘huns’ because of Irish Republicans’ support for Nazi Germany, and that it was chanted by fans of both teams when the losing side’s supporters were spotted leaving early: “Go home you huns…” It was soon switched to us being called huns and 99% of Celtic fans who call us it can't come up with a valid reason as to why they refer to us as that.

See the Admin on here... perhaps they may want to include words that OFFEND US (like h**) instead of words that offend those tramps (Like … The equivalent to the F word they are so offended by is the H word we are so offended by. and ,,i,d shoot every fenian son,.

Their main rivals were The Billy Boys, so called because their leader's name was Billy Fullerton. according to them Fenian is not in anyway sectarian as they themselves came up with the name and are in fact very proud to be refered to as fenians! magic8ball, 15 hours ago Powered by Invision Community. kasabian101, September 4, 2008 in The Bears' Den, isn't it something to do with us being heathens or something? We don't refer to ourselves as h***. They all say h*** like it rolls off the bk of their toungues. Anyone who calls me a h** gets a warning never to use that word in my presence again... failing to heid that warning leads to a smack in the mouth.

an early roman catholic saint - saint Timothy. By So if anyone is a h** it is one who supports the Tatty Land. Why am I offended when someone calls me a h**?

I thought tims came from a gang in the East end of Glasgow who were Irish and their leader was called Tim Malloy. Completely incorrect. See the Admin on here... perhaps they may want to include words that OFFEND US (like h**) instead of words that offend those tramps (Like TA*G) first and foremost. By

Celtic fans answered the call when Sports Direct trolled Rangers. However, their choice of word is laughable seeing as they are the ones who worship a country who harboured the real h***, fuelled their U-Boats and made sure the lights in the Tatty Land were left on overnight to guide the German Bombers into Britain. I remember a song we used to sing where they were the h**, anyone remember the lines....'If I had a Tommy Gun, I'd shoot every .......... h**'. But it was falling out of use when a journalist (I think it was Ian Archer) used it to describe us after one of the 'incidents' in the 1970s (possibly Villa Park, maybe Old Trafford), and gradually it came to be widely applied to us. Please do not compare the word Tim as an Antonym for h**. I reckon we started calling them 'h***' during WW1 when the fenians staged an uprising trying to take advantage of the UK being at war in Europe. Sorry I meant the equivalent in terms of offensiveness. I hate when Rangers fans call them Timmys it sounds very affectionate and I believe they enjoy it :angry2: some good information about history in this thread.

They call us h*** on the grounds that we are loyal to the queen, who effectivly has German blood. The likes of Nil By Mouth, Glasgow education officials and the PSNI will confirm that "h**" is sectarian. Oftened have this debate with a few sellick freinds of mine. Like they actually mean it and dont really see it as an insult. Shocking. there was a big topic about us being called h*** and it asked if any of us took offence. we refered to the timmies as h*** in the period after the war due to their support of the Germans/Nazis during the WW's .... somewhere along the line they switched the term h*** over to us due to our allegiance to the Queen and the fact the Royal Family actually has German ancestory. I misunderstood the comparison you were making. Celtic fans refer to themselves as Tims.

Celtic fans refer to themselves as Tims. does it not come from the press saying we are like invading armies when we were in barcelona ,, like attila and his h** army.. also the fenians was a political party in the 20,s. Loma is great but the talk of all time great seemed premature to me.

Its just they way it is. Personally it doesnt bother me, but thats me and i respect other peoples views that it bother them. At the time 'h**' was a widely used insult. You see "Kill All h***" painted on walls in Northern Ireland referring to Protestants, with the equivalent being "Kill All Taigs". Mixed views on it, some felt strongly against it, some it didnt bother. Jock Banned. I know a few Irish lads and they they the same!