Inspired by Nicolas Roeg's Don't Look Now (1973) and the films of Alfred Hitchcock, writer-director Sole devised the screenplay with Rosemary Ritvo, an English professor who was his neighbor. Though this constant creepiness could be chalked up to a simple narrative red herring, Sole is much more clever than that. Alice Sweet Alice is an odd little film as all horror films from the 1970s tended to be. There, he spots the raincoated figure, and follows it into the building. This Week at Weird Wednesday: A Thanksgiving Secret Screening! Catherine sends Alice to deliver a rent check to their landlord, Mr. Alphonso, and he attempts to fondle and molest her. Thank Heaven for Little Girls. Discussing the recent tragic events of their lives, Dominic and Catherine both agree that Alice could not have been responsible for all that's happened. [25] The total number of shooting days was around 20, as estimated by Sole. Mrs. Tredoni is the main antagonist of the 1976 slasher filmAlice, Sweet Alice. At one point he actually tries to molest Alice. As the parishioners sit in the pews waiting for the children to enter the sanctuary, Catherine and her younger sister Annie (Jane Lowry) notice that Alice is not with them. This is a movie that needs to be rediscovered and embraced with the same intense, Criterion-worthy admiration as Rosemary’s Baby or The Brood. Alice resents being questioned, even lashing out at the lie detector machine, deliberately throwing it on the floor when they leave her alone with it.Although the police cannot charge Alice with either Karen's murder or Annie's slashing, they still feel she may be responsible for one or both, and they order her to have a psychological evaluation at the Sara Reed Children's Hospital. I'd say she's only a small step away from turning into a Samara. The killer stands on the landing and slashes at Annie's legs and feet was she walks down the stairs, seriously wounding her with a kitchen knife. Beyond being situated in a town that has long aspired to remain eccentric in the face of all normality, it’s easy to forget that the original Alamo started as something of a private screening club, running prints of the odd and obscure into all hours of the night. ", pointing at Catherine. Alice remains curiously detached from what is happening. [43] Sole's occupation as a local restorational architect in Paterson helped him secure several shooting locations, effectively lending the film a modern Gothic aesthetic. "[59] Director Sole reportedly fought Allied Artists on the changing of the title to no avail; the film was ultimately released as Alice, Sweet Alice in the United States on November 18, 1977. [81] On the review aggregator website Rotten Tomatoes, Alice, Sweet Alice holds an 83% approval rating based on 12 critic reviews, with an average rating of 7.16/10. Still Alice almost didn’t get published. Sure it’s got gore, including a brutal head bashing scene with a brick, but the kills are few and far between. [50] The special effects in the film were achieved via practical methods, such as the stabbing sequences, which were shot using a fake retractable knife designed by Sole's friend, an engineer. She pretends she is seeking to make a confession, and claims she feels guilty about having thoughts regarding the Monsignor; she says that he is in such poor health that she sometimes wishes he would pass away. Father Tom tells him that Alice has a knack for causing trouble and making it seem like an accident.Alice goes into the basement to her shrine, where she keeps her strange items, one of them being a jar full of large cockroaches, which she keeps alive by feeding them. List of Deaths in "Alice, Sweet Alice." 1 hr 42 min. It’s that good. when you purchase 3 participating Suave products 9/1-10/31 at Walmart or When the girls' aunt, Annie (Jane Lowry), is later stabbed on an apartment complex stairway, Alice is sent away. [27] Sole recalled that Shields's mother "bent over backwards to help me out. The Spages sisters – 12-year-old Alice (Paula Sheppard) and 10-year-old Karen (Shields) – are about to partake in their first Holy Communion ceremony. Spina runs in the apartment upon hearing Mr. Alphonso's screams, arriving too late to save him. Originally titled Communion, the lived-in quality of the numerous ratty apartments undoubtedly comes from the director being inherently familiar with his surroundings.