1. | James Franco, 6,318 Jeffrey Bloom Charles Bark. Ashley C. Williams, 3,745 Director: | Judd Nelson, | $17.51M, PG-13 Stars: $4.97M. Jennifer Ehle, Votes: Jeremy Irons, A high-school girl's first sexual experience is with another girl, and, along with her first broken heart, she must deal with her mother's reaction to her revelation that she is a lesbian and with ostracism at school. | 88 min Stars: | Gianfranco Mingozzi Comedy, Drama. | Edward Lachman Maurice Ronet, Elliott Gould, 31,892 Ronna Gradus | 4,661 Drama, Romance. Director: Angeliki Papoulia, Crime, Drama, Mystery. Director: | Director: Director: Kristy Swanson, Their stories are inherently dramatic, but more than that, they’re inherently cinematic – exploring the subjective and sexual gaze, projection of imagination onto reality, and the newly discovered textures of lips and skin. Alexandra Schalaudek, Comedy, Drama, Romance. 33,168 Natja Brunckhorst, Peggy Bussieck, 103 min | Gross: After her mother perishes in a car accident, and her father becomes inconsolable from the loss, Ponette is cast into spiritual and emotional isolation, hoping beyond hope that her parent will return. $15.15M. Melanie Griffith, Drama, Romance. Director: Comedy, Drama. 15 Actresses Who Were Too Young For These Scenes. Director: $44.59M, R 137 min Love Sick is about their stories. Stars: Stars: Riley Reynolds, As she reveals herself, layer-by-layer, she also exposes the man who is interviewing her. Stars: Gary Grimes, Maarten Smit, | Tony Bill Noomi Rapace, Ben Whishaw, Jason Lewis, Director: | | Director: Abdellatif Kechiche Adrian Sitaru Daniel Fanego, Stars: | Nicole Kassell After losing her virginity, Isabelle takes up a secret life as a call girl, meeting her clients for hotel-room trysts. | Stars: $4.60M, R | Director: | During his summer vacation on Nantucket Island in 1942, a youth eagerly awaiting his first sexual encounter finds himself developing an innocent love for a young woman awaiting news on her soldier husband's fate in WWII. 103 min Antichrist. Toni Collette, Votes: 93 min Drama. Drama, Mystery, As a mysterious 'shadow' harasses a teenage girl in the middle of the night in a wealthy neighborhood in Goteborg, Sweden; the idyllic streets are beginning to look more like a prison than ... See full summary », Director: Stars: Lars von Trier 124 min Jerry Houser, R Jessica Paré, Directors: Director: Adam Baldwin, Clint Eastwood Drama, Romance. This is another classic, i am sure most ppl have heard about this,so i thought i would watch it , and it lived up to the hype,there is very few films that shock me , and this was one of those.The amount of violence portraited and the graphics degrees it showed blew my mind,it makes you really disgusting in some scenes.A must see. Drama, Elisa, fiancee of a wealthy industrialist who is twenty years older than her is eager to shed her working-class background in favor of the opulence of her fiancé's elite lifestyle. Very beautiful and moving,tells the story of abuse in a family,but in a way that makes you never blink at the screen and feel extremly conected with the characters,doesn't have much sex,but the plot is absoluty fantastic. Later, dancing becomes part of a more complex courting ritual, and Denis’ camera glides around Alain, Martine (Alice Houri), and Marlene (Jessica Tharaud) as they signal and caress their partners. 91,474 Ruth Vega Fernandez, Director: | Their lives, both together and apart, have been turbulent ones with ... See full summary », Director: 90 min Matthew Goode, Charlotte Gainsbourg, 104 min For everyone, Alex and Kiki are just good friends. | Drama, Romance. Daniel Brühl, | Stars: In post-war Osaka, inquisitive urchin Nobuo (Nobutaka Asahara) crosses the bridge from his family’s rice shop and bumps into Kiichi (Minoru Sakurai), a boy from the opposite bank. Emilia Unda, Diane Gaidry, | Gross: Maricielo Effio, | Recently nominated for the Best Foreign Language Film Oscar, the release of Mustang is a fitting time to reflect on the genre as a whole, and explore ten affecting examples deserving wider recognition. Stars: Directors: | Tom Georgeson, Votes: She thought she was all that he needs. Mel Gibson | Not Rated Angie is a prostitute, a chameleon - a butterfly. | 98 min Director: Pier Giuseppe Murgia Howard Deutch Laura Syniawa, A teenage girl lives as a prostitute in New Orleans in 1917. | | Ellen Burstyn, Vincent D'Onofrio, Votes: An alienated teenager, saddened that he has moved away from London, must find a way to deal with a dark family secret. | Gross: Devon Gummersall, TV-14 Director: 131 min Drama. Drama, Romance. Director: Rachel Bernard, Drama, Romance. Director: | After her mother dies, fourteen-year-old Marion falls in love with her stepfather, Remy. 105 min | | Gross: Julianne Moore, 87 min Stars: | Gross: Stars: Roger C. Carmel, Throughout, she remains curiously aloof, showing little interest in the encounters themselves or the money she makes. Graeme Blundell, Votes: 73,920 Jenna Harrison, I Love this story,i first watched the recent remake,and honestly , the remake is a lit bit better,besides the fact that there is a lot of sexual tension,the actors are very charismatic,but this version is pretty good as well.Basic plot is incest between brother/sister after 4 kids go to their gramma's house and start to realize that their family is not all that normal.I recomend both versions. Until... See full summary », Director: