The 2008 primary campaign was also historic. 0000001176 00000 n Both candidates were seeking to become presidential “firsts”—Obama the first African American president and Clinton the first woman president. %%EOF Omissions? [11] The Democratic presidential candidate has won California's popular vote in every presidential election since 1992. 245 44 [15] But on December 6, 2007, the initiative's backers said that the measure would not appear on the June 2008 ballot due to lack of funds and insufficient time. [10] Donald Trump carried the second Congressional District of Maine in the 2016 election, to date the only time Maine has split its electoral votes. trailer startxref From September 19 to October 10, the Dow Jones Industrial Average dropped 26 percent, from 11,388 to 8,451.

This Act may be cited as the Electoral Amendment Act 2008. 0000096178 00000 n At the same time, there was a severe contraction of liquidity in credit markets worldwide, caused in part by the subprime mortgage crisis, which resulted in the U.S. government’s providing emergency loans to several American firms and the bankruptcy or sale of several major financial institutions. 4 Omission of s 2 (Note in text) Section 2— omit. The proposed referendum's scheme is known as the District Method (a.k.a.

Commencement 5 This Act comes into operation as follows: (a) Part 1 — on the day on which this Act receives the Royal Assent; (b) sections 14, 15, 17 and Part 3 — on the day after that day; 10 (c) the rest of the Act — on a day fixed by proclamation. 0000002620 00000 n %PDF-1.3 %���� 07-0032, the state's electoral votes would instead have been awarded by Congressional district; the candidate who won a Congressional district's popular vote for president would have won an electoral vote representing that district, and the winner of the most electoral votes statewide would have won an additional two votes.[5]. Because the Presidential Election Reform Act would have appointed the state's electoral votes in a manner directed by popular initiative instead of in a manner directed by the California legislature, the act would arguably have violated Article II, Section 1, Clause 2. xref Background. 0000074044 00000 n [4] The initiative's sponsors sought to change the way California's presidential electoral votes are distributed.

Electoral Amendment Bill (No. 0000010323 00000 n 0000033498 00000 n This legal issue is addressed in Section 8.3 of the book Every Vote Equal, which notes that "Legislature" is used with two distinct meanings in the U.S. Constitution: either to each state's actual Legislature, or to the state's lawmaking process.[13]. "GOP secretly behind proposal to change California electoral disbursement solely to benefit its 2008 presidential candidate. In both the debates and his response to the financial crisis, Obama scored points with the public for his steadiness and coolness (characterized as aloofness by his critics). 1) Act 2008.. 2 Commencement This Act commences on the day on which it receives the Royal Assent. 5 Amendment of s 126A (Purposes of part) Section 126A(1)(b), ‘on an annual basis’— omit, insert— ‘on a 6 monthly basis’. 0000005818 00000 n Many pundits had written off McCain during the summer of 2007, as his campaign was faltering, while many others had anointed Rudy Giuliani as the front-runner. 0000115589 00000 n The Presidential Election Reform Act was a proposed initiative in the state of California to alter the way the state's electoral votes for president are distributed among presidential candidates. He also was the first sitting U.S. senator to win election to the presidency since 0000048684 00000 n 0000073207 00000 n Obama rallies consistently attracted large crowds—including some 100,000 at a rally in St. Louis, Mo., in mid-October—and tens of thousands often came out to see Palin on the stump (the campaign had provided only limited access to Palin for the media). 0000042441 00000 n On November 4, 2008, after a campaign that lasted nearly two years, Americans elected Illinois senator Barack Obama their 44th president. 2. ", CRS Report: RL30804 - The Electoral College: An Overview and Analysis of Reform Proposals - NLE, "The Electoral College Explained - Printout - TIME", Methods of Choosing Presidential Electors, "The So-Called Presidential Election Reform Act: A Clear Abuse of California's Initiative Process,", "The Legislature Thereof: California voters can't change the 2008 election rules on their own,", Every Vote Equal: A State-Based Plan For Electing The President By National Popular Vote, "GOP electoral initiative dealt major blows,", "GOP-backed bid to reform California's electoral process collapsing,", "GOP team revives electoral vote initiative,", "New Life for California Initiative to Apportion Electoral Vote,", "Electoral vote measure fails to make June ballot,", "CMR Exclusive: Electoral College Initiative -- Dead (Again),", California Ballot Initiatives and Referenda in Circulation,, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 16 February 2020, at 06:31. The group's address was apparently the offices of Bell, McAndrews & Hiltachk, a law firm that also has represented the California Republican Party in some matters,[2][3] and whose senior partner, Charles H. Bell Jr., serves as General Counsel to the California Republican Party. 0000074883 00000 n Although some commentators, including conservative ones, questioned her readiness for the vice presidency and presidency, she proved enormously popular: a record 70 million Americans tuned into the vice presidential debate, and her appearance on Saturday Night Live, whose Tina Fey had lampooned her several times previously, drew the show’s highest ratings for 14 years. [16] The deadline to file signatures was February 4, 2008, but no signatures were filed by that date; therefore, the initiative did not appear on the ballot in 2008. ACT Election 2008.

����%U��.OH�|�����g� ��S�J�@�p����f��9V�X��®Yu�4��M���I�����_ �`��.2Q5ZD�_�3������e��Sg�=��h�En�R^1^��ZtK��bt��a t���0�= F����a�tY�]��S��%�$�.ˍa��. 0000102335 00000 n [6] Under the District Method, a State's electoral votes can be split among two or more candidates, just as a state's congressional delegation can be split among multiple political parties. The Presidential Election Reform Act was a proposed initiative in the state of California to alter the way the state's electoral votes for president are distributed among presidential candidates. 0000102947 00000 n 0000008625 00000 n 0000115364 00000 n Get exclusive access to content from our 1768 First Edition with your subscription.

The initiative, No. (1) The General Elections Act 1998 is hereby repealed. (2) The Prohibition of the Corrupt Practices Act 1994 is hereby repealed. 0000042278 00000 n He also was the first sitting U.S. senator to win election to the presidency since John F. Kennedy in 1960. 0000073403 00000 n

To defend against the attacks, Obama’s campaign took the unprecedented step of establishing a Web site, “Fight the Smears,” to “fight back against ‘hateful,’ ‘vicious,’ and ‘desperate’ robocalls and mailers.” In turn, Obama’s campaign attempted to cast doubt on McCain’s maverick persona and diminish his appeal to independent voters by tying him at every opportunity to Pres.


0000009589 00000 n 0000102562 00000 n 0000006788 00000 n The U.S. economic and political establishment reacted by passing (after an unsuccessful first attempt) the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act, which sought to prevent further collapse and to bailout the economy. x�b```f``����� x�A��b�,3�W^4j9�k�(��`�Ų��a#��چ�Ff�W0�jx���0W�v�T�G�}�ov:$N�{!�"p�ݙ٦��Q�!~�����'�[��& (I�7�ְ�a�h\�p�A�mC���ܒ�q��s���-���z�ǹ[�Ǚ^�-�[v�v۫�m�c�8�9� ���Ij '��ͳk�Z��ί�2ј�Wڢ����=R�L*�3�2n^޿��S�e��l.>!��sp��9Y�Z���W��v&�)���9t*���2+x����2�Ҋhf�D3�k�U��[[�`��\bQ��)l�rqs���C��Ig�z�A����?2��Fs��.n���1�=/Ɇ���kc6`��� In addition, on the basis of e-mails and other assertions never proved, a small but still significant percentage of the public erroneously believed Obama (a practicing Christian) to be a Muslim.
By signing up for this email, you are agreeing to news, offers, and information from Encyclopaedia Britannica. 0000002801 00000 n With the highest voter turnout rate in four decades, Obama and Delaware senator Joe Biden defeated the Republican ticket of Arizona senator John McCain, who sought to become the oldest person elected president to a first term in U.S. history, and Alaska governor Sarah Palin, who attempted to become the first woman vice president in the country’s history, winning nearly 53 percent of the vote. [7] Maine started using the method with the 1972 presidential elections and Nebraska started using the method during the election of 1992. McCain hosted numerous townhall meetings (a format in which he excelled) throughout the country, in which attendees could question the candidate; however, some of these meetings came under media scrutiny when some audience members became heated in their criticism of Obama. 0000102692 00000 n Anguilla Elections (Amendment) Act, 2008 Act No. Ayers, in 2008 a professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago—and constantly called an “unrepentant domestic terrorist” by the McCain campaign—lived a few blocks from Obama in Chicago, contributed to his reelection campaign for the Illinois Senate, and served on an antipoverty board with Obama from 1999 to 2002. A sometimes bitter contest between Obama and Clinton produced the narrowest of victories for Obama.