Find your members; Roles and responsiblities; Members of the Assembly; The Speaker and office holders; Ethics and accountability; Get involved. We acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of the ACT, the Ngunnawal people. 61 st General Assembly. Executive members’ business enables a crossbench member, who is also a minister, to present business as a private member. All Rights Reserved. [5][6] In spite of the referendum outcome, in 1983, the federal Labor government of Prime Minister Bob Hawke set up a Self-Government Task Force to report on the government of the ACT. Any member may propose a matter of public importance (MPI) to the Assembly for discussion. Record of Australian Immigration Status (ImmiCard). If I require assistance, can I contact the ACT Electoral Commission for help? You can watch proceedings online via our webstreaming service (select the 'live' tab). Do I need to prove my identity to use the overseas e-voting system? [8] The parties include the "Sun-Ripened Warm Tomato Party", "Party! How do I vote using the overseas e-voting system? and applies the principles of procedure with each ruling, and the Standing Orders serve as the primary basis for this decision-making. You may be able to locate the information you require by using our search facility, located on this page. Motions for returns are requests for specific documents or detailed data. [2] The election was notable for having a ballot paper almost one-metre wide that listed 117 candidates for election representing 22 political parties. “laid on the Table,” and once tabled, it becomes a sessional paper and is deposited with the The databases below provide access to items that have been tabled or deposited. Watch the Legislative Assembly of Alberta and its committees in action, live or at your convenience. It also informs of tours and scheduled events. Bob Reid (Ind) Members of the opposition or crossbench will often raise an MPI to question the government’s performance and hold it to account. Access the required tablings database for information about ministry, commission and other reports required to be tabled in the Assembly. Contact a member; Start or sign a Petition; Participate in public inquiries; Work for us; Organise an event In an internet café? Similarly, government members will raise MPIs to highlight government achievements. They are not proposals for laws. Access the sessional papers database for information about all documents tabled during a session. Elections to the Australian Capital Territory Legislative Assembly were held on Saturday, 4 March 1989. We acknowledge and respect their continuing culture and the contribution they make to the life of this city and this region. Thirty percent of voters favoured self-government with a locally elected body with state-like powers, and 6% voted for a locally elected body with powers and functions similar to those of local government. Assisted Reproductive Treatment Amendment Bill 2020 Disability Service Safeguards Amendment Bill 2020 North East Link Bill 2020 However, electors were only able to cast ordinary votes within their own federal electoral seats of either Canberra or Fraser. Ministerial statements are an opportunity for the government to inform the Assembly and the community of its policies on a wide range of matters. [9], The centre-left Labor Party, led by Rosemary Follett, and the centre-right Liberal Party, led by Trevor Kaine, were the main challengers. [11] Members can make a speech on any subject. Follett was elected the first Chief Minister at the first sitting of the first Assembly on 11 May 1989.[1]. Question time is an opportunity for all members to ask about government actions and for ministers to respond. 11 to 13 February - sitting week 1 18 to 20 February - sitting week 2 This was the first direct election by voters in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) for their own legislative body.. Written questions are a way for Members to seek more detailed information about an issue than is allowed in an oral question. It must be presented to the Assembly, debated, and agreed to before it becomes a law. Can I pause the process and come back later to finish my vote? The official debates and discussions of the Assembly can be found in the Hansard transcripts. 53 rd General Assembly When will the overseas e-voting service be available to eligible electors? Read Speaker Cooper's welcome message and watch his latest videos. 58 th General Assembly. John Rocke (Ind) The page you have requested on this Web site no longer exists, or has been moved to a new location. Three minor parties also played a prominent role in the campaign including Residents Rally, a self described "community-based urban green party",[10] led by Bernard Collaery, as well as two parties campaigning on platforms of opposing self-government.[8]. Please note though, that for security reasons there is a session timeout of 45 mins. Week 2 Sitting. The Labor Party, led by Rosemary Follett, and the Liberal Party, led by Trevor Kaine, were the main challengers. This is known as the sitting pattern. At the inaugural election, candidates were elected to fill seats using a modified D'Hondt method for a multi-member single constituency covering the entire Territory. Former Assembly Committees; Sitting calendar; Watch, read and listen. Dates of Assemblies, Sessions and Sittings. Please provide full details on the problems you have experienced and the URL that you are trying to access. of which are also included in the MSCOs. Hansard; Inter-parliamentary relations; Members. The Speaker selects the MPI for the day by drawing a topic from a hat. [13] Other candidates and parties that polled well, but failed to achieve a quota included Fair Elections Coalition (5.5%), John Haslem (4.8%), The A.C.T. /. The Assembly may make changes to the Standing Orders by adopting a new standing order and repealing A petition is a document requesting that the Assembly take action on a particular matter. Members have the opportunity to ask questions of the executive without any warning of the content of the question (a question without notice). The Assembly may take note of a paper, or, alternatively, it can be referred to a committee for investigation, allowing non-government members to review issues connected with the paper in more detail.