He refuses to feel sorry for himself, and he refuses to place blame for the life he has chosen to claim. For now this is where he stays, fighting his demons, addictions, and trying his best to clean this closet, blessing everyone he can along the way, even if he knows they have no way to repay. from the best words of poetry ive ever heard spoken.

Text HOME to 741741, CrisisTextline.org for people dealing with depression. Drink It Down. Words Unspoken poem by Beautiful Disaster.

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Perfection poem by Beautiful Disaster. He can inspire you, to try again tomorrow, cause it's a new day. Poem Hunter all poems of by Beautiful Disaster poems. Beautiful Disaster Poems. That's how he see's it, he loves who he is, and has every right to feel like this, cause the hell he's been through, the pain he's known, and the demons that haunt him can't seem to force him to claim this hell as his home. It’s something we’ll never know, Because we’ve convinced ourselves that nothing worth having comes easy…It all takes workAnd as we work toward that perfect life; That perfect job, that perfect friend, that perfect love, We begin to lose sight of perfection.Because after all, Perfection lies only in our ability to appreciate and to love the things that we have…The things that do come easy, Only for the mere fact that they are what is right for us, What is meant for us, And for the most part what is best for us in the long run.On our journey towards a perfect life, We just may discover that we have already found it, Hiding behind all of the imperfections that we have inadvertently learned to love. I can't make them leave my head.You would think with all the tears and pointless babbling, I would have rid my brain of them by now.You sat at the foot of the bed with your head in your hands, making useless excuses for your unnatural behavior.Your reddened eyes stared into me, but your heart was seeing her.My heart on the other hand, felt invisible, like it did once before.It took me two years to know it was beating ... Beautiful Disaster - Beautiful Disaster Poems - Poem Hunter.

Page Lenelle Moise's, s render the abstrac by Erin McKeown ... 17 Best images about Walking Disaster on Pinterest, Good ... 17 Best images about Beautiful Disaster on Pinterest ... Beautiful Disaster Quotes on Pinterest, Dark Soul Quotes ... Beautiful Disaster Book Quotes. Page This poem has not been translated into any other language yet. Or…. He's all but tired and week, trying to hold him hostage is something you shouldn't seek. 78, ideas about Beautiful Disaster Tattoo on Pinterest ... Loving Memory, s Funeral, Bing Images:, s ... 25, best ideas about Hazel eyes on Pinterest, Hazel eye ... 1000, images about PoEtrY of a BeAuTiFuL DiSaSteR on ... Inspiration from nrh, poetry, Verse is Bond, 25, best Beautiful disaster quotes on Pinterest. © Poems are the property of their respective owners. 25, best Complicated love quotes on Pinterest ... Beautiful Disaster Quotes Jamie Mcguire. It is all temporary, cause staying stuck forever is for the tired and weary. Over time, we have conditioned our brains to overrule our heart.We have convinced ourselves that we are unworthy of a love so perfect...Of a life so perfect.Yet we continue to strive for perfection.We want something that is hard to get.We want that person who passes us by, Who ignores us just because they canAnd who seems to be content without us.It seems we only want the ones that need convincing.Is it because they are hard to get that we chase after them? i think your great i think your grandplz take my hand soon you will understandthis is my life here and nowno im not royality just an ordinary gal... more », Finally over you and now you want to play gamesI’m not sure how to feel about that I saw the way you looked at me sitting by that other guy It over and I’m trying to move on maybe you should do ...... more », I’m more then you will ever be worthI’m the girl you can’t get out of your headI can make you go crazy with just one kissI’m steady pimpin and really don’t need you... more », Boy you got me going crazy I feel like I’m at the same place again You confuse me so much I love you then I hate you I’m not sure how to feel... more », I’m not sure where I am or where I’m going.Nothing make scene anymore I thought I had it all figured out but I guess I don’tI’ve turned into the person I never wanted to be again.... more », We sit in class and act like we never were, Tell me why did you have to go Baby you and me made the world jealous!
Other times you may see him as a bully, an addict, a smoothe talker, he

50 Beautiful disaster Poems ranked in order of popularity and relevancy. more », I'm really over it this time Whose idea was it to pick up the pieces anyways. I tried...but he did not want me to hold on to him anymore ... Beautiful Disaster by shannon stambaugh — Hello Poetry. Other times you may see him as a bully, an addict, a smoothe talker, he most definitly a shit talk hard walker.

But it is our hearts that we cheat.Who knows what we’re missing out on every time we pass up that personThe one who was just a little too caring, A little too quiet, A little too nice.Is it what we really want? How he gave his life for you and me. I...... more », Life’s a trip and then you die but sometimes you get back on you feet and give it another try make the right choice and forget the mistakes, everyone deserves a second chance... more », i'm done with you and your stupid gamesyour oficially just another face in the crowd it no longer phases me when i see you in the halli even cought you staring and it didnt phase me at all... more », I’m lost in my mind thinking about you The way I wish things could be. a fastidious title summarizes all your feelings. See more ideas about Beautiful disaster, Beautiful disaster quotes, Jamie mcguire. I never thought I would feel like this again The love of God is a bigger rush then you ever get from any pill drink or boy He sent his son to die on .

Life poem by Beautiful Disaster. He would be mine. ”We ran outside Slammed the door Got in the car Katrina screams once more, Beautiful Disaster Poems - Poems of Beautiful Disaster - Poem Hunter. Best 25, Beautiful disaster quotes ideas on Pinterest ... A short writing titled “Beautiful Disaster ... Beautiful Disaster., INSPIRATION, everywhere., Pinterest. Words Unspoken Poem by Beautiful Disaster - Poem Hunter. © Poems are the property of their respective owners. You would think with...... more ». He doesn't care, he is there, he knows how it feels to be ignored and have no one to believe in you. Read all poems of Beautiful Disaster and infos about Beautiful Disaster. Poetry: Beautiful Disaster. 25, best Silence quotes on Pinterest, Sorrow quotes ... Powerless Drug Life #, #poetry, addiction, Pinterest. well i come form a crazy small town you have never heard of... God is my life no matter wat else comes up he is alwayz ther for me....i can be your best friend or your worst enemy...I have the 2 best friends in the world angel she has been my girl forever and christina she is my crazy cool nerd my family is the best but i dont really get along with … Have you ever seen a beautiful man that is such a disaster? At first glance, depending the day, you might dismiss him as a fool with no direction. It has always been said that we fear the unknown.When we jump too quickly into something unfamiliar, It becomes far too dangerous and far too terrifying.You learn only to make that jump when the conditions are perfectBecause one wrong move and you could break a bone… or a heart.But the thing is, The conditions are never perfect.Life is never perfect.It is our quest for perfection, which keeps us standing still…And instills within us the fear to make that jump.We have to leap to find success, to find friendship, And perhaps the most frightening of all, to find love.We’re all so scared of getting hurt that no one is willing to take a chance…We are no longer willing to take that leap of faith into the unknownIn fear that we will land bruised and scarred with no one to console us.I’m not sure which is scarier…Knowing that we may never find that perfect love, Or knowing that when we do, we’ll be too scared to take a chance on it.Do we search for imperfections only to justify our fear?

I can't make them leave my head.You would think with...... more », Keep telling yourself it’s for the best.Not another regret…It’s just another “Everything happens for a reason”, circumstance, And all the other useless clichés... more », It has always been said that we fear the unknown.When we jump too quickly into something unfamiliar, It becomes far too dangerous and far too terrifying.You learn only to make that jump when the...... more ». I wanted him. Without you I wouldn’t be here so explain to me how I’m supposed to live ...... more », Sitting here in an empty room alone with my thoughts, Wat a scary place to be. He knows what it feels like to be passed by and underestimated, to be hungry, sick, and sleep in a ditch, so to just walk past someone suffering is something that you'll never see him do. September 3, 2020. The last line said it all. This poem has not been translated into any other language yet. I guess its true all great things must come to an end All though I’m not sure what we had was ever a great thingYou hurt me bad and told me you ...... more », As I sit in an empty room my thoughts are so temptingI pick up the razor and the pen not sure what to do Should I write this story of sorrow and heart break on my arm or on a paper? There is no comment submitted by members.. © Poems are the property of their respective owners. Poems of tragedy and grief address the occasions where words are difficult, from personal heartbreak to the Vietnam War to September 11, illuminating and sanctifying private and public loss. Phenomenal Woman, Still I Rise, The Road Not Taken, If You Forget Me, Dreams To overlook him, or dismiss him is a mistake, cause you could miss out on all the blessings for you he will make.

”... more », He is just a guy a simple guy Who has always come in and out of my life We used to be best friends and all We loved each other so... more », its like damn boy you got me trippin over myselfits like when you look at me my heart skips a beat and you take my breath awayi thought it was over and i was over you and your gamesbut its like ...... more ».